Summary (Full): AU. 50 years ago, Inuyasha was sentenced to hell for his arrogant ways in his past life. Now he finally gets his big break; if he can turn Kagome Higurashi's poor and terrible life around he'll get his wings. Seemed easy, piece of cake. Just one catch. Don't fall in love.

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And to answer another question that I -know- people are going to ask, "Where did you come up with this story plot?" I've actually been wanting to have Inuyasha as some spiritual figure in one of my fanfictions, and Kagome being the 'on-looker'. If you notice, there is a major trend in my last works. Grave of the Fireflies, Kagome dies. Main reaction. Soakin' Up The Sun, Kagome wins. Main problem solved by her. It Take Two To Do The Tango, Kagome is the one who was the brave enough one in the last chapter. Hell's Angel, Kagome is the one who got the last joke/word in. Now, it's Inuyasha's time in the spotlight! I was inspired a little bit by this one book I got from my friend Emily (who.. isn't with us anymore), it was about 'dark' angels. And I thought, 'Hey.. Inuyasha can be a 'dark' angel.. and Kagome can be there to help him get his wings.. and'.. and that's where I got the idea!

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Black Wings

Stage One

Lyrics From The Heart

There was a time when our dreams felt so real, just out of reach but not too far to feel.
Together we'd finally make then come true, 'cause anything was possible when I was with you.
But they kept on saying we'd never amount to anything..

All of the dreams we built up from the ground, they never believed them; they just tore them down.
We will rebuild them from the start, we will rebuild them from the heart.

-From The Heart


She held the spiral notebook in her hands, and chewed on the tip of her pencil. The paper that was ontop had a bunch of written words, x's and scribbles everywhere. Her long raven hair flowed over her shoulders like a ripples from a river and her eyes were heavy. The gleam from her lamp on the right side of her kept her awake and concentrating, but she was slowly losing to tiredness. She sighed heavily and rested the notebook in her lap.

"I'll never get this done.." She spoke, "I might-as-well give up while I'm ahead, it's not like someone is going to publish my lyrics." She threw the pen down ontop of the notebook and leaned back in her chair. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, sighing some more. She stretched her hands up into the air and felt her muscles tighten in her body. She sighed once again and got back into her lazy position.

The glasses that rested on her nose made her eyes look big and bright; when reality they were a chocolately-brown color with a tinge of black. She shook her head back to get the hair out of her face and opened her eyes to look down at the now scribbled on notebook. She nodded her head in disappointment, "I can do better than this.."

She flipped through the book, looking at the songs. She saw a particular pattern in each of them; some kind of angst feeling. Depressing; even in some cases dark. "Once and awhile a happy song would be nice.. I just need to actually be happy to write it." She realized that was her problem, she wasn't happy. She needed to get out of her small town in Japan and explore the world. She wanted so many experiences she just couldn't have in a lifetime even if she tried. Hell, she hadn't even had a decent boyfriend yet. Life was so sour.

Why was life so sour? Maybe that's what she needed to write lyrics to, and get it out. She began to scribble a couple lines down. Let's talk this over, it's not like we're dead. Was it something I did? Was it something you said? "That sounds so desperate. Who the hell would copyright this crap?!" She threw the notebook angrily against the wall and looked down at it in hopelessness.

"What's it take to get some goddamn inspiration around here?" She said to no one in particular. She lived alone, not counting her one cat that lay sleepily on her pillow of her bed. She stood up and walked down to the kitchen to eat her normally frozen T.V. dinner.


It was hot. Unbearably hot. The sweat that dripped off his body was coming off in buckets the slashes and bruises that covered his back stung with utmost greatness, and blood dripped out of his mouth onto his chin. His fangs that have pierced his lip many times were covered in blood, along with the rest of the inside of his mouth. He cringed in pain as the whip lashed his back once more, and coughed up blood onto the floor.

A low voice spoke, "Had enough yet, 'yasha?" Inuyasha remained in his position, which was currently his head hung in rope attached to the ceiling, arms tied in front of him. As a response, he just drooped his head down the the floor and closed his eyes tightly, bracing for more pain. The man laughed; or more specifically the male demon laughed.

"You poor fucked up thing.. I can't even imagine what you had done in your past life to deserve this punishment. How many decades has it been, buddy boy?" Inuyasha turned his head around and spit his blood out onto the demon's face. "Too long, you sadistic bastard."

The demon punched him in the gut, "Now is that anyway to treat your older brother? I think not, little 'yasha." Little brother. That disgusted him. Inuyasha couldn't believe he was related to him; older brothers are supposed to protect the younger. Not beat them to death in Hell. Where they can't die again, but only suffer pain for the rest of eternity.

Inuyasha's older brother, more likely to be known as Sesshoumaru, took out a knife and sliced the rope, letting Inuyasha drop in a thud to the coal covered ground. His face burned like fire, and his forehead was plastered with many burn marks from the previous beatings. He moaned in pain as Sesshoumaru picked him up by his long violet hair and threw him over to the normal ground without coal. Blood smears covered Inuyasha along with Sesshoumaru and the floor beneath them.

"You weakling.. only if you had behaved yourself, you wouldn't be going through this." Inuyasha kept his position on the floor, "If I had another chance, I'd live it differently. Besides, you aren't too innocent either. You're down with me, here in hell. Don't you forget it." Sesshoumaru was angered by that statement.

He picked Inuyasha back up again and threw him back into the coal flooring which burned his skin immensely. Inuyasha screamed out in pain as Sesshoumaru just stood and watched his younger brother suffer. It brought a sadistic smirk across his face. "Even though I'm in hell with you.. I still beat you. Don't you forget that." Sesshoumaru retorted.

Sesshoumaru then walked off into a different area of the pits of hell that he was sentenced to. Inuyasha weakly rolled over in the coal to the normal flooring and loved the little bit of coldness the floor provided him. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he breathed heavily with his sweat and blood covering the floor he now rested on.

"I wish.. I could do it all over again.. I would be so much better.." A dark figure came up behind Inuyasha and spoke.

"You want.. another chance?" The figure spoke, "Well.. I shall give you one." Inuyasha couldn't understand what was going on, he was dizzy and couldn't open his eyes. He could only listen.

"Look over here, boy." The man snapped his fingers and Inuyasha's eyesight was returned fully, but the rest of his body still lay in shambles. He rolled over with much haste and looked in the direction of the man. "This mirror.." The man held up, " see the girl that's in here?"

The picture was of a girl sitting in front of a T.V. alone eating a nice warm meal. What he would give for some decent food.. his thoughts drifted off until the man spoke again. "Her name is Kagome. If you can turn this poor girl's life around, I'll give you your wings. Once the deed has been done, you'll return to heaven. There is no reason for you to stay in the mortal world."

Inuyasha was still dizzy, not understanding what was going on but only seeing. So he just nodded his head to whatever the man said. "And.. as with all great opportunities, there are catches. But in this case, 'cause you seem desperate.. just one catch." Inuyasha's eyes became heavy once again.

"Don't fall in love. If you do.. or even think about it and I find out.. you're coming right back here and never getting another chance again. Either that or I shall punish you accordingly, worse than what you have to go through now. I hope we're clear on that. Do you agree, 'yasha?" Inuyasha nodded, but then not being able to stand the pain anymore, blacked out. The man just laughed and said, "I'll take that as a yes."

The darkly cloaked figure snapped his fingers and Inuyasha's body rose into the air, recovering by the seconds. "May your trip be well." With another snap, Inuyasha was gone.

Sesshoumaru walked out of the shadows and put his hand on the man's shoulder. "Lets see how long he lasts."


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