Title: Love On A Rotten Day

Author: Slashapalooza

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Date Begun: August 22, 2006 (ALMOST ONE YEAR LATER)

Date Posted: August 24, 2006 (OVER ONE YEAR LATER)

Warning: Completely unbeta'd and one year late.

Chapter 16: But Now I Know That I Misunderstood

It's these substandard motels on the la la la la la
Corner of Fourth and Fremont Street
Appealing only because they're just that unappealing
Any practiced Catholic would cross themselves upon entering
The rooms have a hint of asbestos and maybe just a dash of formaldehyde
And the habit of decomposing right before your very la la la la eyes
Along with the people inside
What a wonderful caricature of intimacy
Inside… what a wonderful caricature of intimacy

Build God And We'll Talk by Panic! At The Disco

"No kegs," Rikku said, tapping her finger impatiently against the phone as she spoke into it. "I don't care. No. I don't want any kegs being brought here, okay? Good. Bye."

Tidus raised an eyebrow as the irritated blonde slammed the phone down and then pressed her fingers to her temples. Her green eyes fixed on him in exasperated amusement. "Why do men always want to bring kegs?"

"Parties are boring without them," he replied as he finished packing all her silverware and cleaning products into a large box. Rikku didn't want any stabbings, thefts, or household product inhalations to occur during the party and Tidus was in charge of taking care of that.

Kairi had been sent upstairs to hide all the jewelry, change the sheets, and then lock the bedroom doors as Rikku didn't want to make it easy for horny teenagers to sneak upstairs and get it on in her or her parents' bedrooms, yet didn't want her good sheets soiled if they did.

Rikku chewed on her pinky nail as she looked around the kitchen. "Yuna should be here soon to help us set up the food. I always get so nervous before these parties. I never know how wild they're going to get, y'know?"

"Where do you want me to put this?" Tidus asked as he sealed the box and stood up.


Nodding, Tidus shifted the box into his arms and walked around the table, pausing when he noticed that Rikku was worrying her lower lip.

"Hey, relax," he said, sending a smile her way. "I'm here if anything gets too out of hand. And some of my friends are coming. I'll tell them to keep everything under control."

He waited until Rikku smiled back, then made his way out of the kitchen and down the hallway. The party was due to start in a few hours and, though he didn't want to admit it, Tidus was a bit nervous about what was to happen as well. After all, he and Selphie had been frequenters of parties back when they were still together. Surely she'd make an appearance, most likely with Irvine in tow.

A few drinks could very well have Tidus slamming his fist into Irvine's face like he'd been dying to do ever since Selphie started dating him. Honestly, some guys just didn't know how to keep their hands to themselves. He knew that look in Irvine's eyes. He was the only guy allowed to contemplate what Selphie looked like under her cute little outfits, dammit.

"Stop glaring at the door. It hasn't done anything to you," Kairi said in a sing-songy voice as she passed by with an armful of sheets. She bumped her hip into his back and grinned, continuing on her way, presumably, to the linen closet.

Rolling his eyes, Tidus shifted the box into one hand and used the other to open the door. In any case, he wasn't going to let a little thing like Selphie Tillmet ruin his good time.

Emphasis on the word "thing".

He put the box in the basement and took the stairs two at a time on his way back up, closing and bolting the basement door.

"Yunie's here!" Rikku cried happily as she rushed past Tidus. "Come greet her!"

Tidus suddenly remembered that Yuna was his date for the night and tried not to look as put-out about it as he felt. He couldn't help but like Rikku better. After all, even at her worst (which, admittedly, he hadn't seen much of), she was still exciting. Yuna Ananda just seemed too straight-laced to be any fun.

The fact that Selphie didn't hate Yuna as much as Rikku had nothing to do with anything. At all.

"TIDUS!" He heard Rikku scream from somewhere near the front of the house. Sighing, he followed the scream.

The first thing he noted as he approached the two cousins hugging in the doorway was that the dress Yuna was wearing was far too modest for a wild party. It was a simple lavender dress that extended to her ankles. It contrasted with the miniskirt and belted turtleneck top that Rikku was wearing.

"Hello, Tidus," Yuna greeted with a smile and an amused sparkle in her eye. Tidus couldn't stop himself from smiling back.

Well, the lavender did look wonderful on her…

"Hey, Yuna," He replied, his smile widening as Rikku giggled and excused herself. Maybe this little date wouldn't suck as much as he thought.


"Mmmm. Rikuuuu. You're going to make me—ah—late." Sora groaned, squirming as Riku nipped lightly at the cook of his neck. He was sure it was completely inappropriate to be making out with his boyfriend in the shadows of the trees in front of the house in which he was to baby-sit that night, but Riku had just walked Sora to the house and dragged him behind a tree and his hands had started wandering and…

Who was Sora to stop him really? He wasn't hurting anyone. He certainly wasn't hurting Sora.

"You can say that you were jumped on the way," Riku muttered, kissing a trail to Sora's ear. "And that you were very nearly raped, but managed to escape."

"The Iieshiro twins are nine, Riku. I'm not going to—nnergh—tell them that!"

Riku's hand paused half-way up Sora's shirt as the older boy glanced at his watch. "You're ten minutes late."

"WHAT?" Sora shoved Riku away from him and straightened his shirt, coming out from behind the tree and hoping his face wasn't as hot as it felt. "Goodbye, Riku!" He hissed behind him.

"Have fun!" Riku called back smugly.

Sora ran his fingers through his already messy hair and took a deep, calming breath as he rang the doorbell.

Moments later, the door opened to reveal Mrs. Iieshiro, dressed in a very fancy black dress, a frown on her face. It quickly turned into a smile as she realized who it was. "Sora! We were getting worried!"

"I-I was…" He stammered. "Um… jumped…" Sora finished lamely, looking down. "Sorry."

"Oh, you poor thing! Are you alright?" Mrs. Iieshiro asked, her eyes wide with concern. "Should we call the hospital? Are you sure we shouldn't just find another babysitter?"

Sora swallowed guilt. "Eheh. No, really, I'm okay. I can watch the twins."

"If you're sure… Well, come in! Kai and Rei are in the living room playing Cowboys and Indians." Mrs. Iieshiro said kindly, patting Sora on the head and stepping aside.

Sora's mother and Mrs. Iieshiro had been roommates in college, and it was Seiya who had introduced Mrs. Iieshiro to her future husband. Because of that, whenever they needed someone to baby-sit, they always turned to Sora and paid him quite a lot of money for it.

Sora made his way into the living room and had to duck as a hat went flying towards his face. He blinked and looked to see Kai and Rei rolling around on the floor. Kai appeared to be trying to tie Rei up and Rei appeared to be trying to beat Kai up.

He sighed. "Guys. GUYS! Quit it!"

The twins stopped mid-wrestle, hands still clasped as they stared at the source of the voice. Then, seeing that it was Sora, they quickly scrambled up and tackled him.

"Sora, Rei was being mean to me!"

"Nuh uh! Kai was the mean one, Sora! Make him stop!"

"No, make him stop!"

Sora heard a chuckle and tilted his head back slightly to see a pair of black shoes, connected to the body of Mr. Iieshiro.

"We'll leave them in your capable hands, Sora. We'll be back around midnight, alright? Make sure they don't go to bed too late."

"Yes, sir." Sora replied, sitting up. Kai and Rei ran off to the front door to kiss their mother and father goodbye, while Sora stared wistfully out the living room window, hoping to catch sight of Riku, but the older boy had left.

It wasn't that he didn't adore the twins. Because he did. They were loud, messy, and, at times, violent, but they were amusing and they cared about him, and vice versa.

It was more that… well, they weren't Riku.

Sora smiled a little. He still couldn't believe it. He had a boyfriend. As in a boyfriend. As in making out and I love yous and cuddling and warm and fuzzy feelings and—

He pushed down the sudden urge to giggle. Who knew that dating Riku could be so absolutely wonderful? He certainly didn't. Oh, the days when he'd been convinced the older boy wanted nothing more from him than sex, sex, and more sex.

Okay, so those days hadn't been all that long ago and Sora had slept with Riku soon enough to classify him as extremely easy, but there was love behind it and they were expressing that love in a physical manner.


And besides, Riku was sex on legs and it was impossible to resist, even it did make him extremely sore the morning after.

"Sora! Come play with us!" Rei called from behind him moments before a couch pillow smacked him in the back of the head.

Sora grinned. "That's it, you brats. You're dead!"


Selphie's phone vibrated in the back pocket of her Levis as she tried to decide on what to wear to the party. Without taking her eyes off the two outfits, she pulled the phone out of her pocket and pressed it to her ear. "Hello?"

"Selph!" Yuffie's cheerful voice sang. "Do you need a ride to Rikku's place?"

Selphie laughed. "Are you driving? Because I sort of like living, Yuffie. No offense."

"Heeeey," Yuffie whined. Selphie stifled another laugh and picked up her white monkey shirt, holding it up in front of her as she looked in the mirror. "I'll have you know that I'm a very careful driver and—"

"That's why you're on probation?"

Yuffie huffed. "Shut up. Anyway, Wakka's driving so you don't have to worry about any accidents considering he drives like my dead grandmother and all."

"At least he gets us there," Selphie murmured, deciding to go with the top and her denim low-rise jeans. "Anyway, could he pick up Irvine on his way here? That'd be so much easier than meeting him there."

"Sooooo," Yuffie drawled innocently. "You and Irvine, huh?"

Selphie had been wondering when they were going to have this conversation. In fact, she'd been expecting Yuffie to drag her into the girls' bathroom on the first day for this conversation. As it was, she merely pinned the phone between her ear and her raised shoulder and tried to wiggle out of her pants.

"Yeah, he's really nice. I like him." She said honestly. "He's no Tidus, for sure, but he just seems so… genuine. Like he wouldn't lie to me. You know? I think I need a bit of that for awhile."

Yuffie hummed thoughtfully. "You're sure this has nothing to do with making Tidus jealous?"

"I'm not going to lie and say it doesn't," Selphie replied, brushing a lock of hair out of her face. "But I really do like him, Yuffie. Promise."

"Alright. I just don't want you getting an innocent guy tangled in Hurricane Tiphie."

Selphie wrinkled her nose. "Hurricane Tiphie?"

"Sounds better than Hurricane Seldus, doesn't it?"

"I guess…" She laughed. "Anyway, I have to get dressed."

"That's fine. So do I, come to think of it. Can't go parading around the house in my skimpy underwear." Too much information. Way too much information. "Wakka and I will be by in an hour to pick you up!"

"Okay. Bye." Selphie turned off the phone and tossed it on the bed, pulling on her denim jeans. Her shoulders slumped. God, Tidus.

Inhaling deeply, she pushed all thoughts of him from her head. She was going to have fun tonight. No matter what.


"Those are my pants." Leon pointed out. He and Cloud were in his bedroom getting ready for Rikku's party. The brunet had just finished taking a shower (unfortunately without Cloud, who had claimed to have taken a shower already) and was now standing in the doorway connecting the bathroom to his bedroom, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist and staring at the blond wearing his pants.

"I was aware of that when I put them on, yes." Cloud said, turning around and pointing to the L stitched to the back pocket. "Did you get that custom made or did they come like that?"

Leon rolled his eyes and walked further into the room, walking over to one of his dressers and rummaging through the drawers for an undershirt. "What is it with you and stealing my pants?"

"They fit so well." Cloud responded, examining himself in the mirror. He looked at Leon devilishly. "I say you wear nothing but that to the party." A pause. "Nah. Then everybody'd be jumping you and I'd have to kill them all."

"I'm always up for some mass murder." Leon quipped as he found the shirt and pulled it on.

"Are you guys ready—oh, god, ew," Aerith said as she stuck her head in and caught sight of Leon's half-naked state. Wincing, she stared pointedly at Cloud instead. "Um, I'm going to wait downstairs, so hurry up, okay?"

Leon glanced over at her, not in the slightest bit self-conscious. "You're wearing that to the party?"

Aerith glanced down at her plaid mini-skirt and red top. "Um. Yes?"

"Ignore him. I think you look fine. Try not to bend over." Cloud advised, waving her out of the room. "Now, unless you, like me, want to watch Leon put his pants on, I suggest you go wait downstairs like you said."

"Right. Don't take too long, okay?" Aerith said with a smile, closing the door.

Cloud rolled his eyes fondly and flopped backwards on the bed. "Grab me one of my shirts when you go in your closet, please and thank you."

"Uh huh."

Leon walked over to the closet, grabbing the tight white sleeveless shirt he loved to see Cloud in then pulling a pair of leather pants off the rack for himself. He paused a moment, looking at the contents of the closet.

Half of the contents were Cloud's shit.

"Geez, why don't you just move in?" He said, rolling his eyes as he threw the shirt to Cloud and took out a black long sleeved shirt, pulling that on over his undershirt.

Cloud snorted. "No room. Kick Aerith's ass out and I'd be at the front door with my stuff in five seconds or less."

"I see." Leon said, hiding a smile. He dropped the towel, ignoring the whistling and cat calls Cloud let out, and pulled on the pants. Then he turned to face his boyfriend. "Ready when you are."

Cloud hopped off the bed. "Let's go."


"So, you do this all the time?" Tidus asked in amusement as he leaned against the wall outside the bathroom. The party had just gotten started downstairs and, once she'd finished laying out the snacks and beverages, Yuna had disappeared up the stairs. Curious, Tidus had followed her, only to find her exiting Rikku's bedroom with a very alluring red dress.

Yuna laughed from behind the door. "Yes. My guardians are a bit strict, you see, so I leave the house in one outfit and change here. You won't tell anyone will you?"

"It depends on how good you look in that dress," Tidus replied, smirking.

Yuna laughed again and then fell silent. Tidus assumed she was either changing or using the bathroom. It turned out to be the former as, only seconds later, the door swung open to reveal Yuna in a very form-fitting red dress with a black belt around the waist, the hem-line grazing her thighs. Tidus couldn't help but notice that the v-neck displayed a bit of cleavage.

"I guess you like it then?" Yuna asked. She sounded amused, but her cheeks were a very bright pink.

Tidus politely dragged his eyes back up to her face. "I like it." He held out his arm. "Ready to return to the party?"

Yuna tapped the heel of her black sneakers against the floor to ensure they fit properly and nodded, taking his arm. "I'm ready."

Tidus laughed and led her down the stairs. The house was a bit more packed than it had been before they left, he noticed. Rikku hadn't been kidding when she said that everyone came to these parties. There were boys and girls grinding to the upbeat music, girls dancing with girls while enthralled boys looked on, and boys dancing with boys. People were chugging so much Pepsi there was no way it could still only contain Pepsi and there was a rousing game of Toss the Ugly Lamp going on.

Amidst the crowd, they found Rikku, who giggled when she saw them. "Yunie! I told you that dress would look amazing on you!"

"She wasn't lying," Tidus inputted, enjoying the way Yuna's cheeks heated up. "Where's Kairi?"

"Ummmm," Rikku pouted in thought. "I think she went to go greet someone or something. Or she could be, you know, dead in a ditch somewhere. I'm not sure."

Tidus chuckled. "Want me to get you two a drink?"

"Sure," the two girls said in unison.

Tidus fought his way through the crowd to the kitchen to break open a fresh, untainted bottle of Pepsi, almost getting distracted by a grinding couple who wanted him to join them. He'd have to hit that later. He found two cups in the cupboard and washed them thoroughly before dropping some ice in them and filling them with soda.

"Tidus! Hi!" He glanced over his shoulder, blinking when he saw Leon's little sister beaming at him. "Is Yuffie here yet?"

"I don't know," He replied, picking up the drinks. "But I'm guessing from your arrival that Leon and Cloud are here?"

"Yeah, they're trying to find the booze," Aerith said breezily, pushing her hair behind her ear.

"Tell them to look in the upstairs closet. And to bring a hairpin because the door's locked."

"Okay." Aerith paused briefly, then looked away. "So… I heard you and Selphie broke up."

Despite his desire not to have any reaction to that name, he could feel his expression getting cold. "You heard correctly."

Aerith bit her lip. "Are you, um, okay?"


"You, um, sure?"


"Okay." Another pause. "Can I have one of those?"

Tidus handed her a cup, then poured another one, brushing past her on his way out of the kitchen. Rikku and Yuna were chatting animatedly when he returned, but what they were saying wasn't really registering in his mind.

He really needed to get over this. Her. It was bordering on pathetic and he had more important things to think about than—

"Are you alright?" Yuna asked, her eyes softening in concern.

Tidus stared at her for a moment, then smiled. "Wanna dance?"



Riku raised an eyebrow as he turned, sighing heavily when he realized that Kairi was standing there with her hands on her hips and a displeased frown on her face. Honestly, didn't she have anything better to do? Like breathe in some other area?

"Hi." He said slowly.

"Hi," Kairi replied in a sweet voice, glancing around. "Where's your little chew toy?"

Riku stared at her blankly. "My little what?"

"Chew toy. Something a dog plays with. Or, in your case, someone."

"What, you mean Sora?" He paused. "Are you implying something?"

"Where's Sora? You didn't bring him to the party with you?" Kairi asked instead of confirming or denying the accusation.

"Sora's babysitting for the Iieshiros," Riku informed her as he pushed his way through the crowd in search of some liquor. He really didn't have the time or patience to play Kairi's little mind games and listen to her bitch on and on about something he'd supposedly done without actually telling him what it was.

Besides, if he was going to be without Sora all night, he wanted to at least enjoy himself.

"I'm surprised you let him go," Kairi said, suddenly appearing next to him. When had that happened? "You guys are practically joined at the hip. It's a wonder you guys don't go to the bathroom together or something."

Riku felt a dull throbbing around his temples. "Kairi…"

"I mean, Sora I can understand because you're his first boyfriend ever, but you?" Kairi continued as though he hadn't spoken. "I mean, what could you possibly want with him twenty-four seven? Don't you have a life?"


"But no, I guess you have nothing better than do than to toy with innocent boys. And for what? So Tidus and his friends will talk to you? What's so great about Tidus?"

Riku stopped walking, raising an eyebrow at her. "Excuse me? I'm not the one getting all buddy-buddy with Tidus. That would be your domain, not mine."

"Tidus and I are friends," Kairi said defensively. "Sort of. I mean, he's a total asshole, like you, but he's just as misguided asshole. You, on the other hand, are scum. Don't think I don't know what you're up to!"

"What is it exactly that you think I'm up to?" Riku snapped. "Because I have no idea what the hell you're even talking about!"

Kairi's eyes narrowed. "I can't believe you have the nerve to stand there and say that! Selphie told me everything!"

And suddenly he remembered.

"She kept saying you were going to break my heart and make some kind of video tape and all kinds of stupid stuff." Sora had said quietly, his eyes swimming with trust and a hint of fear.

"I can't be talking to you right now," Riku said shakily, rubbing his eyes and whirling around. "I've got to… I've got to go."

"Go where? You can't keep running away from this, Riku! I'm not just going to stand aside and let you hurt Sora!"

"Maybe," Riku hissed, his voice acidic. "You should stop worrying about what I'm going to do to Sora and start worrying about what you're doing to Sora. Do you think he likes not talking to you? You're his best friend, Kairi, and if you're going to stop talking to him over something I haven't even done yet, then you lose all right to be a bitch."

Kairi looked as though she was about to protest, but Riku didn't want to hear it. He shoved his way through the crowd, not feeling like staying at this stupid party a minute longer. Kairi was right about one thing. He'd much rather be with Sora.


"I found Chianti," Cloud announced proudly as he stepped out of the upstairs closet. Leon tossed the hairpin they'd used to pick the lock off to the side and raised an eyebrow.

"Is there anything in there for those of us with actual taste buds?"

"Sorry, Bacardi boy," Cloud retorted, stepping to the side so that Leon could examine the contents of the closet for himself. "But I didn't see any fine wines in there. I saw some vodka, though, if you want that."

Leon found the vodka just as Cloud finished his sentence and handed it to the blond to be added to their drinks later. He was pretty sure that the soda had already been spiked, but he'd tasted a bit and it wasn't anything strong. It'd take at least two or so cups for anyone to get truly drunk off of that stuff. They'd have to, out of the kindness of their hearts, rectify that situation.

Cloud chugged some Chianti straight from the bottle, then licked his lips, grabbing Leon by the front of the shirt and kissing him soundly. He pulled back and licked his lips again. "Tasty."

Leon lips curved in a semblance of a smile. "After we spike the drinks, let's find an empty bedroom and do body shots."

"You speak my language." Cloud agreed, leaning up to give Leon another kiss.

"I see you found the booze."

The two turned, somewhat unsurprised to see Tidus standing by the stairwell with an amused smile on his face.

"Hey," Leon greeted, giving Cloud a fond look before ducking back into the closet. "Want to help us carry some of this downstairs?"

"I would, but I helped them hide it. I don't need to piss off three more girls." Tidus said with a shrug. "Anyway, you guys should hurry up with that. Rikku comes up here periodically to make sure nobody's breaking anything."

Cloud raised an eyebrow. "Did you want something?"

Tidus was silent for a full minute before lowering his eyes. "Is Selphie here yet?"

Cloud repressed the urge to snort, sigh, or some odd combination of the two. Selphie and Tidus were really sickening to watch at times. It was like watching the same episode of All My Children over and over again.

Presumably, of course, because Cloud didn't watch such mindless drivel. Ever.

But still, it was like a soap opera in progress the way those two fell all over each other and then went periods without speaking only to fall all over each other again.

"We haven't looked," Leon answered while Cloud was contemplating whether or not he'd make any money off submitting Selphie and Tidus' relationship as a premise for a new soap opera. "Why don't you go and check?"

"You guys are going to start making out the moment I leave, aren't you?" Tidus asked, his cocky persona back in place.

"Probably," Cloud responded, sliding his free hand into the back pocket of Leon's pants. "Now leave so I can find out."

Tidus grinned. "Alright, alright. Don't get caught with that booze."

"We never get caught," Leon said easily, waiting until Tidus had gone back down the stairs before pinning Cloud to the wall by the closet. "Where were we?"

Cloud kissed him softly. "Right about here."


Beep beep. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Selphie finished glossing her lips and suppressed an eye roll at Yuffie's distinctive honking. The longer she stayed up here, the longer Yuffie would keep leaning on the horn. That was, after all, part of the reason she'd been put on probation: too many people had called the police on her for honking the horn too long.

She examined herself in the mirror, then, satisfied, slipped on some sandals, grabbed her bag, and headed out the door.

"Bye, Mom! I'm sleeping over at Yuffie's!" She called over her shoulder and hurried out the door without waiting for a reply. She didn't really know if she was sleeping over at Yuffie's house, but, she figured, at least if she got drunk at the party and passed out on Rikku's couch, her parents wouldn't call the secret service or whatever.

The incessant honking stopped as soon as Selphie had locked her front door and she hurried out to the car sitting in front of the house, hopping into the back seat.

Irvine immediately pulled her into his lap and kissed her cheek. "Hey."

"Hi," Selphie said with a giggle. "Hi, Wakka. Hi, Yuffie."

"Hello, Selphie!" Yuffie greeted and, somehow, Selphie was unsurprised to see that she was driving. She could only hope that the police didn't catch them on the way to the party. She really didn't feel like getting arrested. "Nice outfit."

"You, uh, too," Selphie replied, eyeing Yuffie's midriff-baring bull's eye shirt and extremely short shorts. It would have been skanky on anyone else, but Yuffie always dressed like that. No one would bat and eyelash.

"I hear Lulu's going to be at the party, ya," Wakka said, sounding excited. "I'm going to ask her to the dance."

Selphie grinned and looked out the window. She had to go shopping for a dress for the dance, she suddenly remembered. Maybe she'd drag Irvine with her and they could coordinate outfits or something cutesy like that. Tidus would never coordinate outfits with her, but with Irvine she might have half a chance.

"Hey, Irvy?" She whispered, placing on hand over his on her stomach. "Want to go dress shopping for me?"

She could practically hear him smiling. "I don't need a dress."

"Yeah, but I do. You're taking me to the dance, right? Don't you want to make sure I look pretty?"

"You always look pretty, but, sure, I'll go."

Satisfied, Selphie returned to looking out the window.

Yuffie snorted. "Seriously, it's like eating half a pound of sugar listening to the two of you."


Rei and Kai were jumping up and down on the couch, singing along to the Pokemon theme song and Sora was sitting by the window, watching the cars drive by. This was the first time he could remember being so… bored.

He wondered what Riku was doing. He'd been wearing some pretty nice clothes so maybe he'd gone clubbing or something. Maybe he was getting his groove on between a buxom blond girl and a tiny brunet boy that bared a strong resemblance to Sora. Maybe he was in a dark corner of said club with the tiny brunet boy who had much less reservations about public sex than Sora did.

And Sora was seriously depressing himself. He cut off that line of thought and instead put his mental Riku at home watching CNN or something.


The brunette blinked and turned around, noticing Kai and Rei staring at him with matching scowls.

"We've been calling you for, like, ten minutes…" Kai began, narrowing his eyes.

"There's somebody at the door." Rei finished for him, rolling his eyes. "You're so spacey, Sora."

Sora got to his feet and stuck his tongue out at them. "Oh, shut up or you're not getting any ice cream. I'll be right back."

He ignored the agonized cries of protest and walked from the living room to the front hall, peering through the peephole.

Wait a minute… that couldn't be right…

Sora flung open the door and blinked stupidly at the object of his affections, wondering what the hell Riku was doing on the porch when he was supposed to be at home watching CNN. Or something.

Riku seemed a bit upset, but that melted into a smirk the moment he saw Sora's dumbfounded look. "Miss me?" He asked, wrapping his arms around Sora's waist and covering Sora's lips with his own.

On instinct, Sora mewled softly, tangling his fingers in Riku's soft hair. He suddenly wanted to be that tiny brunet boy who bared a strong resemblance to him with the lack of reservations about public sex.


Gasping, Sora pulled out of the kiss and shoved Riku away before he could melt into the boy's arms all over again.


Riku raised an eyebrow at how dominant Sora sounded, smiling when the brunet turned back to him. "Little hellions, eh? You may need my help after all."

"I can't let you in here, Riku!" Sora protested. "I can't have people over while the Iieshiros aren't here. And, besides…" His cheeks turned red. "I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off you. I don't know how I'm managing right now."

"We can work around that. I'll leave before they get home and I'll try not to be sexy." Riku kissed Sora lightly on the forehead. "Please?"

"…okay…" Sora whispered, taking a deep breath and stepping to the side so that Riku could walk in. He closed the door and led Riku to the living room, where Rei and Kai were sitting on the couch, a shattered porcelain vase lying on the ground in front of them.

"See, what happened was—hey, who's that?" Rei asked, stopping mid-excuse.

"I've never seen him before either." Kai agreed, hoping off the couch. He walked over to Riku and jabbed the boy in the side, blinking when Riku snorted. "Heeey, he's real."

Rei copied Riku's snort. "Of course he's real, numbskull! What'd you think he was? A hallucineenation?"

"No, I thought maybe he was a ghost or something! And shut up! Betcha you can't even SPELL hallucineenation!"

"Can so! H-E-L-O-P-D-N-E-T-O-F! Hallucineenation! Betcha can't spell ghost!"

"Can so! G-H-O-S-T! Everybody knows that one, moron!"




"Now I see where you get your insults from." Riku whispered to Sora, smirking when the younger boy turned bright red.

Sora cleared his throat. "You guys, stop it. Riku's not a hallucination – which you spelled wrong by the way, Rei – and he's not a ghost. He's my…" He trailed off, looking from Riku to the twins and back again. "…my brother."



Sora looked from the confused twins to an indignant Riku and laughed sheepishly. "Um, yes?"

"You don't have a brother! You're an only child!" Kai pointed out, narrowing his eyes suspiciously.

The brunet coughed. "He's my… adopted brother. We finalized the paperwork last week."

"Oh," Rei said simply. "Hi, Sora's brother."

"My name is Riku," The white-haired boy said, still sounding indignant.

"I'm Rei."

"I'm Kai."

"We're twins." They chorused together. "It's very nice to meet you."

"He's going to help me baby-sit, but, er, don't tell your mom and dad, okay?" Sora shot Riku an apologetic smile, then looked back at the twins. "You don't tell them about Riku and I don't tell them about that vase you broke. Deal?"



Kairi sighed as she found Yuna in the kitchen, opening a can of ginger ale. The brown-haired girl glanced her way, then, noting that Kairi seemed frustrated, grabbed an unopened can.

"Did something happen?" She asked sympathetically, handing Kairi the soda.

Kairi opened the can with a small hisss, then drank half of it, wiping her mouth with the back of her palm. "I got in a fight with my ex-best friend's current asshole of a boyfriend, who accused me of being the asshole. I'm a bit frustrated, I guess."

"I see," Yuna blinked. "Do all of you ever do anything simply? You all seem to be in the midst of such complicated situations… I mean, Tidus and Selphie and Rikku… and now you and… those two other people you mentioned…"

Kairi frowned thoughtfully. "Um. I think Leon and Cloud are in a simple relationship. I mean, if you ignore the fact that they're only together because Cloud dumped Leon's little sister, Aerith, for Leon. Oh, and Yuffie and Wakka are pretty simple. I think. I'm not sure. I try not to talk to them."

Yuna blinked again and didn't say anything, instead choosing to take another sip of her soda. A wise move as Kairi wasn't really in the mood to talk anyway. She couldn't help thinking that Riku had a point. This constant fighting between her and Sora was killing her and Sora had always been more sensitive than she was. It was probably killing him, too. No wonder he was latching on to Riku.

"Well," Yuna said after a moment, reminding Kairi of her presence in the kitchen. "I don't know anything about the situation, but I think that if your ex-best friend's boyfriend is an, ah, asshole, then he or she is probably going to need someone to be there for them when their boyfriend shows his true colors. Don't you think?"

Yuna, too, had a point.

Despite the fact that Riku was a total shitface, he was Sora's first boyfriend. His first… first. Kairi should at least be supportive. She had to be there for him. Especially when Riku ultimately betrayed him.

And if that meant she had to lie a little to protect Sora's feelings, well, then, she'd do that. Because Sora was worth all that and more.

Kairi finished the other half of her soda and ran her fingers through her hair. She missed him. She missed her friend. She missed what they'd had before Riku had entered the equation. She missed… everything.

"Kairi?" Rikku said as she stuck her head into the kitchen. "Have you seen Tidus?"

"No," she replied, getting up. "But if you find him, tell him I had to go somewhere. Nice party, Rikku."

Yuna smiled knowingly. "Going to get him back?"

Kairi smiled back. "Finally."


The Pepsi's spiked, Selphie noted as she peered into the cup Irvine had just handed her. He was on his fifth cup, she believed, which was a little pathetic as they'd only arrived about five minutes ago. How a man could inhale five cups of spiked soda and not be totally plastered was beyond her, but she didn't feel like questioning the wonder that was Irvine Kinneas.

Yuffie had immediately gone to put her musical requests in to the DJ while Wakka had spotted Lulu somewhere in the crowd and had gone to flirt or some other disgusting thing.

At least she hadn't seen Tidus yet, so she could thank heavens for that tiny blessing. Without Tidus, she was somewhat managing to have a good time. The music was good, the snacks were great, and, spiked Pepsi aside, there was a good variety of beverages. Rikku Kudo knew how to throw a party, all personal bias aside.

That didn't mean she wasn't still a stuck up, airheaded snot. Just a good party-thrower, in addition to being a stuck up, airheaded snot.

Speaking of which, Selphie plastered on a fake smile as she spotted Rikku heading towards her.

"Hey!" Rikku called out cheerfully over the music. Seriously, what the hell was there to be so cheerful about all the time? "Have you seen Tidus?"

"You see this smile on my face?" Selphie said with a bit more hostility than necessary. "This is proof that I haven't. Why should it be my problem that you've lost your boyfriend?"

Rikku blinked blankly, then smiled again. "Well, I figured since you seem to have lost yours, maybe you'd ditched him for mine."

"What are you—" Selphie began before she realized that Irvine was no longer beside her. Instead he was surrounded by a group of girls a few feet away, sipping his drink and exuding charm. Her lips curved into a thin line. "Very funny, Rikku."

"I wasn't trying to be funny. Anyway, I'll tell Tidus you're here if I see him." Rikku glanced at Irvine. "Good luck with that."

Reminding herself that starting a catfight would be illegal and, overall, not very polite, Selphie finished her Pepsi in one big gulp and grabbed another from a passing teenager. If anybody deserved to get drunk tonight, it was her.

Selphie noticed Cloud and Leon coming down the stairs, cradling a bunch of bottles of liquor and pushed through the crowd to reach them.

"Hi guys. Thanks." She said as she grabbed one of the bottles from Cloud and handed him her untouched Pepsi instead.

She opened the bottle and downed some, eyeing Irvine who, with the help of a rather pretty brunette, was climbing onto a table and taking his shirt off.

Oh yes. Selphie Tillmet was definitely getting plastered tonight.


"I'm not taking her home," Leon said as he dumped the entire bottle of vodka into the punch. He was sporting a rather impressive hickey on his neck thanks to Cloud, which only fueled his desire to get everyone at the party as drunk as possible. The less people sober to see it, the happier he'd be.

"Ten bucks says she and Tidus wake up in bed together tomorrow morning," Cloud replied, grinning as he stood before the table to hide Leon's actions from view. He, too, was wearing a matching hickey but he was anything but ashamed. He smiled in amusement as he spotted Tidus dancing with Rikku Kudo in the crowd and wondering if that was what Selphie had seen to make her want to get drunk so badly.

Leon snorted. "I doubt it, but, fine. Ten bucks says they don't."

"Thank you in advance for helping me buy a new CD," Cloud said smugly.

"Hi!" A familiar voice cried cheerily just before Cloud found himself with an armful of Yuffie. He placed his hands safely on her bare sides and gave Leon a bemused look over his shoulder.

"Hi, Yuffie. Glad you could make it." He greeted as she released him to beam happily. "Want some vodka?"

Yuffie rocked back and forth on her heels, peering at the empty bottle of vodka that Leon was putting under the table. "Ummm. Sure. Hi, Leon!"

"Yuffie," Leon inclined his head in acknowledgement and poured her some punch. "Where's Wakka?"

"Oh, he's with Lulu. Totally ditched me the minute I walked in the door." Yuffie huffed. "'Course then I realized that I needed to help the DJ find some good music a.k.a. what I like to hear, so I ditched Selphie and Irvine. Have you seen them?"

"Selphie took off with a bottle of Corona less than five minutes ago," Cloud explained, gesturing towards the crowd. "I'm sure if you look hard enough you'll find her. I don't care enough to know where Irvine is."

Yuffie wrinkled her nose as she took a sip of her drink. "Does Rikku know you're spiking her punch?"

Leon snorted. "Yeah, sure. She let us break into her closet and find her alcohol. It's how she gets her kicks."

Yuffie set down her cup, completely disregarding Leon's sarcasm, and looked between the two. "One of you. Dance with me."

Leon and Cloud exchanged glances.

"Now," Yuffie repeated, the beginnings of a pout forming on her face.

"I have to piss. See you upstairs for the body shots, Leon." Cloud said suddenly, giving Leon a cheeky grin before disappearing into the crowd. Yuffie and Leon watched him go, then looked back at one another.

"Dammit," Leon muttered as Yuffie grabbed his arm. He was so kicking Cloud's ass later.


Sora was starting to think that the rumor about having sex making you want to do it more was completely true. Either that, or the board game Sorry was incredibly arousing.

He was curled up in a ball on the couch, watching Kai, Rei, and Riku play an animated game of Sorry while simultaneously fighting the urge to tackle Riku down on the coffee table and permanently scar those poor children. Why his hormones had chosen now to become rampantly active, he would never know.

He glanced upwards as the lights flicked for the third time in the last two hours. It had started raining at some point, rather hard, too, and Sora had a feeling the lights were going to go out completely at some point. In fact, he was hoping for it.

Sure, Kai and Rei were afraid of the dark. But Riku was also a pervert. Surely he'd take advantage of the darkness in order to lure Sora into some mutual groping. And the boys could last five or ten minutes before Sora pried himself away from Riku to find a flashlight.

Oh, wow, he was getting pathetic.

"HA!" Riku said as he forced Rei's pawn to go back to the nest. "I'm beating you two so badly. Sora," he glanced up, grinning. "Are you sure you don't want to join? You can be on my team."

"No, I'm good," Sora replied, knowing that if he went down there, he wouldn't even wait for a blackout. "I'm very cozy right where I am."

"Suit yourself!" Rei and Kai said in unison as Kai picked another card.

Sighing as the lights flickered again, Sora sat up and grabbed the TV remote, turning on the forgotten television with every intention of watching Barney and Friends or something. However, the instant the television clicked on, it immediately shut off along with every other light in the house.

Sora blinked until his mind processed what happened.

Then, all he could think was, "Yes."

"Sora!" Rei cried fearfully. "Sora, I'm scared of the dark!"

"Me too!" Kai added, his voice sounding muffled. Sora could only assume Kai was clinging to Rei for dear life, which was confirmed when he heard Rei's annoyed voice demand Kai to release his pancreas before he crushed it.

"The lights will come back soon," Sora reassured them, unable to keep the perkiness from his voice. "You alright Riku?"

"Fine." Riku responded. Sora was displeased to note that his voice seemed to be coming from the general direction of the coffee table and not, as his body was begging for, from somewhere right beside him. "I'm not afraid of the dark."

"Sooora," Kai whined. "Get the flashlight!"

"Um," Sora paused briefly for a moment to think. "Okay, Rei and Kai, you guys come over here and wait on the couch. Riku and I will go and find the flashlight."

"Okay." Rei whispered. Sora got off the couch, one hand groping blinding for a moment to make sure he didn't crash into anything. He heard some shuffling followed by a whispered complaint that someone was stepping on someone's foot before the silence returned. Satisfied that the twins were safely on the couch, Sora groped his way to the coffee table, then around to the side where Riku had been sitting.

A hand grabbed his wrist just as he was about to wave his hand around until it hit something warm and solid by the name of Riku.

"I'm right here. Let's go get the flashlight." Riku's voice said, releasing Sora's wrist to take his hand.

Sora stared at him incredulously. The effect was severely lessened by the fact that Riku couldn't see it, but still. Did he really think Sora wanted to go search for a flashlight when they could be… could be… doing things?

Riku was tugging his hand insistently. Oh god. He was really and truly serious. What was wrong with him?

Sora dragged his hand out of Riku's grasp and reached upwards, finding his shoulder, his hair, and his left ear before both his hands landed on Riku's cheeks. He tugged the white-haired boy's face down to meet his.

Screw the flashlight.

Riku smirked against his lips and his hands found Sora's waist (seemingly effortlessly which was really unfair), tugging the brunet closer and tilting his head to deepen the kiss. Sora's body was responding positively to this development and, though he knew they couldn't very well Do It in the Iieshiro's house during a black out with the twins right over there on the couch, he couldn't stop the very small part of him that thought, "Why not?"

Riku's tongue was sliding along the roof of his mouth and Sora suppressed a moan, settling for a shuddery sigh. One hand left Riku's cheek to slide under his shirt and rest lightly on his back.

"Ghosts," Kai whispered, sounding even more afraid than before. "SORA! HURRY UP! THERE ARE GHOSTS DOWN HERE!"

Sora pulled back from the kiss, feeling suddenly guilty. What was he doing? Those kids were afraid and he was making out with his boyfriend. This was so unlike him. He had to go and get the flashlight and—nnggh, Riku's tongue was tracing a very sensitive spot on his neck and what had he been talking about again?

He had the distinct feeling that he was falling backwards and then Riku's hand came up to protect his back and Sora suddenly realized that he was lying on the coffee table and Riku was on him and this was so, so, so, so, so, wrong but ohgodohgodrikuuuu and he was dying a little death and pleasemoreplease and… and…

Suddenly, the lights came on.

Sora could feel his face heating up as Riku stopped nibbling on his neck and glanced up at what was no doubt the very shocked and mentally scarred faces of two innocent nine year old boys.

Oh god!

Sora quickly shimmied out, standing and hoping his face wasn't as red as he thought it was. Riku straightened as well, coughing and looking uncomfortable. Sora had no idea why. He'd been the innocent victim. For once.

The Iieshiro twins gaped at them, then looked at each other and made faces.

"That's disgusting, Sora." Kai said, wrinkling his nose. "He's your brother. I could understand if you guys were... you know... but inbreeding?"

Rei looked like he was going to be sick. "I need some air."

Riku and Sora watched as the little boy scrambled up the stairs and winced as they heard a door slam.

Sora looked down. "Okay, okay, I confess. Riku's not my brother. He's my... my..."

"Rampant sex slave—Oww." Riku glared, sitting down and rubbing the toes Sora had just stomped on.

"They're nine, Riku," Sora hissed before plastering on a smile as he looked back at Kai. "He's my boyfriend."

Kai looked at them pensively. "So, you're not brothers?"


"You're just gay?"


"Oh." There was silence for a moment. Then Kai pointed at himself. "Do you think I'm hot?"

Riku hid his laughter behind a cough while Sora turned an interesting red color and started sputtering.

Rei appeared at the top of the stairs. "You're not hot, bonehead! Sora thinks I'm hot! Right, Sora?"

"Nuh uh. Nobody would want to be gay with you, snotrag."

Sora rubbed his temples. "I seriously need some Tylenol."


"99 bottles of beer on th' wall! 99 bottles of beeeeer!"

Tidus followed the sound of the slurred voice and found Selphie sitting in a corner, cradling a bottle of Corona and singing at the top of her lungs. He stared at her. "Selphie... how much did you have to drink?"

"Weren't cha listenin'? 99 bottles of beer on th' wall..."

The blond blinked. "...where's Irvine?"

"Who?" Selphie asked blankly, wobbling slightly as she pushed herself to her feet. "Oh, ya mean Hunky Irvy Wervy. Mmm, last I saw him, he was on a table making lotsa money." She leaned heavily on his shoulder and gave him a drunken, yet somehow seductive, look. "Lots and lotsa money."

"I see." Tidus replied, wrapping one arm around Selphie's shoulder to keep her from tipping over. He nearly yelped as he felt a warm tongue tracing the shell of his ear.

Selphie grinned mischievously. "Betcha I could make lots of money, too, isn't that right, Hansel?"

"Um. Sure. But, um. I think I'm just going to—stop that!" Tidus clapped a hand to his ear and sighed, picking Selphie up bridal style. "I'm going to take you home."

"Be gentle with me, mister. It's my first time." She murmured, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Hope I don't get pregnant. And I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate hearing about this so let's keep it on the DL."

Tidus glanced behind him at the aforementioned boyfriend, who was busy undoing his belt and waving it over his head like a lasso. Oh yeah. Totally drunk. "Somehow, I don't think Irvine would mind very much."

"Not him!" Selphie said, whacking him on the shoulder. "Tidy! I think he really loves me, you know. We're gonna get married and have two kids." She held up four fingers. "Rinako and Jin."


Selphie narrowed her eyes. "What, you don't believe me?"

"Of course I do. But, for now, let's just go home, okay? You need some rest and maybe some hangover medicine." Tidus told her, making his way through the crowds and searching around for Kairi. He didn't think he could really stand to be alone with Selphie, especially when she was under the incredibly mistaken impression that he was taking her home to fuck her.

"There you are!" Rikku cried, running up to him. "I've been looking all over for you! Selphie's…" she trailed off as she saw what he was carrying. "Oh, I guess you know then."

"Yeah," Tidus said, tilting his head away from Selphie as she tried to lick his ear again. "I need to take her home. Where's Kairi?"

Rikku blinked. "Um, she left. To go somewhere. That isn't here."

"Dammit." Tidus sighed in irritation before glancing at Rikku and giving her a hopeful look. "Come with me?"

"And leave my own party?" She asked incredulously. "That seems a bit impolite. And stupid considering there's some guy stripping on my good table."

"Yeah, but she thinks she's a prostitute and I'm taking her home to have sex with her. Do you really want to leave us alone?" Tidus persuaded. "Besides, Yuna's more than capable of watching the party. I'm just sorry I'll have to cut the date short."

"Muffins," Selphie butted insistently into the conversation as though she were trying to tell them the meaning of life. "Are really, really tasty!"

Rikku made a face. "Okay, let me just tell Yunie and then we'll go. Geez, I seriously need to hide the booze better."

"Yeah…" Tidus agreed uncomfortably. "…heh heh…"

Selphie broke into a rendition of the Ghostbusters theme song as Rikku disappeared into the crowd again and Tidus sighed, falling down on the couch and ignoring the couple that was dry humping beside him. Selphie, however, seemed unable to do the same and, before Tidus could stop her, she'd leaned over and was going about trying to push them apart.

"This is a community playground and I'll thank you not to start canoodling in front of the children!" She reprimanded. When her attempts to separate them proved fruitless, she began hitting the guy on the shoulder. "Hey! I'm talking to you! Stop ignoring me!"

Sighing, Tidus pulled her back into his lap and grabbed her flailing hands. "Selphie, stop it. Leave them alone. If they want to procreate on Rikku's couch, then that's their business."

Selphie wrinkled her nose. "Ugh, Rikku. I can't stand her. She's such a total apple pie bitch."


"Can we get apple pie? I'm hungry. And my toe itches."

"That's nice."


"Tidus." He had never been more relieved to see Rikku in his entire life. He shifted Selphie comfortably around his arms and stood up, ignoring her whining.

"Are you ready? Please?"

Rikku giggled. "Let's go."


Kairi bit her lip as she stared at the Iieshiro's door, trying to work up the courage to knock. She was entirely soaked from the rain, so going back to the party was no longer an option. Yet, she couldn't seem to alert her presence to the boy she'd been best friends with for years.

It wasn't like Sora was particularly scary. Actually, he was about as terrifying as cake mix, to be perfectly honest. But thinking about begging for Sora's forgiveness and actually doing it were two completely different things. The way things were going, she could very well end up standing out in the rain all night, trying to knock.

And then the door swung open and took care of her problem.

Sora raised an eyebrow at her, one hand on his hip. "I've been watching you stand out here for twenty minutes. Were you going to knock? Ever?"

"Why didn't you open the door sooner, dorkus?" Kairi retorted as she stepped into the house, pushing her wet hair back. "I'm drenched."

"I thought it was funny," Sora replied, closing the door. "Stay right here. I'll go get you a towel and, uh… well, okay, I don't have a change of clothes, but I'll see about getting Riku to take his shirt off and you can wear that."

"But—" Kairi began, then just let it go and nodded miserably as Sora ran off.

Well, so far so good. She was in and they hadn't torn each other a new one yet. That was a definite improvement in her opinion. She couldn't help but wonder where Riku was, though, and whether the Iieshiro twins knew just how close Riku and Sora really were.

Before she could ponder it further, a fluffy blue towel had been thrown at her. Kairi pulled it off her head and gave Sora a dry look.

"Sorry, but you looked like you were going to break something thinking so hard," Sora said in amusement. "What are you doing here anyway?"


"Hey, Sora, did she come in ye… oh, hi, Kairi," Riku greeted as he noticed her dripping in the hallway. Kairi would have returned the greeting had she not been fascinated by the braid in Riku's hair.

"Did you… there's a… heehee…" She ducked her head, not wanting to start out this conversation by making fun of Sora's boyfriend, but really. A braid? "Um… heeheehee…"

Sora stared at her for a moment, then, unexpectedly, he, too, started laughing. "It's the braid, isn't it?" He managed before dissolving in a fit of giggles.

"It's not—it's just—heeheehee!" Kairi choked out, covering her mouth with her hands.

Riku glared at them without any real enthusiasm, which only served to make the two laugh harder.

And, just like that, things were good between them again. No apology required.

"When you two are done being idiots, Rei and Kai have set up the Playstation 2 and you can watch me kick their scrawny butts at Tekken 3." Riku said good-naturedly, kissing Sora on the forehead and giving Kairi a knowing smile.

She smiled back.

"We'll be there in a minute," Sora replied, his cheeks pink. He waited until Riku had disappeared into the living room again, then turned back to Kairi.

She felt an unexpected rush of fear. What if things weren't good between them? What if Sora was going to kick her out? God, what if—

"So, do you really want Riku's shirt or are you going to play Tekken in those wet clothes?" Sora asked with a bright smile.

Relieved, Kairi put a finger to her lip and pretended to consider it. "I don't know. On the one hand, I could keep the shirt and sell it on ebay. But, on the other hand, it probably wouldn't sell for very much since it would smell like me and not him."

"So, yes?" Sora translated.

"So yes." Kairi confirmed.

He smiled again, then stepped forward and hugged her, wet clothes and all. Kairi hugged him back, trying to keep from grinning like an idiot. It wasn't working very well.

"I missed you, you crazy little girl."

"Who are you calling little?" Kairi asked as they separated, an amused look on her face. "I'm five foot two. Have you even hit five feet yet?"

"WHAT'S THAT RIKU?" Sora called loudly. "YOU WANT US TO COME PLAY RIGHT NOW AND STOP TALKING ABOUT HEIGHT? OKAY, WE'RE COMING!" He grinned cheekily. "You heard Riku. Stop talking about height and let's go."

Kairi shook her head. Sora was still the same Sora. Thank goodness.

She smirked. "Yes, let's go and whoop your ass."

Sora smirked back. "You wish."


Next time: Riku has to make his decision once and for all, Selphie and Rikku bury the hatchet, and Yuffie is a ninja. Who knew?