Eternal Love

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Chapter 1: Siblings Reunited

Kira, Lacus, Athrun, Cagalli and the rest of the gang have just landed on earth

approximately a week ago after the war had ended. They still had yet to get used to being

on earth since they had been in space and floating during the war.

Athrun had decided to take a walk and take a look around Tokyo. Cagalli had tagged

along since she wanted to and Athrun didn't want to ever say no to the princess.

Athrun looked up at the sky just when a Mobile Suit streaked across the air...the gundam

somehow looked very familiar but Athrun couldn't remember where he had seen it


There are probably tons of other mobile suits that look like that...but yet it still seems

very familiar. Athrun continued looking up at the gundam. It was headed towards the

nearest landing area. His guess was that it was going to land.

"Anyone home?!?!" Cagalli shouted into Athrun's ear.

"Oww..." Athrun snapped back into reality.

"Well, look who's back. Do I have to shoot you with a gun just to get your attention?!?!"

Cagalli rolled her eyes.

"No, all you have to say is 'I love you'," Athrun snickered.

Cagalli punched him in the arm, "In your dreams Zala,"

Athrun smiled. That's the Cagalli he knew and cared for.

Lacus dipped her foot in the water and when she'd tested the temperature she lowered

herself into the bath tub. The tub was filled with warm water and rose petals.

All she could think of was Kira Yamato and his face...and however hard she tried to get

his picture out of her mind...she couldn't. But at least it was his picture and not someone


She sighed and continued enjoying her warm bath. Captain Ramius had said that

tomorrow night she will be holding a formal dance/party for everyone who participated in

the war and lived. She had also said that there will be a ceremony to remember those who

died in the war.

I wonder if Kira will ask me to go to the dance together. Lacus blushed at the thought.

"So where do you want to go now?" Athrun asked the tomboyish princess.

"Oh! How about to the park...I want to try roller blading," Cagalli said.

"Sure," he answered.

"Come on!" Cagalli drags Athrun to the sports store to buy roller blades for both of them.

"Thank-you! I hope you enjoy your newly bought items!" the cashier tried to sound nice

and excited but you could tell that she was bored.

"I can understand why she sounds so bored...she probably recites that a hundred times a

day!" Cagalli said as they left the shop.

"Yeah," Athrun agreed.

"Come on! Hurry up! I want to try these," she dragged helpless Athrun along impatiently.

"There's a bench over there," Athrun pointed to an empty bench.

"I can't wait to try roller blading!" Cagalli pulled on her roller blades and tried to stand


But her attempt failed and she ended up falling. Just when she thought she was going to

hit the ground someone put their arms around her waist and caught her before she fell.

She looked behind her right into the beatiful green eyes of Athrun's.

"Uh...thanks," Cagalli blushed.

Athrun smiled, "Here, I'll support you just in case you fall,"

"Well, here it goes," Cagalli held her breath as she took a step forward.

"Ahhh!" she tripped but luckily Athrun caught her once again.

"Arg! That's it! I refuse to fall and have you catch me again because of my carelessness!"

Cagalli yelled in frustration.

"You're not careless...well at least not as careless as you think. It's what makes

you...well, you. And besides its kind you're kind of cute when you're careless," Athrun

smiled and the princess punched him in the arm again as she blushed.

A young girl approximately 15-years-old hopped off the gundam that Athrun had seen

earlier. She was wearing a black tank top with a heart with wings in the middle and fire at

the bottom. Her top ended where her ribs ended as well. Her baggy navy blue pants

rippled in the wind and she wore combat boots. Her long black hair with red highlights

was put up in a high pony tail with a navy blue ribbon and though it was tied up it still

hung half-way down her back. The few strands of shorter hair that hung a little below her

face was highlighted silver. Her aburn eyes sparkled in joy and sadness.

"Now all I have to do is find you big brother," she whispered to herself.

"Come on Mariallia, please," Dearka pleaded.

"I won't go to the dance with you," Mariallia stated clamly.

"We can just go as friends if you want," Dearka would go on his knees and beg but that

wouldn't make a difference.

"Oh...fine," Mariallia sighed.

Dearka smiled and blushed a little.

Mariallia managed to smile a little too.

It brings back memories of Tolle. Why did he have to die and leave me here? I really

don't want to go to the might bring back memories of the old days...when Tolle

was still alive. Mariallia looked down.


Lacus grabbed the cordless phone.

"Hello," she answered the phone.

"Uh- Hi Lacus! It's Kira," the voice on the other end sounded hesitant.

"Oh, hi Kira!" Lacus said cheerfully.

"What are you doing right now?" Kira asked.

"Oh uh...I'm taking a bath..." Lacus blushed.

Kira also blushed and was thankful that Lacus didn't see him.

"I was...uh...wondering'd like to...go to the dance with me," Kira once

again sounded hesitant, "I mean only if you want to...and since neither of us are going

with anyone. I think Athrun said he was going to ask Cagalli...and Dearka is probably

going to go with Milly...if he manages to convince her,"

"Sure! I'd love to!" Lacus blurted out.

"Uh...okay then...I'll talk to you later!" Kira sounded cheerful.

Lacus smiled and enjoyed her nice warm bath.

"I am so glad I'm off those roller blades!" Cagalli shouted.

Athrun laughed.

"What's so funny?" she said irratably.

"You," he stated.

"Why you!!" Cagalli tried to punch him but he caught her fist.

"Athrun, is that you?!?!" a girl stood behind Cagalli. Cagalli turned around to look at the


"Zeena?!?!" Athrun said with wide-eyes.

"It's actually you!" Zeena practically jumped with joy.

"Its been so long," Athrun rushed over and hugged her.

"Mind filling me in here, Zala?" Cagalli cut in with a little bit of jealousy.

"Oh yeah, Cagalli meet Zeena my sister...well adopted," Athrun introduced the girl.

"Zeena meet Cagalli...she's a princess just like you," he turned to Zeena.

"Its nice to meet you!" Cagalli shook hands with her.

"Like wise," Zeena said.

"So you're a princess too? So that would make Athrun a prince..." Cagalli said


"I'm only a princess because my real parents were the king and queen...but they died so

Athrun's parents adopted me," she shook her head.

"I hope you don't mind me asking but are you a Natural or a Coordinator?" Cagalli

became curious.

"I'm a natural...," Zeena thought for a while.

"So you do you pilot any gundam?" Cagalli asked.

"Yeah, I pilot a gundam known as the 'Celestial Destoryer'," Zeena answered. (A/N: I just made

that up...I wanted to name it Blitz but then I remembered that Nicol pilots a gundam

named Blitz.)

"So that was your gundam I saw earlier?" Athrun asked getting bored.

"I guess we should talk more later cause Zala is getting bored," they both laughed.

"I think you and I will get along wonderfully! I'm so glad that you are his sister and not

someone else,"

"Well, he's lucky to have a girlfriend like you,"

"I'm not even his girlfriend!" Cagalli said.

"Oh," Zeena laughed.

"Time to go, Athrun!" Cagalli said. "Hey! Where are you staying Zeena?"

"Well, actually I really don't know yet," she answered.

"In that case I insist that you stay with me in my house,"

"You can share some of Athrun's deepest, darkest secrets with me," she whispered to


"That is so not going to happen!" Athrun over heard and started tickling Cagalli.

"Okay! Stop it! Stop it!" Cagalli laughed uncontrolably.

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