"You know what, Naruto...?"

"Mm??" Blue orbs opened sleepily.

"You and Sasuke...are kind of like the sun and the moon."


"Yeah...because...while the sun makes everything clear...the moon hides in mystery...The sun is boisterous while the moon is cool..." Naruto tugged on a strand of pink hair that had fallen on his shoulder as his companion leaned against him.

"The sun also stands alone while the moon is always in the company of stars..." Naruto let go of the hair and looked away. The other's green eyes twinkled with mischievousness as she surveyed the small frown on her blonde companion's face.

"But...that's because the sun's rays outshine all the other stars near it...after all...the moon's light is only borrowed from the sun...isn't it? People bask in the warmth of the sun and shiver from the chill of the moon..." Naruto turned back to the girl leaning against him with a curious expression.

"And you know what else?" Her smile grew even wider than before as his expression of puzzlement never left his face.

"Flowers...also lean towards the sun." And soft lips met flushed whiskered cheek.

A/N: Because there are not enough Narusaku fics in the world. And also because though I state that I am a total Narusaku lover, I have not one single fic about the two of them only. (And yet I have an annoyingly popular Sasusaku-ish fic...grr.) I do have more ideas for this couple...just no inspiration to write...too busy getting fixated on other animes and getting inspired to write for them. So for now, a little drabble. Did you like the comparison...? Meh...I think I could've done better but since this idea was lying dormant in my mind for quite some time...I forgot some of the things I wanted to add... but...if you liked it, please review! :D