Hey, there, readers. I'm sure you've noticed a complete lack of updates for the past seven months, you're smart people. And along with being so smart, you've figured out that this is on an extreme hiatus. In all honesty, I regret posting this fic because I had absolutely no clue where I was going with it. There was no plot in mind or anything. I knew not a damn thing when I wrote this.

I had originally had this as an AU in my mind, but somewhere along the line I lost my reasoning for this. That was stupid of because I had set it up as an AU and made no room for a semi-canon plot. So obviously it all fell to crap, yada yada yada.

So, the reason for this update is to say that I will bring back a bigger and better i Blue Violet /i . I don't know when, though. I hope soon. But I promise it won't be as bad as this one and I will know where I'm going with it better.

I'm not going to delete this story, but leave it up for my own amusement. When I come back, I'll just repost the new chapters, etc in the current ones' places.

Thank you for reading this and I'm sorry if I might have let your hopes down.

-Ciao! Luchs