Eternal Love

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Chapter 6: A Twist of Fate

"Kira!" Cagalli ran up to Kira breathlessly with Athrun and Zeena behind her.

"What happened?" Athrun asked.

"I'm not sure yet. The doctors are taking a look at her right now. She just fainted all of a sudden," Kira explained while walking back and forth worriedly. Right after Lacus had fainted, Kira had drove her to the hospital and from the hospital he called everyone.

"She's going to be okay," Zeena said hopefully.

Just then a doctor appeared andbehind him was Lacus who was in a wheel chair.

"Is she going to be okay?" Kira started asking questions.

"What happened to her?" Cagalli chimed in.

"Please, just calm down. It's not life threatening at the moment but her immune system is weak so therefore she will need a little more care and be more cautious. We want to keep her overnight just in case though. If nothing happens during the night then she can leave the hospital tomorrow. Room 108 has already been prepared for her," the doctor explained.

"What'd I tell you," Zeena sighed with relief.

Inside Lacus' Room in the Hospital…

Kira explained to Lacus what the doctor had told them and Lacus didn't look as concerned as everyone else.

"You should take care of yourself more from now on," Athrun told her.

"Yes, I know…I guess I've just been worried more about other things than my health these days," Lacus replied.

"I've hired more maids and nurses to take care of you when you go back home," Cagalli explained.

"Thanks Cagalli," Lacus smiled.

"Just because you're a coordinator doesn't mean that you won't get sick…and now that you're immune system is weak you'll need to take extra care of yourself," Zeena said with a serious look in her eyes.

Suddenly the door burst open revealing a very worried Dearka, Miriallia and Yzak.

"We came as soon as we got your call," Dearka said as they walked up to Lacus' bed.

"How're you feeling?" Miriallia asked with concern.

"Just fine," Lacus answered with a little cough.

"Right…and you're coughing why?" Yzak rolled his eyes.

"Stop being so mean," Zeena told Yzak, "If the girl says she's fine then she's fine. Right now she just needs some rest without you and your 'I'm-the-best' attitude around,"

Zeena pushed Yzak out the door and locked it so he couldn't get back in. Lacus let out a little giggle then said, "I'm really fine…you don't need to worry so much. It's getting late so you should all go back home,"

"I'm staying here tonight," Kira said.

"Are you sure you're going to be okay?" Miriallia asked a little more relieved now but still worried about her friend.

"Yes, Kira's staying here so I'll be fine," Lacus smiled, "You should really get going now,"

"I'm counting on you to take care of her Kira," Cagalli said before she left the room.

"I will don't worry," Kira replied and closed the door after everyone had gone out.

Athrun's POV (At the Attha Estate…)

"Oh no, our take-out is cold already. I'll warm it up in the microwave," Cagalli groaned.

I shook my head. She always had made a big fuss about such little things and an even bigger fuss out of something big. I remembered the time that Cagalli watched her father die as she helplessly watch from the Kusanagi (A/N: Is that how you spell it?). She's been through so much and she's still so strong.

"What's wrong?" I heard Zeena ask me.

"Oh, it's nothing, I was just thinking," I said as I settled on the couch waiting for Cagalli to finish in the kitchen. Zeena took a seat behind me and turned on the TV and started flipping through channels.

"Hey, I was wondering, Cagalli and I are going to a special school for the people who have been in war so I was wondering if you wanted to go with us and everyone else," I told her, "You weren't actually in the war but I think you'd like it there and it can help you. And plus, if you don't go then you'd get bored while everyone else is there,"

"I guess I'll go," Zeena shrugged and I watched as her face turned from a serious expression to a hesitant one.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked just as Cagalli came out of the kitchen.

I watched as my sister opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted by Cagalli.

"Dinner's ready and if we don't eat it now it's going to get cold again," Cagalli said as Zeena and I followed her back into the kitchen.

Once we all started eating I asked Zeena once again if there was anything wrong.

She sighed and said, "If I tell you two something will you swear not to say a word to anyone?"

"Of course," Cagalli said quickly as I nodded.

"Okay then, Nicol's still alive," Zeen said cautiously.

"Then why hasn't he ever come to see any of us?" Cagalli asked.

"And are you sure it's him?" I asked another question.

"It's him for sure. I talked to him in the park earlier this afternoon and he told me I can't tell anyone because he can't face you guys yet. He thinks that he let you guys down," Zeena explained. Then she got up and put her fork and plate in the sink while me and Cagalli whispered back and forth still wondering why Nicol hadn't tried to contact any of us and still surprised by the unexpected news.

"I'm finished my dinner so I'm going to go up to my room," Zeena said as she returned to the table for a moment then left again.

"No wonder why Zeena's expression didn't change when I mentioned Kira's name after she came home," I said thoughtfully.

"What should we do next? If we try to find Nicol then Nicol will know that Zeena told us. And if we don't look for him we may never see him again," Cagalli looked at Athrun.

"I'm going to go to sleep now," Zeena announced as she dragged herself up the stairs.

End Athrun's P.O.V.

Kira's P.O.V.

A bright light came in through the open window and my eyes opened. I looked around and suddenly everything that happened last night poured back into my mind. I got off the couch which I had fallen asleep on and looked around in panic as Lacus was no where to be seen. I walked over to her bed and there was a note written by Lacus. I quickly read what it said:

Dear Kira,

Did you have a good sleep last night? Please do not worry about me. I am fine. When I woke up I found you asleep so I did not want to awaken you. I decided to go outside for some fresh air.



I put the note on the nightstand and exited the room in search of the person whom Commander La Flaga called the 'pink haired princess'. As I walked out of the room I saw Zeena at the doorway.

"Hi," I greeted.

"Hey, is Lacus awake?" she asked.

"Yeah, apparently she woke up while I was still sleeping and went outside for some fresh air," I explained.

"So it was her that I saw outside," Zeena said thoughtfully.

"So you know where she is?" I asked.

"Yep, follow me," she said.

When we got outside we found Lacus seated peacefully under a Cherry Blossom Tree with Haro bouncing by her side ever so hyperly.

"Please calm down, Pinky dear. We wouldn't want to disturb other people now would we?" Lacus said to Haro as we walked near.

"Oh, hello. I did not notice you coming," Lacus greeted politely as she turned around to see us walking up to her.

"Lacus, you should have woken me up. You never know, you could've fainted again before we got here," I lectured her out of care.

"I'm sorry, I did not want to wake you up," Lacus looked at me with innocent eyes like a child. It was one of those faces that she always unintentionally used that I just couldn't blame or say no to.

"It's alright, no harm done," I said then noticed that Zeena had not said anything, "Oh, by the way, Zeena got you flowers, we left them in your room,"

Behind me Zeena nodded quietly.

"Thank-you," she smiled.

"No problem," Zeena said.

"Well we'd better go back up now. The doctor should be checking up on you soon," I said as I helped her up and we walked back to her room.

End Kira's P.O.V.

(Back in Lacus' room in the hospital…)

"Well, I don't see any problems so you may leave but next time if you start feeling dizzy or anything like that you should tell someone," the doctor said with a relieved smile that Lacus was going to be alright.

"Thank-you," Lacus said.

"Thanks, Doctor," Kira said as the doctor left the room.

"Kira and I will help you pack up while you go get changed," Zeena said as she handed Lacus her dress. Lacus took the dress with a quiet thank-you then went into the washroom to change.

Kira and Zeena packed up Lacus' things in silence until Kira decided to break the silence.

"So are you planning to return to your country any time soon?" Kira asked then added, "Athrun told me you're supposed to be the ruler of Rose,"

"I'm not planning to go back anytime soon unless there's an emergency there. They're still working on rebuilding it because a lot of it was destroyed during the war so I don't think there are going to be any huge problems…unless it's with about rebuilding. Most of the civilians have been temporarily moved to other countries who have offered to provide a space for them to live in for the time being. Everyone else moved in with relatives in other countries," Zeena explained with an emotionless voice, "I don't exactly want to rule Rose, which I think I'll rename…rose sounds too delicate, but since my so-called-parents died I'm the only heir. When I was little then abandoned me so I grew up in an orphanage until I was nine. Then Athrun's parents adopted me but during the war my parents died trying to protect Rose,"

"I see…so are you're doing most of the paper work here?" Kira asked surprised that Zeena could talk about her parents death without a care. I suppose she still blames them for abandoning her.

"Well, there's no real paper work to be done. They just send me reports whenever they finish one part of rebuilding it. I already gave them the design sheet so I don't think that there's going to be any trouble," Zeena sighed.

"Don't worry about it. I'm sure that everything will work out fine. And plus we're all here to support you. I'm sure that Cagalli will be able to help you somehow. I mean she's been watching her father govern ORB all these years. You should ask her, she'll probably be able to give you a few tips," Kira replied surprised that Zeena was being so open to him. From what he understood Nicol used to be her boyfriend…that it until Kira killed him. Though surprised, Kira was glad that Zeena was open to talking to him about things. Somehow he wanted to make it up to her for his actions during the war.

"I see you two are getting along just fine," Lacus smiled as she stepped out of the bathroom.

Kira smiled. The simplest things can make Lacus smile…maybe that's what I like about her…along with her caring, kind and innocent personality.

"We were just talking about Rose…Zeena's planning on renaming it after they finish rebuilding it," Kira explained, "Any suggestions? I mean seeing as you are a songstress…I figured you were probably one of the most creative out of all of us,"

When Lacus looked at Zeena she just smiled slightly as if giving her permission to make suggestions.

"Hmmm…how about Hetitus? It kind of reminds me of Heliopolis…well the beginning part anyways," Lacus said thoughfully.

"Hmm….Hetitus…that sounds good. I'll write an official document about it once I finish other errands I have to do today. Thanks Lacus," Zeena smiled.

"You ready to go Lacus?" Kira asked as he finished putting her last item into her bag.

"All ready," Lacus announced.

(At Dearka and Yzak's apartment…)

"You're up early," Dearka commented as he shut the door to his room.

"I'm always up early," Yzak rolled his eyes.

"Hey, Miriallia told me about a special school for people who were either in the war or had family or friends die in war. She said that they help heal emotional scars as well as educate you. I'm thinking about going so I was wondering whether you wanted to tag along or not…I mean seeing that everyone else is going. The school opens in about a week," Dearka told him. He had thought long and hard about it last night and when he woke up that morning.

"Well I suppose I'll go, but have you ever thought about what'll happen when we get called back to the PLANTs?" Yzak remarked.

"Yeah, I thought about it and I don't think we'll be called back anytime soon. I mean there's really nothing we can do there…not yet anyways," Dearka said. Usually he wouldn't be the type to say that there was nothing they could do seeing as he was too self-confident but it was the truth.

Yzak sighed, "Fine…I'll long as Zeena doesn't lock me out of classrooms just to make me late for class" Yzak made that comment remembering how Zeena had pushed him out of Lacus' hospital room and locked the door last night

(At the Attha Estate…)

"Whatchya doing?" Cagalli asked curiously as she peeped over Athrun's shoulder to see what he was writing. There wasn't much paper work to be done these few days and plus, even if there was paper work she would be the one doing it.

"Uh…nothing," Athrun replied as he covered everything scattered on the table.

"Come on," Cagalli put on a pouty face and continued trying to see what it was.

"It's nothing…uh…I just remembered…there's something I have to do," Athrun raced out the door bringing along whatever he was doing.

"Athrun!" Cagalli shouted in annoyance.

Lacus' P.O.V. (Outside the hospital…)

We were now standing outside the hospital. Kira was putting my things in the trunk while I talked to Zeena about how the rebuilding of what was soon to become "Hetitus" was coming along.

"Lacus, we should really get going now. I called your maids and told them you'd be going home so if we don't get there soon they'll start to worry," Kira said as he opened the door to hissilverconvertible for Lacus.

"Thank-you," I said to Kira then continued talking to Zeena as Kira proceeded to get into the driver's side of the car. "Do you want to go shopping later? If you're not busy that is,"

"Um…sure. What time?" Zeena replied.

"Um…Cagalli, Miriallia and I were planning to meet at the mall at about 2 o'clock," I told her. I had called Cagalli and Miriallia earlier from the hospital.

"Okay," she said.

"Do you need a drive?" Kira asked.

"No…I've still got things to do around town," Zeena explained.

"Okay…I'll see you later then," Kira said.

"Bye," I smiled as Kira started the engine.

End Lacus' P.O.V.

Zeena's P.O.V.

After seeing Kira and Lacus off I walked along the busy streets of ORB. Though the war had just recently there sure were many people in ORB already. Well, now all I have to do is find Nicol…it'sjust one person…piece of cake right? Wrong…there were so many places Nicol could possibly be. I decided to check the park first. It was the place that I had seen him yesterday so I decided that he might be there. When I got to the park there was no sign of him. I sighed and decided to check the music stores. When suddenly I bumped into someone.

"I'm sorry," I apologized as I got up. Then suddenly I realized that it was Yzak I had bumped into.

"What are you doing here…and how come I bump into you everyday? Are you stalking me or something?" I asked suspiciously.

"And give me one reason I would stalk you," Yzak countered.

"I don't know. But if you are…stop following me!" I yelled as I walked off towards the closest music store.

End Zeena's P.O.V.

Yzak's P.O.V.

"What are you doing here…and how come I bump into you everyday? Are you stalking me or something?" Zeena asked just because I had once again somehow managed to stumble across her in the park.

"Give me one reason I would stalk you," I replied sighing at the girl's snappy attitude.

"I don't know. But if you are…stop following me!" she yelled and stalked off in the opposite direction.

That was certainly odd. I think she's hiding something but what could it be. She's been acting a bit strange since I saw her talking to someone in the park yesterday who looked suspiciously like Nicol. And now she was yelling at me thinking that I'm stalking her. Maybe I should follow her to find out what's been happening that she's not telling me.

So I started following her from a good distance so that I wouldn't be noticed. By around twelve thirty I had followed her to just about a hundred music stores and as she entered another one I stayed outside hidden by a poster that was on the window of the music store. I watched as she talked to an elderly man and soon an elderly woman made her way down the stairs too. I continued watching suspiciously as she dialed someone's number on the phone. As I tried to get a better view someone called my name. I turned around to see who it was and came face to face with the green haired boy I used to call a coward.

"Nicol! What…how'd you…I thought you were dead," I said half surprised. Now it all made sense…Zeena acting weird since after I saw her talk to someone in the park yesterday, why she was in the park again this morning, why she got mad when she thought I was following her, why she went to basically every music store in town. The person she saw yesterday was Nicol and she went to the park and music stores today to try and find him. And she got mad because either she or Nicol didn't want anyone to know.

"I thought I was going to die too. But the couple who owns this music stores saved me," Nicol explained. "Uh…are you going into the music store?"

"Um…no…I was just following someone…but now that I have the answers I want I'm going to leave," I said sheepishly hoping that he wouldn't figure out that I was following his girlfriend.

"Okay, in that case, see you around," he said as he walked into the store just as I saw Zeena put down the phone.

End Yzak's P.O.V.

Zeena's P.O.V.

Time flew by fast and it was around twelve thirty by now. I decided to check one last music shop hoping for some luck.

A bell rang as I opened the door to the small music shop.

"Hello. Can I be of any assistance?" an old but kinda man asked.

"Yes…um…do you know anyone by the name of Nicol Amarfi? He has green hair and is about 5 -7 centimetres taller than me," I described Nicol to the elderly man.

"Yes, I know Nicol, my wife and I took care of him when we found him unconscious on the beach near our cottage" he replied.

"Great…do you know where he is right now? I've been looking for him since morning now" I asked him. Looks like I got lucky this time and so did Nicol. The one place he loved to be the most, a music shop, was the place he lived on top of.

"One moment. Misha dear, do you know where Nicol is at the moment?" the man called up stairs presumably to his wife.

Soon an elderly woman came down the stairs from their apartment above the shop.

"This young lady would like to know where Nicol is right now," the man explained then continued listening while working on restringing a guitar.

"Ah…you must be 14-year-old Zeena Kiragashi. My name is Misha and this is my husband Haru," Misha smiled lovingly. (A/N: I'm not sure if anyone noticed but I decided to change Zeena's age to the same age that Shinn and the other characters from Destiny would be at the moment. Changing her age in this fanfic wouldn't make much of a difference but if I decide to make a sequel (which I'm planning on) it will make some difference)

I sent her a questioning glance. How does she know my age and name?

"Nicol has told us much about you. You look just as he described you as," Misha explained, "Anyways, to answer your question I am not sure where Nicol is at the moment but he will be returning for lunch any moment now. Would you like to stay for lunch?"

"Um…sure, thanks…I just have to make a quick phone call," I told her.

"The phone is over there. And after you finish come up to the apartment," Misha said pointing to the phone hanging on the wall.

"Thank-you," I said as I walked over and dialed Cagalli's number.

The phone rang four times then finally Cagalli answered.

"Hello," Cagalli said in a slightly irritated tone.

"Hi, Cagalli, it's me, Zeena," I told her, "I'm not going to be coming back for lunch today is that okay with you?"

"Yeah, sure don't worry about it," the annoyance in Cagalli's voice faded.

"Thanks…can you tell Athrun for me too please?"

"As soon as he gets back here. He ran out claiming he had something to do after I started trying to see what he was doing," Cagalli told me with the annoyance in her voice returning once again.

I snickered. If Athrun was doing what I thought he was doing then I'm glad he ran out the door. "Anyways, I'd better get going now," I quickly told her and hung up just as the door opened.

"Haru, Misha, I'm back," someone called from the door.

End Zeena's P.O.V.

Nicol's P.O.V.

"Haru, Misha, I'm back," I called as I opened the door to the music store

"You have a guest," Haru said as he pointed at a girl standing near the phone. Just then Misha came down stairs to the shop to greet me.

"Zeena? What are you doing here?" I asked a little surprised that she was in the music store. I had told her the day before that I'd be back to see her so I hadn't expected her to be here.

"Oh, so you're that unhappy to see me. I'll leave then," she said sarcastically and smirked knowing that wasn't what I meant but I didn't catch the twinkle in her eye which meant that she was just being sarcastic again. She made her way to the door and was going to turn the door knob just as I grabbed her wrist to keep her from leaving.

"Let's leave these two to get reacquainted," I heard Misha say as she and Haru left to go up to the apartment. "When you kids finish talking come upstairs for lunch,"

"I'm sorry, I was just a little surprised. You know that's not what I meant," I said quickly hoping that I hadn't hurt her feelings.

Then Zeena started shaking a little.

"Come on Zeena, don't cry…I'm sorry if I said anything that hurt you," I said as I turned her so I could see her face but to my surprise she wasn't crying she was laughing and soon she burst out laughing.

"I can't believe you fell for that one again," she tried to cover up her laughter but only laughed louder.

I sighed. Zeena'll never change. She's always been stubborn yet open-minded, playful yet serious, tomboyish yet sensitive. I suppose some people will never change. I pulled her closer and hugged her.

"So what are you doing here anyways?" I asked her out of curiousity.

"What do you think?" she asked me back.

"Getting your guitar re-stringed?" I said jokingly.

Zeenapoutedat my lame attempt at a joke.

"I came here to find you," she replied and slightly rolled her eyes. "I tried the park but you weren't there so I tried all the other music stores but you weren't there either. So then I came here and I guess I got lucky,"

"Come on, lunch is probably ready," I started leading Zeena upstairs but she took a few steps and stopped. I looked at her with a surprised expression.

"I need to tell you something…but promise me you won't get mad," she started.

I nodded, "I promise," I wonder what's so important and why would I get mad anyways. I've never gotten mad at her in the past.

"I told Athrun and Cagalli that you're still alive," Zeena said guiltily as she looked at the floor, "I'm sorry, it's just that they were already catching on that something had happened yesterday so I had to tell them or else they would've somehow found out anyways,"

"It's okay I guess. I have to let them know sometime," I answered. I knew Zeena was probably mentally scolding herself by now as she always does but I guess her breaking her promise to keep it a secret could actually be a good thing. It's just one step towards letting everyone else know that I'm still alive.

"Uh…let's go upstairs now. Misha will be waiting," Zeena said obviously relieved that I wasn't mad.

"By the way, I met Yzak outside. He was acting kind of odd and not like himself," I said remembering meeting Yzak outside just as I was returning.

"Really? Damned bastard. I told him not to follow me," Zeena swore outloud. "I guess that's one more thing I should be sorry about. I bumped into him at the park today and yesterday so I thought he might be following me or something. I guess he was,"

"No, really it's okay…I was the one who called out his name. Now it makes sense…he said something about following someone and leaving now that he has his answers," I said remembering Yzak's words. "I guess he got suspicious or something,"

"I suppose," Zeena answered as she started tugging my hand try to make me go up with a childish and innocent expression on her face.

"Okay, I get the point," I said as I laughed at the innocent look on her face and she pouted childishly obviously not very impressed with me laughing.

End Nicol's P.O.V.

(Inside the apartment on top of the music store…)

"Thanks for lunch," Zeena said as she wiped her mouth with a napkin.

"No problem at all…it was a pleasure to have finally met you," Misha smiled warmly.

"Do I put these in the dishwasher?" Zeena asked as she got up from her seat beside Nicol.

"Oh, you don't have to bother. We'll clean up the table later," Misha replied.

"Well it's the least I can do," she said as she brought her's and Nicol's plate to the dishwasher and put it in.

"Well, I sure have missed a lot haven't I? Since when did you become so polite?" Nicol asked as Zeena sent him a warning glare and Misha and Haru laughed.

It had now been an hour since Zeena had met Haru and Misha Ishida. She learned that Haru was a rather quiet but polite man who could be quite fun-loving sometimes while his wife, Misha was a loving and respectful grandmotherly figure.

"So how come we haven't met Zeena earlier?" Misha asked right after she finished eating.

"I only got here a few days ago. I spent most of the war making a new design for Rose after it was damaged by a battle betweenZAFT and the EAF. By the way, I have decided to rename it Hetitus. The name was suggested by Lacus," Zeena explained from the dishwasher.

"I remember that Nicol told us once that you were the princess of Rose…or rather Hetitus. In fact, Rose or Hetitus is mine and Misha's birthplace," Haru said.

"We had heard that your real mother and father had left you at an orphanage in ORB and that's when we decided to leave because the place was so cruel. We were going to adopt you but we found out that another family had adopted you," Misha said as she shifted in her seat hoping that she didn't offend Zeena in anyway.

"Yeah…well your cruel actions from the past will come back and bite you someday just as it did to my so called parents. They left me at an orphanage when I was young so they payed the price by dying in the war. But at least now I have a family who loves me more than they could've ever…or at least I had one. Now I only have a brother. There's only one thing that could make my life perfect now that I know Nicol is still alive…if only I didn't have to rule that damned country that's my birthplace. But since I do, might as well make the best of it and change the law to be more reasonable and improve the whole country," Zeena said with no emotions in her eyes. These were one of the times that Nicol wished that he didn't know Zeena. When ever her real parents were mentioned she became really cold and cruel though it didn't usually last for long.

"Well, I respect your determination and I support you one hundred and ten percent," Haru said truly respecting the fact that Zeena stood up for herself and had enough courage and determination to hopefully change Hetitus into a better place.

"Thanks," Zeena said as she returned to her normal self. She went back to the table and grabbed Haru and Misha's plate to put into the dishwasher.

"Soooo…how long have you two been together for?" Misha asked curiously just as any grandmother or mother would when introduced to their child's boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time.

Nicol sighed. He had been afraid that this would happen.

Zeena just returned to the table trying to keep smiling in order to prevent herself from groaning.

"You answer the questions," Zeenamuttered with a grin while trying not to move her mouth.

"Why me?" Nicol muttered back quietly and quickly.

"I'm sorry Nicol, I couldn't quite catch that," Misha said with a patient look on her face waiting for an answer.

"You've known them for longer," Zeena quickly muttered back with a lame excuse.

"Oh, Misha, stop questioning the kids. You're making them uncomfortable," Haru said to his wife. Nicol and Zeena were thankful to the old man.

"Well, Nicol has told us much about Zeena except for the details about their relationship," Misha told him.

Haru mouthed 'Sorry, I tried' to Nicol and Zeena while Misha wasn't looking.

"Well…I'm still waiting," Misha said starting to become a little impatient.

"I think it was about one to two years," Nicol answered a little uncomfortably.

"One to two years eh? I see…and exactly how far have you two gone?" Misha moved on to the next question.

"Misha!" Haru exclaimed while Nicol and Zeena looked at her with their eyes wide in horror because of the question.

"Um…I really have to go now…I…um got to get home to…uh calm Cagalli down!" Zeena smiled trying to look convincing while mentally scolding herself. Ugh…nice going Zeena…real smooth!

"And I'm going to go and walk her home," Nicol searched for an excuse to go and found only one. He decided not to go back until later to avoid answer those questions again "I'll be back around um…dinner time,"

"Okay, come and visit anytime," Haru told Zeena while his wife still continued trying to get an answer out of either one of them.

Zeena apologized and thanked them once more for lunch. Then Nicol and Zeena closed the door to the apartment and rushed down into the shop.

"That was a close one," Zeena said sighing in relief.

"Yeah…too close for comfort," Nicol agreed and the two began walking down the busy streets of ORB. "You know…you're kind of scary when ever you get all cold and cruel,"

"Scary good or scary bad?" Zeena asked curiously.

"There's a scary good?" Nicol laughed as he raised his eyebrow.

"Good point," Zeena smiled. Nicol seemed so much more relaxed and less serious after the war. I guess everyone is more relaxed and happy now that the war is over.

Zeena opened the locket (A/N: it's the locket from the last chapter. That's the locket that I'm talking about) that she always wore around her neck and drifted into her own thoughts.

"Zeena…you in there?" Nicol waved his hand in front of her face to get some kind of reaction from her.

"Huh? Oh, yea," Zeena snapped out of her thoughts and closed the locket again.

"You still have that?" Nicol asked. I thought she probably would've forgotten about me during the time I disappeared and put it away already.

"Yeah! Of course I do! I always wear it. Why? Do you still have yours?" Zeena replied surprised at his question.

"I just thought you would've forgotten about me if I didn't show up out of the blue. And I still have mine," he brought out a matching locket that he had worn around his neck. (A/N: I kinda got the locket idea from the necklace Athrun has that Cagalli gave him.)

"You think too lowly of yourself. How could I ever forget about you?" Zeena said frowning at his comment.

"You know you could forget about me…if you wanted to that is…or if your memory got erased," Nicol replied while holding Zeena's hand tighter to make sure that she doesn't run away.

"Right…number one…I don't want to forget and number two…why would my memory get erased?" she retorted.

Nicol just shrugged and laugh.

"You know, you laugh too much now. I think I liked you better when you were more serious," Zeena said pouting like a little kid.

"Oh, so you don't like me anymore? Okay, I guess I'll be going then," Nicol said using Zeena's own tricks against her. He turned around and started walking away when he felt arms wrapped around his waist.

"I never said that! Hmph, you're just being mean Nicol Amalfi," Zeena pouted again but Nicol couldn't see the look on her face.

Nicol just burst out laughing again.

"Again with the laughing," Zeena frowned again and grabbed Nicol's hand starting to drag Nicol to the Attha Estate.

"I think I liked you better when you frowned or pouted less," Nicol chuckled.

"What's that supposed to mean Nicol Amalfi? You are so asking for me to hit you," Zeena rolled her eyes.

"By the way, the others and I are going to a school not far from here. Do you want to come with?" Zeena asked.

"I guess. I do need to get a good education that doesn't have anything to do with the military. I don't plan on being a soldier my whole life. I only joined the military because I wanted to protect the things that are dear to me," he replied with the seriousness that he had during the war.

"We're here," Zeena announced as she pulled out her keys and opened the door.

Once they were inside they could hear Cagalli pounding a door angrily while yelling.

"Cagalli! What the hell are you trying to do? Tear down the whole house?" Zeena shouted from the door.

"Wait on the couch…this might take a while so you can watch TV while you're at it, Cagalli has just about every channel known to mankind," she told Nicol then ran upstairs.

"Get your stupid brother to open the door!" Nicol heard Cagalli yell as she continued banging.

"Athrun, I'm back," Zeena said while knocking on the door.

Athrun opened the door a crack and peeked out, "Oh, hey Zeena, I've been working on you-know-what," Suddenly he saw Cagalli behind Zeena and closed the door quickly again.

"Athrun Zala! I demand to know what you've been doing in there for so long and what's you-know-what! Is there something you two aren't telling me!" Nicol heard Cagalli start yelling again.

"I'll be out in a second," Athrun replied as Cagalli huffed and stomped down stairs into the kitchen to get a glass of water from all that yelling followed by Zeena who was rolling her eyes.

"You were right…that did take kind of long," Nicol said once Zeena got down the stairs.

Zeena sighed and shook her head as she sat down on the couch next to Nicol, "Athrun said he'll be down in a second,"

Soon enough Athrun came down stairs just as Cagalli came out of the kitchen. When she saw him she tackled him to the ground and sat on him and refused to get off until she got answers. Athrun might be a lot stronger than Cagalli but Cagalli had the upper hand seeing as she was sitting on Athrun's back not allowing Athrun to shove her off.

"Wow…boy am I glad that you're my girlfriend and not her," Nicol said in amazement.

"Was that supposed to be a compliment…or were you just feeling sorry for Athrun?" Zeena asked.

"Both," Nicol shrugged.

"Come on. I'll get Cagalli off Athrun and you help Athrun up," she sighed and pulled Nicol off the couch with her.

Zeena walked behind Cagalli and caught her arms dragging her off Athrun as Cagalli mumbled something in frustration.

Nicol reached out a hand to help Athrun up, "Need a hand?"

"Thanks, Nicol. It's good to have you back," Athrun grabbed his hand and stood up. Normally Athrun would've been surprised but since Zeena already told them it wasn't that big of a surprise.

"Hi, you're Nicol right? Both Zeena and Athrun have told me…or wait…all our friends about you," Cagalli said as she reached out a hand.

Nicol hesitated for a moment, scared that she might tackle him to the ground, but decided to shake her hand anyways.

"Don't worry, the only person I normally tackle to the ground is Athrun," Cagalli reassured him.

"Yeah, which I don't think is quite fair," Athrun complained as Cagalli stuck her tongue out at him.

"By the way, I agreed to meet Lacus at the mall and so did Cagalli, I think, so we should really get going," Zeena informed the two boys. "Nicol, you can stay here if you want…and help Athrun and to avoid Misha's questions,"

"Hey! Since when did you call the shots? This is my house," Cagalli frowned. "Nicol, you can stay here for as long as you want,"

Everyone sweat dropped. (A/N: you'll be seeing more sweat dropping later on. Hehe…It's one of my favourite expressions in anime so you'll be seeing a lot more where that came from)

"Thanks, I'll stay here until you guys get back," Nicol said just as they were about to head out the door.

"Hey, Athrun can I borrow your car? I'm planning to get my own car soon but I still have to decide what type of car I want yet," Cagalli explained.

"Sure, as long as you don't drive like a maniac," Athrun replied.

"What's that supposed to mean!" Cagalli yelled back at him while Nicol and Zeena sighed.

"Come on Cagalli, we're going to be late," Zeena said quickly dragging Cagalli out the door before she could do anything to Athrun.

"So what were you hiding from her anyways?" Nicol asked Athrun right after the door closed.

"I'll show you. By the way, you're invited too…it'll give you the opportunity to get reacquainted with everyone," Athrun went upstairs as Nicol followed him with a puzzled expression.

"By the way, I thought Zeena hated the mall," Nicol said with curiousity as to why the black haired girl would want to go to the mall.

"Well, Lacus and Miriallia promised to somehow get Cagalli out of the house so that I could start planning without Cagalli nosing around and Zeena agreed to go only to get her out of the house because Cagalli would start whinning about why Zeena isn't going," Athrun explained.

"Looks like you've got your work cut out for you. I respect you for the fact that you even want to have anything to do with her," Nicol chuckled.

"Well it's not like Zeena's exactly easy to handle either. I have the same reason as you for even wanting anything to do with Cagalli," Athrun replied.

"Actually Zeena's actually easy to handle most of the time," Nicol said as they entered Athrun's room.

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