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Light and Darkness

Defensively, Sora covered his face with his arms and waited for the blow that he knew was coming, his heart palpitating, wildly in his chest. When nothing happened after a few dreadful moments, Sora uncovered himself and looked up to see Riku right in his face, with a wicked smirk plastered on his now blue lips. Sora's aqua eyes widened in fear and glanced back to find that Cloud and Leon were no where in sight. Sora's breath caught in his throat and he gritted his teeth.

"Riku…" Sora felt feathers caress his cheek as he closed his eyes and he snapped them quickly opened as the tip of Riku's wing, ran across his cheek. He felt the liquid aftermath as he knew blood was on his face because of the smell and he bit his lip, trying to calm his beating heart that rammed in his chest.

"My little light…so seducing…I just want to snuff that nasty cute light and turn you into sexy darkness…" Sora gulped and tried to comprehend what Riku had just said, but didn't stand around and wait as he turned and ran. He heard Riku huff in annoyance and Sora could hear the faint sound of wings flapping as he turned to look back, he ran into a wall with a yelp of pain.

Feeling in the darkness, Sora found that he was trapped and that there was only solid wall. He was going to die…

"I found you, my little light…"

Sora's heart continued to throb as he heard heavy footsteps and Riku's wings scrapping against the walls that were his doom. Sora could only gaze at the crimson orbs that belonged to his lover. Sora's mind was racing as he contemplated what to do next. He could feel the darkness radiating off of his lover and wished this never happened.


"Ah…" Riku chuckled and Sora cringed as he felt Riku's cold clawed fingertips trace his jaw line, feeling the burning pain as Riku was cutting his cheek as he went. "So seducing…you should just give into the darkness, my little light! It's so enticing!"

"No!" Sora screamed and Riku's face became instantly closer to Sora's. Sora glared at the crimson orbs that were filled with amusement. Sora's eyes snapped closed as he felt Riku's cold, wet tongue lapping up his cheek and then kissing down until he got to Sora's lips, making Sora almost moan uncontrollably, though Sora hated himself for his weakness. Riku, roughly pinned Sora's body up against the cold hard cement wall and Sora grimaced in pain. "Stop it!"

"Do you not like this, my little light? Do you like it rough?" Suddenly Riku's lips were beside Sora's ear and Sora mentally screamed. "Or do you like it easy?"

"GET OFF!" Sora tried to push the evil Riku off him, but in vain as Riku pinned Sora's arms up above his head. Sora struggled to get away, but that made Riku push his body up on Sora even more and Sora felt like his bones would break from all the strain. He whimpered as tears streams ran down his cut up cheeks.

Riku loved how his little light cried tears for him. He chuckled and watched with his dark-vision as Sora's tears mingled with his blood stained cheeks and Riku took a big whiff of it, licking his cold lips all the while. He smelt so good…

Grinning, he ran his free clawed hand down the other man's chest, watching as Sora cringed as he heard his clothes ripping ever-so-slowly. He loved how the way his little light was so afraid of him and yet he was being overwhelmed!

"Riku…please…stop…it…hurts!" Sora heaved as every breath became physically painful. "Please…" The weight of Riku's body pressing up against him was making his breathing difficult and he closed his eyes as he felt Riku's hand grip his throat, roughly. Choking, Sora felt his lungs literally scream for freedom and Sora knew it was the end as just staying conscious was hard enough.

He knew his little light was slowly wasting away and he planned to make him as Riku was now. This man, which he was so attracted to for some reason would become part of the darkness with him! Smirking, his eyes began to glow with a fiery light as he managed to squeeze Sora's throat even tighter.

Sora's eyes snapped wide open and as if on impulse he opened his mouth to inhale air, but none came and he began to feel cold. The walls of his heart were breaking and he could feel the darkness, entering with a painful force.


Sora heard a pained scream from Riku and felt the hand on his throat release him and the hand holding his arms up was released as well. Feeling lighter Sora opened his eyes to see that he was floating in midair and in his hand was his keyblade. He looked down to see Riku on one knee, looking up at Sora with his left clawed hand, shading his eyes. Sora took in a few more breaths and held the key blade out in front of him to see his arm and the keyblade shining with a bright white light. Gasping, he gazed down at his body and found himself encompassed in a bright white light.

Riku growled and looked away from his little light to his burnt hand and he rubbed it, gingerly. What just happened? His little light was almost there…almost ready to submit to the darkness and then something HAPPENED!

Sora gulped and gasped as his keyblade pulled him in midair away from Riku. Grasping the keyblade tighter so as not to let it slip from his grasp, Sora looked back and saw Riku getting up very slowly, his wings brushing up against the floor. Before Sora turned the corner, as if in slow motion he watched Riku's eyes flicker into a deep black and Sora knew Riku was infuriated.

Hearing the flapping of wings, Sora gasped and the keyblade pulled him in the air faster so as not to get caught again by the dark creature following them.

"YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY!" A screech declared and Sora felt beads of sweat roll down his forehead and trickle down his nose. Gulping, he willed himself to look ahead even though it was pure black. All he gazed upon was his keyblade, which seemed to have a mind of it's own at the moment.

Hearing another roaring screech, Sora's breath quickened and his eyes widened as he felt the wind beneath his body as the keyblade went full force to get away. Knowing this was all too unreal, Sora closed his eyes as he felt wind smacking his scratched up face, making the scratches burn with an intensity.

"Little light…I'm coming for you…" Sora's eyes snapped open as he looked back into the darkness and saw the pale face of his evil lover, following him. "You can't get away from me…"

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Sora screamed and he felt his body jerk around with an unknown force and the keyblade completely stopped.

"Here you are!" He felt Riku grasp his arm, but Riku pulled back with a pained scream and he tried to let go of Sora, but to no prevail as his hand began to burn. "AH!"

"RIKU!" Sora watched Riku begin to burn away as the light inside his body began to seize Riku as its prey. Tears burned Sora's eyes, as he watched his lover's body slowly evaporating, as the hall began to lighten up.

As Riku's face began to disappear, Sora watched as Riku's eyes changed from deep black back to their normal beautiful sea-green hue and then all was lost as everything began to turn black.

It felt like he was falling and it was completely dark. He dared not open his eyes as his heart slowly beat inside his chest. He felt the burning tears flow from his closed eyes and his mouth was slightly ajar as if in a deep sleep. His chest slowly, rose and fell as he tried to calm himself. Where was he? What had happened? Why was he crying? He took another deep breath as he felt the wind beneath his back, everything at peace. He felt so weird. Was he alive or not?


Summoning up the courage, Sora opened his eyes and they widened as if thousands of movies where playing at one time. Clips of himself and other memories flowed upward with different snippets of his life. His eyes caught one that had him and Riku when he was little and them two playing in the sand, making sand castles.

"Sora! Look Sora a crab!" The younger Riku exclaimed and the younger Sora squealed and turned to where Riku was pointing to. There was a little red crab scurrying away. The younger Riku watched the younger Sora and as if trying to impress him, Riku reached for the crab and grasped it in his hand, only soon after he screamed in pain as the crab pinched his delicate skin. Riku dropped it and glared at it as it continued to make its original journey toward the ocean. Whimpering, Riku rubbed the sore spot and Sora gasped getting closer to Riku, worried.

"Are you okay?" Sora asked his head tilted to the side with an apprehensive gleam in his aqua blue eyes. Riku nodded as he looked into the other boy's eyes and Sora gave him a chaste smile, reassuring him everything was going to be alright. Riku weakly smiled back and sighed, gazing at their sand castles they built.

"Yeah…I'm okay."

"Good!" Suddenly, Sora tackled Riku to the sand and both giggled as they wrestled.

Sora smiled at the memory. He remembered that day as if it were yesterday…well…sort of. He straightened his body up in midair and turned to watch Riku standing in front of him with a look of excitement and nervousness on his face. It was when they were teenagers and he and Riku were alone.

"Sora…I have to tell you something…"

"I do too…"

They were outside…everything was peaceful. Riku was going to tell Sora his feelings…finally he decided he would!

Sora bit his lip and sighed, his shoulders slumping. "Riku…I appreciate all the things you've given me, and I just wanted to tell you that…" Sora glanced away and watched the waves crash and wrestle each other in a sort of rhythmic motion. Sora gulped and turned his attention back to Riku. "I'm going out with Kairi…"

"What…?" Riku's mouth flew ajar and his heart shattered to pieces. His hope was gone and he felt like it didn't belong anymore. The bitch that left him out of everything…she finally took the last thing he ever had. The one he wanted to hold…the one he wanted to be with. It was decided…if he could not love Sora…he would love no one.

"Are you okay? We're still friends right?"


"Good!" Sora grinned and turned his attention once again to the ocean, missing the sorrow in Riku's eyes. The wanting to be something in someone's eyes…he missed it.

As he watched the waves do their dance, Sora sighed and crossed his arms, tilting his head to the side. "Isn't life just so simple…?" It was just a random question. He didn't know where it came from, but it just…did!

"No…I don't think life is quite that simple…" And with that Riku walked away. Sora turned and watched him go. A pang of something unknown gripping his heart. Why was he getting worked up over Riku walking away?

"Riku…don't go…" Once again, his words came from out of the blue and Sora shuddered. What was going on and what was he feeling?

Tears brimming from his eyes of an aqua hue, Sora sniffled and wiped the tears that seemed to want to fall, away from his cheek. He remembered now…Riku…he was…


Rotating his body around to the sound of his name, Sora gasped as more tears squeezed out of his eyes in a rushed flow. Riku…

There was his lover, as if nothing happened to him. Sora finally noticed that he had stopped falling and that he was just floating in midair. Riku smiled and opened his arms wide enough for Sora to embrace him. Sora did just that.

"Riku…oh Riku…" His body began to quiver as hefty spasms pervaded through his body. "Why does it have to be like this?"

He tensed as the hands of his lover, drifted up and down his back in a calming manner and ever-so-slowly, Sora began to calm down, the spasms almost vanishing. Eye lids becoming very heavy, Sora stifled a small yawn and looked up into his lover's eyes only to see another man holding him.

His white hair coiled evilly around the both of them and his orange cat-like eyes grinned with an amused expression. A devious smirk that Sora knew all to well was plastered on his tanned face. Sora's eyes widened and he screamed, but was quickly cut off as a hand was placed over his mouth. Ansem bent down and placed his lips near Sora's ear as he whispered, "What's wrong Sora? Don't you like it?"

"Where's Riku!" Sora said, but was muffled from Ansem's hand over his mouth.

Ansem uncovered the other man's mouth and his smirk grew. "What was that?"

"Where is Riku!" Sora repeated and scowled. "What happened to Riku!"

"The darkness finally took over him…" Ansem laughed as Sora's face complete went from furious to terrified.


"Yes…" Ansem hissed. "After he touched you, the light in your heart latched on his heart and completely destroyed him!" Ansem's chuckling made Sora's heart begin to race and he felt like he was going to be sick with the sheer force all this information was bringing. "Now his heart and body rest in a dark abyss, wailing to be free. I definitely made sure this happened…"

"No…there is no way h-"

"Ah yes…" Ansem interrupted and his eyes of an orange hue gleamed with a content light. "I finally got him to submit to the darkness…it was only a matter of time, but now I feel victorious!" He nodded his head in approval and his gaze on Sora softened. "Sad that his own lover destroyed him…and now…you are my prize."

"No!" Sora struggled to get away, but Ansem's grip became instantly tighter and Sora screamed in frustration. "Let me go!"

"I don't think so…"

Sora screamed again. "NO!"

Sora felt that unknown presence again in his body and his body began to have spasms again. Ansem let out a pained cry and Sora closed his eyes, feeling the burning pressure and he felt himself slowly slipping away.

Until all he heard was a gurgling sick sound and then all was still…

"Sora! Wake up Sora!" Groaning, Sora felt like a truck ran over his head and rubbed his temples as a pounding headache seemed to want his attention at the moment. Opening his eyes, Sora was gazing into baby blue orbs filled with worry. Sora felt a weak smile twitch onto his lips and felt relieved that Cloud was here.


"Are you okay! Suddenly you were here and then you were gone! I'm so glad we found you…" The relief in Cloud's voice made Sora just want to cry.

"I'm alright…" Sora replied, trying to hide the sorrow in his heart.

"Good…now let's go find Riku!"

"No…" Sora shook his head and squeezed his eyes shut as tears threatened to fall. His chest tightened and he gulped knowing he would cry if he told Cloud, even though he knew he had too. "He's….he-"

"It's okay…" A stone-like voice broke in and Sora felt even more relief with Leon being here as well. "Let's go home…"


The feeling of loneliness grips the mind and twists reality. Darkness and pain mingled together to make memories feel so distant. The pounding pressure, reminding him everyday that he was to be distant from the one he loved the most. The nervousness gripping the stomach every time he thought he heard the voice of his lover in the distance, but only to find nothing. This is what he had gone through ever since that tragic day.

It had been over two weeks and all Sora could do was bawl and sleep. He forced himself to eat and hugged an extra pillow at night, wishing it was Riku's body against his own as it once was. He was dead…he had to get over him.

But he knew he couldn't and he probably never would. Every time he even gazed in the mirror, it hurt inside. It was as if his heart was wailing as much as he was. He even thought about killing himself numerous times.

The first week, Cloud and Leon helped as much as they could. They even managed to stay Sora's friend because every time Sora thought he heard Riku's voice behind him, he would start to weep and turn around to find a blank wall or a relentless sun shining joyously in a cobalt sky. He hated it. Everything was so happy and he was the one that wanted to die, just get it over with and be with his Riku again. That's all he wanted…was to just be with Riku. He realized this now…why wasn't life just simple? All his life needed was Riku…wasn't it simple enough?

"No…it's not…" He spoke to his reflection as he gazed into the mirror. Something had dawned on him. "Life isn't simple…it will never be simple because…everything always tries to get in the way. Nothing could ever be simple because…simple was just too easy…life has to be complex…bringing pain and joy all at the same time." Tears cascaded down his cheeks and he felt himself pale. "That was what you meant…didn't you? Kairi wanted to get in the way of us…that's why you said no that it wasn't simple…she was making it complicated…so was Ansem…they all were making it complicated…now it's impossible…it'll never be simple Riku…not without you here…holding me…" He continued to talk to his reflection as if it was actually his late lover. "I thought the future wouldn't scare me, but…" Sora sniffled and wiped the tears from his eyes with a shaky finger. "…without you here…I'm so frightened…" He collapsed to the floor, his whole body shaking, his hands holding his throbbing head. "I can't live without you…it's not fair!" He let go of his head and pounded the floor. "WHY!"

A knock at the door was issued and Sora's head snapped up. Tears still flowing from his eyes. He felt so weak…he wanted to die…just die.

Another knock was heard in the silence and Sora stood, wiping his tears with his black shirt that he wore. Sighing and regaining his composure, he walked to the door of his bedroom and closed his eyes, opening slowly. "What? I'm okay…" He opened his eyes and jumped back.


With a smile, the silver haired man embraced the cinnamon-haired one and felt the other man tense. His smile grew wider and he backed his face up to look into the shocked aqua eyes of his lover, tears of joy streaming down his wet cheeks.

"Hello Sora…I'm home…"

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