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"You're cute! Cute, cute, cute! Is this why you were afraid of Puffle? Because you would be reminded of this form of yours?" He jerked his head to the side and spoke lightly, yet arrogantly, "Maybe." She giggled and brought Puffle back up onto his chest. Puffle smiled and licked his nose. Inuyasha scoffed, "Thank God this is only for a day.."

"Lets see.." Kagome thought, "All I need to do is give you a hat now and we're set!" Inuyasha put on the purple shirt, and Kagome ran off to find a hat. She found a white one, and put it on his head. "Now you look perfectly normal.. so lets go!"

Kagome got a leash and attached it to Puffle's ribbon on her neck, then grabbed Inuyasha's hand. "Lets go!" She rushed out of the house, grabbing her wallet and keys on the way out.


Black Wings

Stage Seven

Little Romance

We the people fight for our existence, we don't claim to be perfect but we're free.
We dream our dreams alone, with no resistance fading like the stars we wish to be.
You know I didn't mean what I just said, but my God woke up on the wrong side of his bed and it just don't matter now.

'Cause little by little we gave you everything you ever dreamed of.
Little by little the wheels of your life have slowly fallen off.
Little by little you have to give it all in all your life, and all the time I just ask myself why you're really here.

-Little By Little


"So.. what are we looking for again?" They were walking on a tan brick sidewalk in the middle of town where lots of shops were around. Kagome hummed as she held Puffle by a leash in one hand, and Inuyasha's hand in the other. "We're looking for cute things for Puffle!"

He sighed. He shouldn't have granted her wish for a poodle.. this was a major pain in the ass. The light from the sun setting shone down on their faces as they walked, Kagome happily humming and skipping along. She looked happy, Inuyasha thought, then he began wondering exactly why she was upset. Or what this whole, 'terrible' life was about. Was she lonely? If she was, he cured that by bringing her Puffle. He just wanted to go to heaven and leave this place. He was dead, he didn't belong here.

He sighed and looked at the ground. Why did he get stuck with this girl? This sarcastic, cute, terrible, cute, overly dressed, cute.. he mentally slapped himself, 'Cute?!' He looked down at his hand and noticed it was being held by her. His face puffed up and turned red, then he hastily grabbed it to himself, "No one said you could touch me, you goddamn cute..--wench!" Then he literally slapped himself as she stopped walking and looked at him with a, 'what-the-fuck-did-you-just-say?' face.

"I.. I.. I.. I was just thinking about how cute this one girl was to me in my past life and it came out the wrong way! There's no way I could call a thing like you cute." He spat out like his words were covered in venom. She huffed and started walking again with Puffle asking, "Why do you have to be so cruel?"

She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and moved her head downwards to look as she was walking. "I know I may not be the prettiest, I know I may not be the nicest.. but you don't have to be so cruel about it. I deal with being myself everyday, isn't that pain enough?" She quickened her pace as she began to feel her eyes moisten up. Why? Why did she care about what he said? Or what he thought? She shouldn't. She didn't know why she did so much.

Inuyasha was frozen in position for a couple moments, then began picking up the pace to catch up with her, "Hey! Don't be like that!" Kagome just kept walking and ignoring him. "Come on Kagome, I didn't mean it!" She came to an abrupt stop at a store that looked old and torn down, but was still open. She walked up to it and opened the door, Puffle following behind her. Inuyasha screamed, "Hey! Woman!"

Kagome looked back at him and replied coldly and bitterly, "I have a name." She walked into the shop, a little bell on the door chiming to welcome her. The door closed quickly behind her, leaving Puffle outside and Inuyasha running up to her so she wouldn't run away. He picked Puffle up and pulled on the door, expecting it to open. It wouldn't budge. He pulled on it a couple more times just to realized it was stuck shut, then he felt a weird aura around the area. He looked around, and noticed the shop was way out of place. That looked like a shop from the early 1930's, it was now 2004. That made no sense what-so-ever.

He tried to look through the glass on the door when he noticed he could see nothing through it but pitch blackness. His heart began racing, in worry for Kagome. 'Worry?' He thought, 'Why would I be worried about her?' For a moment as he was looking through the glass, trying to make out any type of figure, he saw for a man in a long black cloak walking up to Kagome with long silver hair and slender claws. His eyes widened as he spoke out loud, "That's why I should be worried about her!" He began slamming on the door, trying to break the glass. "That's Sesshoumaru!"


Kagome walked slowly around in the dark shop, barely being able to see where she was walking. She felt around in the darkness for some kind of support when she began to lean on a glass showcase. She glanced inside and saw a crystal ball along with other various gems. She then felt the floor beneath her moving, and looked down. There were snakes wrapping themselves around her ankles, one about to bite her leg and inject venom into her blood stream. She screamed in terror, looking around for any sort of person to help her. "Help! Inuyasha!" She screamed. But to no avail, she felt the snake's teeth sink into her pale skin. She screamed, but then her voice began getting softer and softer until she completely lost it.

The room began spinning in her vision, and she fell over backwards onto a soft surface. She opened her eyes slightly, squint like, and came to realize she had been caught. She looked up at the figure with a dazed face and thought, 'Deja vu?' Where had she been in a situation like this before?

She mentally searched her memories and realized that this had happened when she found all the black feathers on her sidewalk. Inuyasha had caught her before she fell.. but besides that, why did it feel so familiar? She looked up at the figures face, but with her blurred eye-sight she couldn't make out much. All she could tell was that it was a man and that he had.. silver hair? She lifted her arm up weakly and touched the man's face, "Inu..yasha?" She whispered, then closed her eyes and passed out.

The man scoffed. How the hell could he have been related to that thing? He didn't look anything like him anymore, Inuyasha was a human now. Right? He looked around the pitch black room and then down at the lifeless girl. He trailed his long claw down her cheek, making it rip open the first layer of her skin. The blood dripped out slowly as he leaned down to lick it, getting up every last drop. He took a look at her face and his eyes went narrow. "I thought it was her. And I was right."

He smirked and took out something that looked like a red ruby out of his pocket. It was about the size of a penny, and shined with a black aura. He put it on her pale skin of her arm and watched it slowly sink in. Once it was fully engulfed, he slapped her cheek, making her awake. "Woman," he spoke, "Watch your back." With that said, he snapped his fingers, the shop completely disappearing along with himself. She was left in the middle of a house lot that had never been used. She looked around in confusion, then saw Inuyasha running towards her. He kneeled down next to her and grabbed her shoulders tightly, "Are you alright?! What did he do to you?!" He said, or more like shouted, frantically.

She just shook her head in confusion, blocking out Inuyasha's voice. 'What did he do to me?' She looked down at her ankle, 'All I remember was that a snake bit me.. then I just.. fell asleep.'

The sky turned a bluish purple color as the sun finally went down to rest, and the stars began to become visible. Inuyasha picked her up in his arms like a husband would his wife, saying, "Kagome, we're going home." Puffle tagged along behind them as Inuyasha walked down the street, a light breeze dancing around them. He looked down at her dazed face and wondered, 'Why am I helping her? Why couldn't I have gotten someone else?' Her eye lids slowly closed upon her tired face and she let out a sigh of relief.

"I had a good day, Inuyasha." He became perplexed, "You had a good day? First the whole half-demon thing happens, then this whole snake thing.. how the fuck is that a good day?" She just smiled.

"Because I got to spend it with you, silly." He started running of to a park that they had passed by on their way to pick up Puffle's things. But before he did, he kneeled down to Puffle and put his hand on her back. "Go home." Within seconds the puppy had disappeared into sparkles and was transported to Kagome's bed. He had that power already as a half-demon in his past life, so he could only do that much.

When they finally got to the park, he found a bench and laid her down on it. She was completely out of it and talking nonsense. "Okay Kagome," he began to speak, "I'm going to have to rip the bottom of your pants." She began laughing as if she was drunk, "Go ahead Inu-boy, I didn't think you were that aggressive." She winked and he blushed, "I-i-it's nothing l-like t-hat!" He stammered out.

He just took a deep breath and began ripping her pants up to her knees in shreds. He took off her shoes and socks, threw them to the ground, and put his clawed hand on ankle. He gasped when he saw that her left ankle and foot was completely purple as if something was cutting off her circulation. He noticed where the snake had bit her, and the two fangs were pinned into her leg. 'Goddamnit,' he thought, 'Now I have to pull those out without hurting her.' He spoke softly to Kagome, "Okay.. now this might sting a little.." He pinched the top of the fangs between his thumb and pointer finger and pulled them out as quickly as he could. She screamed in pain and he just put his other free hand over her mouth, "Don't make a sound!"

Tears came to her eyes as blood started seeping out of the holes in her leg. "Shit," He spoke aloud. He ripped off his shirt and created a type of tourniquet around the leg so it wouldn't be circulating around her whole body. "If I was in my other form, I could fix this! I can't do anything now!" He slammed his fist against the ground, "Goddamnit!"

He glared over at her face and saw the look that she was in immense pain. He cringed and looked away, 'What am I supposed to do after this? I can't remember..' He thought, looking at the snake's fangs that were on the ground. 'I can't exactly call for help in this form.. and that snake bite couldn't be identified anyway. I mean, who would believe that was a snake from hell?' He ran his fingers over her skin and remembered. He was supposed to suck the poison out!

His first thought about that was something along the lines of 'no fucking way', but then he noticed how much pain she was in and felt sympathy for her. Damn human emotions. Damn them back to hell from which he had risen from. He slowly put both of his hands on either side of the bite and places his mouth inches away from her wound which had now turned a darker shade of purple. He gulped and opened his mouth, easing it onto the wound and began to act as if his mouth was a suction cup. He spit out yellow venom beside him when he released the fluid from his mouth about every thirty seconds.

He saw her face relieve a little bit, which had meant he had gotten most of the poison out. But there was still that little in her blood-stream which could make the big difference. He heard a near-by clock tower chime eleven 'o'clock, and he had to wait until twelve until he got his 'inhuman' powers back. "This is all I can do," he began to speak, "I can't do anything else." He put his hand on stomach and finished up by saying, "Lets go home." There was a flash of light, then sparkles were scattered everywhere as they were transported home.


He sat by her bed as he watched over her sweaty, heaving body. He placed a washcloth over her forehead as her body became hotter every second. He cursed time and how slow it was. It was 11:50 now. What would happen if she died from this? Would he fail at getting his wings? Would he even get a worse punishment than what he had before? He shook those thoughts out of his head and began concentrating at the situation at hand. "Hold on just a little longer.. just a bit more." He slowly laced his fingers with her's without noticing.

"The worse this gets.. the more power I'm gonna' have to use." He spoke aloud, "If I keep using all this power.. who knows what will happen to me." He looked at her leg. "Well I guess it doesn't matter. As long as my mission is completed then I'll get the wings no matter how much magic I use."

He looked at her neck, "In this form.. as my half-breed self, there is one thing I can do, but it's a bit risky." He began speaking to himself again. He ran his long slender fingers over her neck and felt her smooth flesh beneath it. "This is my last resort." He tore open her flesh with his nails and then sliced the palm of his hand open. He let his blood drip into her wound, letting it course throughout her veins. He leaned his head down and lapped up the extra blood with his tongue and sealed the wound up securely.

"She isn't going to like her looks in the morning.." He sighed and crawled into bed next to her. "She'll know how it feels to be a freak for the day."


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