Minerva's mirror.

A morning conversation with her mirror as Minerva puts her hair up. The mirror idea was pinched from a scene from a Griselda Le Fay Fic. Another element of this story was inspired by the book "The Girl with a Pearl Earring". And of course the rest comes from J.K Rowling. Not a single original point from me…sigh.

(The mirror sighs.)

"Not that old hair do again!"

"Yes, this one again."

"You don't fancy a change at all?"


"What about a French twist? I mean, that's not so different to a bun…"


"A plait, then?"

"No. I wear it to bed in a plait."

"Well how about loosening the bun a bit?"

"No. I like it just the way it is, thank you very much."

"But it would soften your face…"

"I don't want to soften my face. The students would think I had gone soft."

"But it makes you look so severe!"


(A moment of silence as Minerva adds the last few pins to her bun.)

"Why don't you wear it down? Not during school hours, but after perhaps…"

"You know perfectly well why I never wear my hair down."

"Yes, yes, I know. It makes you feel…aroused."

"Quite. Hardly appropriate, in the circumstances."

"What if that headmaster chap asked you to wear it down?"

"He wouldn't be so forward. And besides, why would he care how I wear my hair?"

"He's very fond of you, you know?"

"What's that got to do with my hair?"

"Everything. Bet he'd like to see you with it down."

(Minerva bites her lip, but continues patting her hair in place, as if reluctant to move away from the mirror.)

"He has never given me any hint that he would like to see me with my hair down."

"But he would, you know. Especially when he knew what would happen if he pulled the pins himse…"

(Door slams as Minerva exits for breakfast.)

Just a quickie. Not sure wether to continue it or not...I do have an idea, but think it works okay as a one shot. Pls. review and let me know what you think.