Meet the New Girl

Summary:Takes place after SMJ-X (the Saber Dolls were turned huamn also), 500 years later when people are now happily dwelling on earth once more. The descendants of the cast are among them. Blodberry/ Luchs. YURI/Shoujo-ai! Don't like, then don't read. br

I do not own Saber Marionette J. Everything belongs to their respective owners.

Author's Notes: I apologize in advance for the last names chosen. This is the only fandom related item I know of directed towards this pairing. This is Yuri/Shoujo-ai . The rating my be higher in the future, right now its not even there. You have been warned. And also, It is in American standards, the money and school system. It is set up in a made up place.
I swear, you look more and more like your great ancestors every day. the grey haired lady said from here rocking chair infront of the two girls in front of her.

The blue haired girl on the right giggled at the comment. We know, she said, her eyes full of amusment You tell us that every day, Grandma. She giggled again.

The old woman smiled. I know. I know, Lime. She chuckled lightly, But its true. Your practically sptting images of them!
Bloodberry rolled her eyes. The sisters go through this every morning. Their grandmother always tries to visit with them before they go to school. And she always says how they are all exact replicas of their long ago ancestors. How could she even know what they looked like? That was like... a million years ago!
And personalities too. the old woman huffed at Bloodberry's previous action. br br
A purple head with freakishly huge head ornaments came through fromt he kitchen door with a plate of toast in her hands. Here you go, grandmother. she smiled while she set the plate in front of said person. br br
Thank you, Cherry! I was wondering if you would ever make it out here. she said while taking a bite of her toast. Cherry just smiled.
Bloodberry smirked at her sister's choice of hair accessories. You know people are gonna make fun of you if you where those to school, right? br br
No, they won't. I think they look kind of good.No they don't! They are the goofiest thing I have ever laid my eyes on! said a stern voice from somewhere around the fighting duo. The two swivelled over to the origin of the voice. A very stern looking woman in about her 40s was looking annoyed at the red head.
Fine fine, she siged waving it away I'm sorry . Cherry glared But don't get upset if people laugh at you.
A slight growl aemmited itself from Cherry's throat while she reached up and removed the items from her violet strands.
Oh! You better get going. School is gonna start in 20 minutes! Shinobou, their mother, exlaimed forgetting her pervious state, as she checked the clock hung on the wall.
Let's go! Bloodberry ordered while grabbing a slice of toast fromt the plate and placing it in her mouth.
Yay! The first day of school! Lime cheered as she grabbed Bloodberry's wrist and tugging her out the front door.
Bloodberry tried to say through her mouthful of food, half eating, half choking.
Cherry bowed and said her goodbyes and that of her two sisters, as she closed the door behind them.
At the train station
Lime scanned the items before sighing. Alright, I'll have a pretzel with butter. Lots of butter. she said handing the digital card over to the man. He accepted it and swiped it carelessly into the nearby metal box while grabbing a pretzel out form the machine and dunked it into the butter vat built into the counter. She stared longingly at the twisted bread bathing in the yellow oil in front of her eyes.
Hurry up, Lime. Cherry groaned, breaking Lime out of her drooling state.
The man behind the counter finally removed the bread, wrapped it up, and gave it to Lime.
She cheered biting in the pretzel as Cherry pulled her away.
Cherry dragged her to a nearby table where Bloodberry was scanning the crowds of people. It was rather early and the daily crowds wouldn't start to show up for another two hours. But there were still rather large groups of people around the giant station.
Bloodberry perked up at the site of a familiar blonde head. She called to her. The mentioned person looked up from where she was talking to an unfamiliar blue haired girl. The blonde looked around to scout out who had called her name. Her gaze stopped as she caught site of a magenta haired female flailing her arms around wildy. Panther smirked. Grabbing the blue haired girl by the wrist, she stalked over to the group.
Hey, Bloodberry. What do you want? She asked, smirk still in place.
Shut up, Panta. she ordered darkly.
Aw, c'mon, Bloodberry. I was just playin' with ya'. She laughed as she took the seat across the table from Bloodeberry.
Yeah, yeah. So how was your summer? she shrugged It was ok I guess.You guess?I guess. the familiar smirk starting to take place on her tough face.
Gawd, Panther. Your hopeless. Bloodberry sighed exasperatingly. Panther could be such a whore when she wanted to be. Just one more attempt at conversation then she was gonna get up and walk away. What do you mean you guess'?
As if reading her mind she just said I mean, I guess.
Bloodberry stood up, the chair screaching along the floor as it was pushed back, and was about to go through with her plan when —
Alright. Alright. Sit back down. Panther waved dismissivley at the disgruntled crimson haired punk.
Bloodberry scowled at her for even daring to command her in either way. She pulled the chair back up and sat down cross legged, her arms folded, and a scowl still firm on her entrancing face.
Panther laughed again. My summer was ok... I guess. she smirked as Bloodberry's face darkened. I went to Shiria III with my parents. Saw some family and did some site seeing, she shrugged casually, The rest was just veging out and sleeping in. she smiled at the fond memories of sitting in front of the t.v. What about yours?
Bloodberry sighed. My grandmother came to live with us a week after school let out. I love her and all, but... she shrugged I dunno. She's just annoying at times. Ya know what I mean?
Panther nodded. I mean, she's always telling us how much we look like our great, great, great – Whatever. Too meny great – grandmothers. We didn't really do anything fun except go to that new theme park that opened.Oh yeah! I know the place your talking about. That place was killer. Me and Luchs just went there a while ago. Bloodberry looked dumbfounded. Who the hell is Luchs? Panther just jerked her thumb in the direction of the girl behind her. She stood shy with her messenger bag/ backpack on her shoulder. She was looking down as if embarrassed. It was then that Bloodberry really took notice of another's presence.
She's my cousin. When we went to Shiria, her parents asked if we could take her for the year. They said something about wanting to travel and they didn't want her to miss her 'oh so important education'.
Bloodberry was still gawking at the new addition. Breath hitched and heart stopped, she was amazed by her.You couldn't see her face due to it being facing downward and her thick bangs covering her eyes, but her body alone was pretty hott. She was wearing a nylon (which makes it stretchy) zip up tank top revealing her midriff. Along with that were pinstripe pants and a black skirt over it. Her combat boots were a nice touch as well.
Panther smirked as she noticed her best friend checking out her cousin. Yes, Bloodberry was attracted to girls. She was bi and only close friends and family knew it. Lime, Cherry, Tiger and Panther are the only ones. Though she thinks her grandmother may suspect something.
Luchs looked up to find all eyes on her. She smiled nervously and blushed a little when she caught Bloodberry's gaze. Luchs, meet Bloodberry, Panther nodded over in the direction of her friend, Cherry, and Lime, B-Berry's sisters. Lime beamed at her and Cherry nodded and said a polite Hello, nice to meet you.' while Bloodberry was still staring. Bloodberry, Lime, Cherry, meet my cousin Luchs. She'll be going to school with us for the year. Don't worry. She's not this shy once you get to know her. She winked at Bloodberry and Bloodberry could feel her face heating up at the gesture.
Its nice to meet you all. Panther has said a lot about you all. her nervous smile turned into a confident one.
Bloodberry, coming out of her stupor, snorted. Like what?
Luchs opened her mouth to speak but was cut off Wow! Look at the time! The train should be here any minute now! Panther said in a rush with nervous laughter.
What are you talking about, Panther? Lime piped up. The train wont be here for at least another 12 minutes.
Bloodberry was still pestering Luchs into trying to tell her what Panther said.
Panther just muttered and sat back down in her seat.
It was nothing, Bloodberry. Now quit badgering the poor girl and give her some space. I only said good things about you.
Bloodberry looked over to Luchs and gave her an is-that-true' kind of expression. Luchs merely nodded in agrreement.
So, Panther... where's Tiger? Cherry asked with a smile.
Tiger was another one of Panther's cousins. She should be here soon. We were supposed to meet up. I guess it would help if I actually go look for her... she paused to think for a moment and made a motion to get up, but quickly dismissed the idea. Nah... we'll meet up with her at school.You'll have to deal with her wrath if you do that. Cherry stated, Tiger was usually a nice person but got a little touchy over the simplest things.
Meh, its not like I haven't gone through it before.
They spent the next few minutes discussing various topics until a speaker overhead boomed. Train #5, headed downtown, will be arriving shortly.
And just as the announcement ended a roar and shaking of the ground signalled that their ride was there. They all borded and waited to arrive at their destination.