Season: 2 Spoilers: Not at the moment. Summary: Will feelings arise when the She Spies have to protect a princess. Not between who you may think. Rated for later chapters.
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By 8 o-clock Thursday morning they only had 12 hours before she arrived and Mr. Cross was obviously nervous. The Chairman had called him personally to notify him that he and the She Spies were responsible for her safety.
Genovia was a close ally of the United States and the Queen and Princess were the only living members of the royal family. The Queen, who had lost her only child, Angela, and her son-in-law Daniel in a plane crash almost 18 years ago, was very protective of her granddaughter, Princess Sarah.
Cassie, Shane, and DD could feel the heat that Mr. Cross was getting from both the Chairman and the Genovian Secret Service. The Princess, against everyone's wishes, had insisted on only being accompanied by one agent, Jarod Wilks.
"Duncan better not show his face today." Shane said a little irritated as they stepped off the elevator.
"I'm sure Mr. Cross told him to call and wake us up at 6am." DD stated matter-of-factly, "It's not his fault." Shane agreed as they walk toward Cross' office. He was sitting at his desk with his head in his hands as then knocked on the partially-opened door. His head shot up quickly and his eyes regained focus as he starred at the figures in the doorway.
"Hello Ladies," he said as his voice cracked from exhaustion, "Please sit down." Shane, DD, and Cassie looked at each other unsurely; he had never asked them to "please sit down." There thoughts dissolved and they sat down in the uncomfortable chairs that scattered his office. His fingers punched the intercom button, "Duncan; my office; now!" They could see through the windows in Cross' office as Duncan literally ran from his desk to the office in which they sat. He didn't say a word, but just sat down in one of the chairs next to them.
"There's been a change in plans concerning the Princess," Cross stated as he walked back to his desk from closing the door. "Due to security concerns, the Princess will not be staying at the Hilton as previously discussed." Cassie, Shane, DD, and Duncan sat puzzled as Cross continued to explain. "We have arranged for her to stay at the beach house with you ladies." Cross finished, looking up. The faces starring back at him continued to look puzzled but now were also annoyed, confused, and concerned. "Duncan, make sure ALL of the house's security systems are working properly." Duncan nodded, agreeing. "And ladies," Cross said looking at them, "Make sure the guest bedroom is set up and that the entire house is spotless." Cassie, Shane, and DD nodded simultaneously. "Thank you," Cross said looking back down at the papers on his desk, "Dismissed." Cassie looked at Shane as she looked at DD. They stood up slowly as if waiting for more instructions. When none came they opened the door and walked out of the office, followed closely by Duncan, who closed the door behind him.
"Great, spending a perfect Thursday after-noon cleaning." Shane whined reading Cassie's thoughts.
"I've never had somebody famous stay with me before, this will be fun." DD smiled brightly as Cassie and Shane glared at her.

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