Title: Resident Evil: Abduction

Author: The Dreamy One

Type: Action/adventure/Romance

Rating: M (rating for language)

Summary: Based on the moviesDesperate times call for desperate measures. After a failed mission, Carlos and the gang 'recruit' an unlikely ally to help save one of their own.

Disclaimer: Resident Evil and its characters belong to Sony, ScreenGems, Capcom, etc. No infringements intended. All original characters belong to the author and may not be used without written permission.

A/N: Please note that this story is not based on the games in any way, shape, or form. It's not intended as a slight to those that follow the games, but I cannot play video games to save my life. If I tried, I'd surely be bait for the undead.

Chapter One

A small nightlight beside the bed illuminated the little girl's serene face. How many nights had he looked in upon her as he was doing now? When was it that things in his life had changed so drastically that he now felt responsible for this child?

Extreme circumstances had brought Angela Ashford into his life, and Carlos Olivera was now forever changed. Before that fateful night when he and his team were assigned to help control the crowds at Raccoon City's Ravens Gate Bridge, he was a loyal "company" man. He would never have believed The Umbrella Corporation capable of the atrocities that occurred there had he not witnessed them for himself.

He often wondered the course his life would have taken if he had not dove from the helicopter in a futile attempt to save that woman being attacked on a rooftop. Most likely, he, Nicholai, and Yuri would have proceeded to the bridge and taken their places beside their fellow U.B.C.F. (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Force) members...and they would all be alive.

As it were, Yuri and Nicholai fell victim to the T-virus and were lost to the disaster of Raccoon City. He wouldn't lie; he missed his friends and team mates. Now, he had another "team" to take care of, and one member of that team now lay in slumber. Her thoughts were peaceful now, but soon he would hear the moans and screams of terror as the little girl replayed the death of her father over and over again in her dreams. Angie had witnessed far too much violence in her young life, but now there were more pressing matters to worry about.

"Sweet dreams, Angie," he whispered, knowing full well her dreams would be anything but sweet.

He backed out of the room and quietly closed the door, hoping not to disturb her. Stealthily, as his training demanded, he made his way downstairs to the center of the secluded mountain cabin. It was spacious enough for their needs at the present, but could become crowded when their entire group was together.

He spotted LJ sitting at the kitchen table poring over the day's newspaper. His disgust was obvious; suppressing his feelings was not among LJ's limited virtues. Still, Carlos had come to like and admire the man. Extreme situations will form the strangest of relationships, and he and LJ were no exception to that rule. A street hustler and a U.B.C.F. squad leader had little in common, and yet, his trust of Lloyd Jefferson "LJ" Wayne had no bounds. Yes, he trusted LJ with his life.

"Good news today?" Carlos asked sarcastically.

LJ looked up from the paper, his dark face further shadowed by his loathing of the stories. He shoved it aside and grabbed up the beer sitting in front of him. "You're a wanted criminal now, man. How the hell we gonna keep outta their radar?"

Carlos gave a shrug and turned a chair around to straddle it. "Just keep doing what we're doing. Alice and Jill are scoping out the bio facility. Which is where I should be," he groused.

"Maybe," LJ commented. "But someone has to protect the kid. No telling what those Umbrella bastards will do if they get their hands on her."

Carlos ran a hand over his face before massaging his throbbing temples. "You think I don't know that?" He exhaled loudly, attempting to relieve his rising temper. He was beginning to feel like a glorified babysitter. But it was more than that; he was worried. Who was he kidding? He was beyond worried, and although he concealed it well, he was terrified. "Shit, I need a drink."

He watched LJ lean back in his chair and open the refrigerator. Seconds later, Carlos took a deep pull from the bottle of beer LJ handed him. He knew the alcohol wouldn't help alleviate his tension. There was only one solution. As if reading his mind, he heard LJ ask, "How's the kid?"

"She's resting." He glanced down at his watch. How long had she been sleeping? She should be far into the nightmare by now. He drained the bottle and slammed it down on the table. "It's almost time."

"Shit, man. You know I can't take it...I gotta disappear for a few..."

Carlos nodded. He understood all too well. "Give me thirty and come back."

"Thanks, man." LJ stood and made his way to the back door. "Pretty sad, huh? We're all she's fucking got. A freak, ex-cop, con man, and a former Umbrella goon."

"Damn sad, LJ. Now get the hell out before..."

"I'm gone."

After watching the door close and hearing LJ's fading footsteps on the back porch, Carlos stood and made his way back to the stairs that led to the four bedrooms above. He, LJ, and Jill each had a room to themselves. When Alice was around, she stayed with Angie. The two shared a common bond that no one else in their rag tag bunch could comprehend. Not even he could relate, although he had been infected when Yuri's teeth ripped into his left bicep. He was lucky enough to have been cured. Neither Alice nor Angie would ever be that lucky.

He reached for the doorknob and a sick feeling seeped into his heart when he realized his hand was shaking. Big, tough Carlos Olivera taken down by... His hackles rose the moment it started. He threw the door open even as her heart wrenching, frantic screams split into his skull.

He called out to her as he approached, but in her state of terror he couldn't get through to her. He flipped on the bedside lamp, sat on the edge of the bed, and reached out for her. She was completely drenched in her own sweat, tendrils of her long auburn hair clung to her face. Tears streamed from her tightly closed eyes. Her small, white knuckled fists furiously pounded at the mattress. He gently gripped her shoulders and lifted her to his chest. He grunted at the force behind her blows as she struck him again and again while he held her tightly and spoke soothing words of comfort. And he silently cursed his once steely soul for allowing his heart to soften towards the needs of this child.

Several agonizing minutes passed before the screams and sobs ebbed away and she snuggled against him with the trust only a child could possess. As was their almost nightly ritual, he laid his cheek against her wet hair and she curled her fingers around the collar of his shirt while he slowly rocked her.

"Your heart is pounding heavily," she whispered and then gave a little sniffle.

The sound of her clipped British accent was almost melodic to him. He smiled softly, breaking contact a little to reach over and snatch a Kleenex from the box on the nightstand. "Blow."

Angie rolled her eyes at him, but took the tissue and did as instructed. "Do I frighten you, Carlos?"

Her question was unexpected and his eyes widened momentarily at her candor. "Because you carry the T-virus?"

"Yes." Her reply was expelled as though fearful of his answer.

"No." He nearly smiled when her face lit up momentarily, but in an instant, whatever delight she took in his answer was gone.

"Then why?"

He looked deeply into her light grey eyes before answering. "You frighten me because I care about what happens to you, Angie. I've never had much use for children..."

Angie scoffed and a smile quirked on her lips. "I'm not really a child," she replied. "Not in the normal sense."

"I suppose not..."

She shrugged before launching herself back into his arms, hugging tightly to his neck. "You won't leave me, will you?"

He nearly growled when he felt the first prickling of tears hit his eyes and blinked them back with determination. Instead of growling, he found himself tightening his hold on her. "I'm thinking no," he said with as much levity as he could muster. "I'm also thinking, you're kinda stuck with me...and Alice, and Jill..."

"And me."

A wide smile spread on Angie's face when she saw LJ looming in the doorway. "Hello, LJ. Been out?"

Carlos silently watched the exchange as Angie scrutinized their African-American friend. The child guarded her emotions well for someone so young, but Carlos had seen her fear grow in regards to her condition, as well as her dependency on the adults who now cared for her. She was alone in the world with three relative strangers, although they'd been together for a good six months. He was not surprised Angie feared she would be left behind.

"You know it, kid. Was out making sure things were safe," LJ replied good-naturedly. He would never admit to her that he could handle blowing the brains out of undead creatures, taking out any Umbrella goon that came their way, but could not stand to hear her screams. He might be street smart and toughened, but to know he could not make things right for her was more than he could stand. It pissed him off just a little to know that deep inside he was as soft as a marshmallow.

LJ took Angie by the hand and started to lead her from the room. "Jill's back, man. I'll make sure the kid gets back to sleep after she dries off and changes her clothes."

"Fine," he responded. "Jill's back." Not Jill and Alice. Somehow, he knew that was not a good sign.

to be continued...