Rating: I'm going with PG-15/R for safety :D

Summary: Sydney is a double agent for The Covenant and The CIA as Julia Thorne. Jack, Vaughn, and Irina is searching for her in their own ways, and somehow, somewhat, they come face to face.

Timeline: At 3x11-Full Disclosure, Kendall gave us the missing time at the end of s2. What I understand from that ep is, Sydney was aware of herself, what she was doing, she was a double agent (again) for both The Covenant, and The CIA. And also, she had found out that Vaughn was having an affair with a woman (of course Lauren), and she was told that Jack was on mission, also Irina was missing. According to that, Sydney didn't kill Lazarey on that room yet, so Jack doesn't know she's alive.

Author's Notes: This is my first Alias fic :D If I do something wrong don't hesitate to tell me :D

Disclaimer: None of the Alias' characters are mine. They belong to JJ and other legal owners.


"Areee youuu reeaadyyyyy?"

The crowd cheered when the DJ began to mix the songs at an extremely loud level. At the bar, a woman didn't even notice the music at all... her long, scarlet hair was making her presence known along with her red outfit as she walked the dance floor with strong, feminine steps...

"Wanna dance?" She boldly asked a man about her age.

The young man smiled at her and they began to dance closely... she raised her hand to his neck, and while playing with his soft hair, she smiled seductively:

"You smell nice."

He smiled and bowed his head to her, slowly asking.

"What's your name dear?"

She smiled and whispered into his ear.


When he smiled, she raised her brow and asked.

"Like it?"

He nodded and when the song changed, he took a hold of her hand.

"I have a private room upstairs... Would you like to see it?"

She awarded him with a big smile and squeezed his hand tight.

"I'd love to." They went to upstairs with secret smiles on their faces. He pulled out his card and opened the door, then he moved to the side to allow her to enter first. "Ladies first..." She smiled sweetly. After a moment, he felt immense pain between his legs. When he cried out, she punched him in the nose and shoved him into the room where he fell onto all fours as she asked.

"Where's the chip?"

He looked blankly at her for a moment, but that only earned him another punch in the face. He screamed from the pain, but she already knew that no one could hear them.

"Where is it!" She demanded. "I don't know!" He desperately tried to explain.

She smiled sadly, pulled her gun out, aimed it at him and asked again.

"Just once more and you can be sure that I'll kill you. If I don't get the chip, they're going to kill me. Believe me, I killed so many men, you won't be the first." She grabbed ahold of his hair yanking his head backwards and asked between clenched teeth.

"Where is the chip?"

For the first time, he was scared... He knew that she could fire her gun and escape here without even being noticed. He shivered visibly and pointed towards the desk.

"It's over there...under the book of Shakespeare..."

She tied his hand to the chair and murmured to herself.

"Shakespeare in a sex club? That's intelligent..." she took the chip and turned back to him cocking her gun. "What are you going do?" he asked terrified.

"Shoot you. Sorry." She answered coldly.

All he saw was a flash of light before hearing a bang feeling pain.


She was running like if she stops, she dies. After a few minutes, she stopped in a dark alley and looked around. Certain that nobody had followed her, she pulled out a cell phone, dialed a number, and while waiting for it to connect, she became a different person, again.

"I got it."

She hung up, took a few deep breaths, then pulled out a different cell, and dialed a different number... This time, she wasn't that strong woman. She was desperate about the masks she was living under ( a bit confusing here) The only person who was in knowledge of that was at the other end of line. "Kendall?" When she heard his voice, she was relieved.

"I got it. Tell me what to do."

She listened for a while, then silently hung up. She had only two hours before she would be Julia Thorne, again. What she didn't notice was another pair of eyes watching her…


Sydney fished out her keys and opened the door. This house was nothing like her, it was Julia Thorne's house. "It isn't even a house," she thought.. "A hotel room... A dead, cold hotel room..." She sighed heavily and plopped down on the couch, waiting for Kendall to call. Suddenly the phone rang and room service apologized for dialing the wrong number, she jumped up and went to the park where she is to meet her handler.

While walking, she thought that only one man could be her handler. Now he was having an affair with a woman whose name she doesn't even want to know… Cause Sydney knew that if she learns her name, she might not be able to restrain herself from killing her…

She looked up to the sky.. "What have I become? I'm thinking about killing an innocent person!" She shook her head to clear it and looked for her handler. He was sitting on a bench over there…the 12th bench to the left… Every month, they get farther away… Every month, they would skip a bench... This month, it had been a year... A long, hollow year without her life…

She sat beside him on the bench and murmured with a harsh voice she always uses when she speaks with him.

"It's a cold night."

When no answer came, she looked to her left. He was sitting slightly slouched, but her gut instinct told her that something's wrong… She gulped and shook his right arm.


When his head fell to his chest, she literally had to hold back her scream. He had been killed! She blinked furiously trying not to panic. They know about me! I've got to get out of here!

Opposite to the frantic thoughts flying through her mind, she felt cold inside. She slowly rose from the bench and looked around before walking away… Her heart was crying… Within minutes, she knew that she could be dead… But her ears weren't dead yet, she heard leaves rustle behind her.A second later, she armed herself and spun around, shouting.

"Get out!"

The leaves were crackling to her side as she walked back, rested her back to the tree, and breathing heavily, waited for her enemy's face.. seconds passed, one, two, three.. but when she saw the face she's been least expecting, her gun fell to the ground.



Sydney blinked in shock, and cried out, again.


Irina grabbed a hold of her arm, picked her gun up from the ground, and gave it back to her.

"Sydney, listen to me."

Sydney wasn't listening. She knows she's dreaming, she knows this is not real. When Irina saw the tears in her daughter's eyes, she took a deep breath and with a soft voice, she pleaded.

"Sydney, darling, listen to me…"

Sydney blinked and looked at her face, when Irina caught her eyes, she spokequickly.

"That man was a mole. He was aware of your situation you have, and he was going to kill you, I swear." Sydney was wide awake now. She looked to her mother.

"You killed him!"

Irina shook her head.

"No. But I intended to."

Sydney shook her head. She was biting her lip to hold back tears.

"Mom, but how? Why?"

Irina took a deep breath and with a cold voice.

"I'll explain later. We can't remain here., It's not safe being so. visible to prying eyes."

Sydney nodded and they began to run… She didn't know what she wasdoing. When Irina pushed her to the road and towards a waiting car, she jumped in without hesitating.


Once they were driving, Irina began to talk, while keeping her eyes on the road.

"Sydney, first of all, I'm glad that you're alive."

"You've known this! For how long! Mom, aren't you even a bit surprised?" Irina looked her.

"No, I'm not surprised. Again no, I didn't know this. But I'm glad that I'm wrong."

Sydney looked her horrorified, which made Irina smile.

"Don't look at me like I'm a ghost, you are a ghost."

That made Sydney smile for the first time in a year… She asked with a soft voice.

"How did you find me?"

Irina answered quickly.

"That was the easy part… I have very talkative men."

Irina saw that Sydney smiled a little more and was beginning to relax.

"Aren't you scared?"

Why?" Sydney asked.

Irina smiled playfully. "That I may kidnap and torture you?"

While leaning back, Sydney answered.

"You are kidnapping me. Also I have a gun."

Irina smiled to that, and Sydney looked to the woman at her left.. She hadn't changed a bit, her soft, brown hair was the same, and the look in her eyes still remained , but only gets a little brighter when she looks at you. Her inner voice told her that the other physical things were still the same too… She turned towards the road, and watched silently.

Irina was happy. Indeed, she was happy. But now was neither the time nor the placeto do a dance of joy. One of them has to think logically, and clearly Sydney was in shock. When she heard her daughter's voice, she smiled.

"This is way better and worse than the Covenant at the same time…"

Irina slowly asked.


After a few minutes, she slowly replied while not looking at Irina.

"I know our relationship is complicated… But I'm your daughter… And I have to believe that would be the case under any circumstance."

When Sydney looked at her with a little smile and hope in her eyes (Irina wished that, it was hope), she smiled.

"It is."

After that, a relieved Sydney closed her eyes with a sigh, drifting off to sleep. Irina drove the car in silence… This was going to be a long, long night…