Takari: I'd thought I'd try something a little different not many writers have done a fanfic with just the digimon.

Bigbrain 2000: so we did one

Disclaimer: we do not own digimon but we do own several digimon and sailor moon videos.

Bigbrain 2000: roll it

The younger digidestined (including Willis who was visiting for some reason) have gone Christmas shopping and left the digimon alone at Tk's apartment.

Patamon found a nice warm spot on the hi-fi and fell asleep.

Gatomon is being vain and preening herself and Veemon is admiring her from a distance behind a conveniently placed bin.

Armordillomon is trying to eat sushi but is having trouble picking it up. "Damn chopsticks"!

Hawkmon and Terriermon are playing poker.

Terriermon is cheating but doesn't actually know how to play so is losing badly and owes Hawkmon 7 DVD's; Lord of the Rings (all 3) 2 episodes of Star Trek and Digimon the Movie x2.

Wormon is trying to knit Ken a sweater for Christmas but keeps getting tangled up in the wool as he has no opposable thumb.

A discreet push from Hawkmon and Wormon rolls into everyone and in the process squashes Armordillomon's sushi.

"My sushi!"

Wormon rolls into the Hi-fi, turns it on and wakes up Patamon, who yells and falls onto Gatomon's head. Everyone laughs and Gatomon bares her claws and yells,

"Do you want a bit of this!?"

They all shut-up.

"That wasn't funny," yells Patamon.

"Look at the pretty stars" exclaims Wormon still in a daze.

Veemon says "Okay, I'm bored now, what should we do?"

"Let's play poker," says Hawkmon with an evil grin on his beak. (Takari: can hawks grin?

They all shout, "NO!"

Armordillomon says "I could sing for you," (very out of tune) "Home! Home on the range where the deer and the antelope play!"

They all throw peanuts at him so he stops singing.

"Yummy peanuts."

Wormon goes "Why don't we just play 'Snap'?"

"Okay then!"

10 mins later... "Full house!" shouts Hawkmon

"Hawkmon we are playing Snap!"

"Oh... SNAP!!"

"Terriermon, how come you've just put down the Queen of Hearts, when I have the Queen of Hearts here in my paw?"

"You're cheating Terriermon!!" they all shout.

"Do you always cheat when you play, Terriermon?" asks Patamon.

"Yes, usually... Wait! I mean no, I don't. Never. Not me. Uh-uh nope..." Terriermon trails off, blushing.

They all pounce on Terriermon. Cards fly everywhere and they knock over the coffee table and make a huge hole in the couch.

Gatomon's highly tuned ears pick up the sound of a key turning in the door lock.


They all freeze. They all go to separate parts of the room and start whistling.

TK, Kari and the rest come in.

"What happened to my apartment?" cries TK.

The digimon whistle louder and point at Terriermon.

Terriermon points at Hawkmon who whistles even louder.

"Hey TK, you've forgotten your purse!" yells Yolie.

"I don't have a purse!"

"Well it's pink, and it has your picture in it..."

Kari blushes. "Um, that's mine."

"Oh, here you go."


"Where were we?"

"We were just going," says Hawkmon. "Come on, Yolie."

"Why do we have to go? And what's in the big box?"

"Nothing, nothing. Let's go."

They leave.

TK looks around.


The digimon all stop whistling and stare at the place where the DVD player used to be.

They continue to stare.

5 mins later, and they're still staring.


Armodillomon counts on his fingers. "1...2...3...4...5... Who's missing?"

Gatomon (who's lost interest) looks at Kari and says "Kari, what's in the bag? Something for me? Huh? Is it? Is it? Gimme Gimme Gimmenow."

"It's a Christmas present."

"So? At present it feels like Christmas."

"Ha. You can't have it until Christmas Day."

"Oh. Fine. Whatever."


(What? Never mind.)

"Does anyone know who has my DVD player?"

"No." All the digimon look very, very, very, very innocent.

Ken comes in and says, "Can I sleep over?"


"Can I sleep over?"

Cody comes in. "But I wanna sleep over."

Davis yells. "If you're sleeping over then I'm sleeping over. And I'm sleeping over there next to Kari. TV, you're sleeping over there." He points to the balcony.

He then promptly falls asleep and starts snoring very, Very, LOUDLY!!

"But it's my apartment and it's daytime."

Davis doesn't stir.

TK turns to Kari. "Well, they're sleeping over; do you want to sleep over too?"

"OK! ... Zzzzzzzzzzzz"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Not yet!!!!"

"Oh, sorry. How about now?"

"No." TK throws a pillow at her.

"Mph. OK. Now?"

THE END. Zzzzzzz

"NO!!! NOT YET!!!"


(No, we've passed that bit!)





There is the sound of another key in the lock. Tk's mum is home.

"Human!!" yells Gatomon.

The digimon run round like headless chickens before locking themselves in a very small cupboard.

Ping A lightbulb appears above Tk's head.

"Mum, I know that you're gonna say no, but can all my friends sleep over?"

"Sure, I've got a meeting in Shinzuku and I'll have to stay overnight in a hotel. Here is money for takeout and whatever and you can make as many long distance calls as much you want."

"Thank you Ms Takeshi"


"Tk its 3 am will you go to sleep now" asked Cody

"OK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Takari:Or is it?)

(BB2000:Is it?)

(Takari: I don't know)

Bigbrain2000: Wow that was a lot more random than I thought it would be.

Takari: Hey, look what I got from Hawkmon! A slightly used DVD player he only wanted my passport and my birth certificate for it.

Bigbrain2000: You're an idiot

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