Title: Secrets

Author: Aussie Mel

Pairing: Hermione Granger/Severus Snape

Summary: Hermione's Lover has been Keeping Secrets from her.

Category: Crossover Buffy/Harry Potter

Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Buffy. I am making no money off them so don't Sue.

Hermione stared at Severus in shock.

She knew he had been keeping secrets from her, or more to the point a secret.

But this?

Nothing had prepared her for finding out the truth.

He had a Daughter.

Who would have thought that the surly potions master would have had a secret like this?

She'd found out by accident when she had stumbled across some letters, Hermione usually never read anyone else's mail but something had attracted her to these.

Her lover had a daughter who was three years her senior.

She'd confronted him; of course she had it wasn't in her Gryffindor nature to do otherwise. He'd been furious at first, but he'd slowly come around to realize it was a good thing she knew especially since he had proposed a month later.

And that was how three months later she found herself standing in front of the very person she'd been wondering about.

She now suddenly realized at eighteen she'd be someone's step mother, and her step-daughter was three years older than she was.

She was certain some deity was having fun at her expense.

"Hi, I'm Willow Rosenburg"