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Is it real or not?

"I've been having theses weird feelings lately…" He felt like he was falling. It was utterly dark. He could sense the air beneath his backside as he plummeted downward, not aware of where he was going. He took notice of his voice conversing with him as he plunged down into the darkness, but dared not open his eyes to acknowledge the darkness surrounding his slender form.

"Are they real or not?" He heard his voice convey with him again, as if a caress. Where was he? Was this a mere fantasy or was it genuine?

"I've had these feelings for so long…and these dreams about him…what do I do?" Summoning up all of his courage, he gradually opened his eyes to establish that he was plummeting toward the ocean that surrounded Destiny Islands. What was this?

He finally dove into the chilly ocean and panted for air as he struggled to escape, but to no prevail. He was being dragged under and the more rapidly he attempted to swim up for air, the vigorous currents shoved him under. His lungs were burning, from the lack of oxygen and his mind was flashing. Would he die here? Was this the end?

"Should I tell him of my feelings?" His lungs were cramming up with water at an incredible rate, as he began to choke. Could anyone rescue him now?

Just as he sensed his body gradually shutting down, he felt his body abruptly wrench up out of the water. He huffed for air as he opened his deep azure blue orbs and gawked into dazzling jade orbs that appeared to be stunned just gripping him in his arms. Bangs of a platinum hue adorned his face and rendered the intense gaze only for him. Strong muscular arms were encompassing his waist and a diminutive smile was plastered on his face. It was definitely someone he recognized…

"Sora…" As if the man sought to take advantage of the situation, he leaned in to capture his lips in a passionate kiss. "Love me Sora…"


He awakened, gripping his sheets. A cold sweat broke out all over his body and he was breathing rather labouringly. He gasped for air and touched his forehead, wondering if he was still dreaming, but after he pinched his arm, he knew that it couldn't be true. It was a dream…just a dream. Sitting up in his bed, he gazed out the window to witness the petite stars twinkle in unison. His breathing became usual and tranquil and he sighed. That dream felt so real. The most realistic dream yet. He felt like he experienced everything that had happened. The falling and the water in his lungs and even…the platinum-colored man's arms encircling his waist and EVEN that passionate kiss. He touched his lips, but didn't feel any tingle from prior kisses he had shared in the past.

He shook his head and cast his hand through his chestnut brown hair that still was spiky ever since he was younger. Tomorrow he would have his date with Kairi, well another date with Kairi. Kairi…well…his childhood friend was not a child anymore, yet when they were children he thought more of her. The only reason he was going on these dates with her was that he couldn't acquire enough courage to enlighten her that he did not crave to. He had the courage to salvage the worlds, but not the courage to notify his friend he didn't like her…depressing. He didn't consider her like that, even though he thought he did when he went searching for her in the other worlds. When he was searching for Riku THAT was a different tale.

Riku…his childhood friend and his best friend forever. He knew he had feelings for the man. Yet did Riku have similar feelings for him? He guessed he would never admit the love he felt for him, but was it love he felt or admiration for the man. Was it like the fruitless quest of love for Kairi, but discovering he did not love her like that? Was it the identical to what he felt for Riku?

He shrugged. Why am I thinking of this now? He yawned. Sleep was what he needed. He reassured himself that the morning would be better, and he descended into a dreamless sleep.


The sun leisurely commenced, as he woke up. He passed his hand through his platinum-colored hair and arose from his bed. He stretched his aching limbs and rubbed his jade eyes. Wow…

The dream he had last night was a most enjoyable one. He beamed, laughing on the inside. A weird dream indeed.

He was just standing there in the water. He didn't know why he was there, he just was. The sun was shining brightly on his face, but he felt the coolness of the water, though there were currents under him everything seemed okay. He lifted his arm out of the water and watched as the tiny droplets slid off his pale arm and back into the ocean. He blinked and put his arm back in the water. He kind of wanted to get out of the water but then all of a sudden, he saw someone under the water and without a moments thought, he pulled them up. Surprised, it was Sora that he held in his arms. He smiled and said his name.

"Sora…" Then he captured the other man's lips as if taken over by a strange passion and said, "Love me Sora…"

Then Sora disappeared and a confused Riku was alone now in the ocean and the moon waxed in the darkened sky. What was this feeling he felt? Loneliness? Lust? Love? Was this what he felt toward Sora?

Yet he could concur with that. He did feel something for his childhood best friend, but what? He did not know…it was so unclear. Then he faded away…

He was snapped back to reality when he heard a knock at the door.

"Riku are you up, honey?"

Riku sighed and rolled his eyes. Only another year and his parents would allow him to leave this damned house! He smirked. He remembered when he was younger and that he wanted off this Island. Well he got what he sought and it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. Fighting Sora and having the darkness as his power. Yes…it was indeed an experience that he would never forget, though he desired to. Though that's when he first started to have different feelings for Sora.



"Good…breakfast is ready!" His mother informed from the other side of the door, cheerfully. He waited until he heard her departing footsteps to begin getting dressed.

He would not reflect on these dreams he was having, but instead of the day ahead. He and Sora were to set out to practice in their favorite spot today and he couldn't wait. The younger man was now a great deal stronger than what he used to be at fourteen. Well now he was eighteen and Riku, himself nineteen, both were a great deal stronger, especially from the journey that they partook in.

He clutched a pair of black baggy pants out of his closet with gleaming chains that went around the loopholes, hanging down the sides and a crimson red t-shirt with a black vest over it. He turned to look into the body-sized mirror and nodded. Not bad…

He walked over to his undersized dresser and grasped his brush that was on top of it. He combed his hair and smirked. It was still as pointy as when he was only fifteen! It was quite funny to be nineteen and have many of the same features as when he was younger. Yet now his hair was a bit longer and fit his features of his face, perfectly. His jade orbs stared back at him with an approving gaze. Time to go train, eh?


The two met each other as the morning dawned onto everyone. They enjoyed arriving early before the majority of the people that resided here awoke from their slumber.

Sora smiled at his childhood friend and closed his azure orbs, feeling the slight weight that suddenly appeared in his hand. His eyes opened and his lips pulled back into a cute grin as he swung it a few times to get used to it once again. How did he still have it? Quite simple. His key blade did not choose another master and Sora still had possession of it. This was the same for Riku. He still had his old keyblade though it wasn't a malicious keyblade anymore. Riku and Sora only used their keyblade to practice, nothing more.

"Are you ready, Sora?" Came the voice of Riku, who also drew his key blade, smirking. This would surely be fun.

Sora nodded and grinned one of his signature grins. "This one counts for all of them!"

Sora and Riku had been carrying out this game for as long as they could remember and it was still quite entertaining.

"Come!" Riku dared and pointed his key blade toward Sora. "Let's see what you've got, Sora!"

Sora charged and swung his key blade, Riku blocked it with his own, his body swinging to the left so as to cause Sora to be unbalanced. He got what he yearned for and swung his body in the opposite direction to face Sora, which had a determined appearance upon his features. Riku realized Sora wouldn't give up so easily…he never did.

Riku grinned and spoke. "Is that the best you can do?" His grin extended as he under kicked Sora, as Sora and Riku had keyblades locked together from the result of Sora charging at him, which made Sora fall to the ground. Yet, Sora got right back up and dusted himself off.

"Was that necessary?" Sora inquired. Riku studied him for a brief moment. His brown ruffled hair from his childhood now functioned perfectly with his features and his deep azure eyes were concentrated on dusting the dirt off him. Riku's brow rose. Why did he worry about dusting himself off? Examining him intimately, Sora wore black baggy pants and a black t-shirt. No vest, but it didn't matter. Riku enjoyed his vests. Wait…why was he thinking about vests in a battle?

Pondering, Riku was too sluggish for the attack Sora hurled at him. Innocent little Sora swung his key blade, knocking Riku onto the ground, dazed. He shook his head. It was all a trick! He would obtain revenge.

He mentally noted Sora's trick and Sora grinned, gazing down on him. "Is that the best you can do, Riku?" Sora towered over Riku with his hands on his hips and afterward wished he never got so close.

Riku grinned, doing his signature move. He arched his legs back and kicked Sora in the stomach sending him flying into the coconut tree in the center of their training spot. Sora shook his head and snapped his eyes open. That hurt! How could he forget that move? That move always defeated him before. Something was definitely wrong with him.

"Had enough Sora?" Riku teased; now back on his feet and in a defensive position, ready for anything thrown at him.

Sora jumped to his feet and charged toward Riku. Both were in a keyblade locked position. Riku smirked and began to push Sora over toward the edge of their little battlefield. Sora gasped before he plunged into the crystal clear water and made a big splash.

Riku waited for Sora to come back up, but when he did not, he panicked. Did Sora forget how to swim? He shook his head. They went swimming with Kairi not even two days ago. He was probably playing another trick again.

Sora thrashed about under the water, his foot was stuck and it was wedged in between two large rocks. His azure blue eyes prayed for Riku to notice that he needed help. He yanked and pulled but to no prevail. His lungs screamed in agony for oxygen, his hands reaching for the light that was above him and the air that his lungs craved for. Where was Riku? Would he drown? His eyes widened as he quickly remembered his dream and hugged himself for reassurance. Riku had to come…like in his dream. His soul felt like it was gradually pulling away from its slender form. Help…

Riku gasped when he spotted his friend's body turned to his backside, floating in the water. He didn't assume this was one of Sora's jokes anymore. He dived into the water and spotted Sora's situation. His foot was caught in between two large rocks. Riku swam over to the boy and began to heave Sora out of the rocks. He accomplished this and towed him all the way up, so that both men's heads were above the water. Now swimming over toward the beach and trudging up the sand, he laid Sora down and gasped for breath. Sora didn't realize how heavy he was. Riku felt for a pulse, but could find it. His heart froze. Sora couldn't die. Pondering quickly, Riku began to perform CPR on his friend (which he learned from school so many years back) and after a few minutes, removed his warm lips from Sora's cold ones and watched as the brown-haired boy coughed up sea water. His blue eyes opening to see a flushed Riku.

"What happened?" Sora asked, he began to sit up, but began to feel dizzy and lay back down.

"You almost drowned…"Riku glanced away. All because of him too. If he didn't shove Sora off the edge, this would have never happened. "It was my fault…I'm sorry."

Sora mustered up the courage to sit up and he crossed his legs, forming them into an Indian-style sitting. He set his hand on Riku's shoulder and patted his friend. "Thank you…"

"For what almost drowning you!" Riku snapped at him, softly. Sorrow in his eyes. I almost lost my friend…

"Riku, you saved me!" Sora countered back, striving to make it so that it didn't sound like Riku's fault. "Come on!" Sora playfully punched Riku as he observed that his friend wouldn't let up. "Just think you won!"

Riku chuckled at this and turned to his friend with a smile. "Sora you never cease to amaze me…"

Sora grinned and rubbed the back of his head. "Thanks I guess!"

Riku chuckled again. Sora would never change. He would be for all time the same loveable Sora. Loveable…

Sora sensed Riku tensing and bestowed a confused look on him. What was wrong with him?

Riku sighed and shook his head. Should he expose his feelings about him? He had the chance. No…Sora loved Kairi and he couldn't tolerate it if Sora rejected him. He was never too pleasant with rejection. He would never be decent with it actually. He would rather die than be rejected by Sora. No he would not inform Sora…yet.

Sora smiled. "Well, I guess this means I'm gonna have to become better to beat you!"

Riku smiled and nodded. "Yeah you better become better!" Actually, Sora was better than what Riku expected. Sora had by no means given him THAT good of a decent fight. Well not since when him and Sora fought at Hollow Bastion. He was wonderful there and he still was now.

Sora watched as Riku became deep in thought. He was actually really attractive when he was thinking and remote. Could he reveal to Riku about the dreams he had been having? Nah…Riku almost certainly didn't like him like that. Who would except for Kairi? Anyway if he did, how would they explain it to everyone? He never saw a gay couple yet, at least not on Destiny Island. Would they be the first one? Nah…they would never be a couple. It would be too decent to be true.

He gazed at Riku as he rose and offered his hand to help Sora up. "Coming Sora?"

Sora gazed into the eyes of his friend and nodded taking his hand and standing up, feeling this was remotely familiar and blinked remembering his dream. They stood there momentarily, holding each other's hands and staring into each other's eyes and as if in a daze they both let go and turned their backs to the other, blushes tenting their faces.

Wasn't that a little extreme there Riku? He thought to himself as he cracked his neck and turned back to Sora.

Wow…that was intense…Sora thought as he also turned back to Riku and sighed. Did he mean to hold my hand that long? Or did I hold his hand for that long? Whoooa this is confusing!

"Well I suppose that's enough for today…" Riku spoke up, breaking the silence.

"Yeah…hey you wanna come with me and Kairi to watch the stars tonight?" Sora really didn't crave to go with Kairi because he was aware of that she would try to make a move on him like last time and then he would state he wasn't prepared for that and that would be the end of it, but perhaps with Riku she would leave him alone.

"Sounds cool…" Riku replied with a shrug. "When are you guys going?"

"Like around six thirty to watch the sun go down."

"Hmmm…well its better than staying at home. Where are you guys going to be meeting at?"

"Here on the beach…"

"I'll see you there then…"Riku turned and slowly ambled away. He would meet Sora tonight with Kairi. Kairi….he disliked her with a great passion. He couldn't put his finger on it on why he hated her. Maybe he was jealous because she was the first person Sora went looking for on their journey or maybe he just plain out hated the girl. Even since he had gotten back from Destiny Islands everyone treated him the same. He guessed that nobody remembered that Destiny Island was covered in the darkness. Yet it seemed the only people who remembered were Sora, Kairi and himself. Ever since he got back, she was never the nice innocent little girl that she cracked up to be. No…now she was just a plain bitch to him. She was never around when he was around and he shrugged it off. He didn't need her friendship. If he had Sora's that's all that mattered. He guessed that Kairi hated him the time when he turned Sora into a heartless. Even though he tried to explain to her that he was taken over by an evil maniac, Kairi still didn't buy it. So now tonight he would see her and hopefully she wouldn't bring up all the things he did on the journey, if she did he would just abandon them.

But you can't leave…Sora asked you to come with him… Riku sighed and continued to walk. That was right, he told Sora he would come. He set that thought into the back of his mind. Alright everything is going to be fine, right?


Sora watched Riku saunter away, as if in a trance. He loved the way the other man's body moved. It was so graceful and manly. The way his beautiful platinum hair glittered from the sun's rays, rendering Sora to desire to pass his hand in it and experience how brittle akin to how it looks like or how velvety it is. He would bet his life that Riku's hair was as smooth as snow to the touch. Wait why am I thinking about Riku like this? Do I love him or not?

Sighing, Sora continued to ponder this as he closed his eyes, when he felt something tap his foot. He groaned and opened his eyes to see Tidus halted before him. It was funny how he changed so drastically than Riku and himself. Tidus instead of being petite and undersized was now very tall and muscular. Sora and Tidus trained from time to time, but Sora wondered how he got those muscles. When he was on his journey, did Tidus fight and train for the heartless too? Nah…

"Hey Sora!" Tidus grinned and his blond hair, glinted in the sun's light, shading Sora from the sun. "Long time no talk!" Sora smiled at his old time buddy.

"Yeah I guess it has been a while."

Tidus continued to smile and he plopped himself down next to Sora. Tidus was still his usual self and Sora had to smile at this. That was the one thing that didn't change about Tidus and probably never would.

"How's Selphie?" Sora said, breaking the silence.

"Wonderful!" He said rather cheerfully. "Guess what Sora!"

"What?" Sora glanced over to Tidus to see a huge grin on his face. Sora brought his body up and elevated his brow, smirking. "Come on don't keep me hanging!"

Tidus's grin became even more gigantic and with all the excitement in his body, he hopped up. "We're getting married!"

Sora's eyes widened. This was wonderful news, but somehow it made him feel a pang of sadness. Everyone was getting married. Wakka and this one girl that just moved here. Her name was Lulu or something and now Tidus and Selphie! Now with this news…he would bet his life that Kairi wanted to get married and now he would have to declare to her that he didn't love her like that and he was just wasting her time because he didn't have the courage to tell her no.

"Sora? You okay man?" Tidus waved a hand in Sora's face and Sora snapped back to reality.

"Congratulations, Tidus!" Sora faked a grin and arose from the sand, patting his friend's shoulder. "She's an awesome person. You two will be great together!"

Tidus blushed at this and shrugged. "Well yeah…"

Sora chuckled. "When is the wedding?"

"In a month or so…I have to get the money to pay for it." Tidus explained. "I'm working two jobs right now just for that reason!" Tidus rubbed the back of his head. "I'm sorry if I haven't seen you around much. That's kinda my reason."

Sora shrugged it off. "Nah…you're working for something you plan to do. I understand and knowing you, you would do anything for the person you loved. That's why Selphie is a lucky girl."

Tidus's blush went to crimson. "Thanks Sora."

"No problem!" Sora again patted his friend and smiled. Everything was changing around him. It was kind of overwhelming.

"Well gotta go, Sora! I gotta meet Selphie for lunch!" Tidus explained and embarked on. "See you later!"

Sora waved in return and set off on a stride back to his boat so he could proceed back home. This was an interesting day indeed. His gaze shifted back to the ocean surrounding the island and he smiled at the glittering waves, crashing into the rocks that poked up above the water. He sighed and shook his head, tearing his gaze away from the beautiful sight only to think of Riku, remembering how he craved being free from this ocean prison. He even got his wish and now they were back from their adventures. Even though they were supposed to be enemies…they were once again best friends. Still the question was…were his feelings for Riku real or not?

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