Author's note: Well, did another ficlet challenge thing over at Live Journal, and this is one of the results. My friend Jill requested a Sonja ficlet, pre-Lucian, and mainly just her. It ended up turning somewhat political, and the characterizaton is pretty much from my own mind and what little we know of Sonja from the movie and novelization. Please, please, please review. They are much needed. Ficlet requirements:

Title: Absolute Power
Fandom: Underworld
Character: Sonja (pre-her and Lucian; something just about her)
Line: "Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to feel the sun."

Disclaimer: I do not own Sonja, or anybody else mentioned in this. Everyone belongs to Kevin Grevioux, Danny McBride, Len Wiseman, and Sony. I mean no copyright infringement, don't sue me. Savvy?


They say absolute power corrupts absolutely. My father knows this, and made sure I knew it at an early age as well. It was the foundation for why the Council was made, why there are three Elders and not just him, the oldest of our kind alive.

I still do not like it. The Council, I mean. I agree that three Elders is a good decision. And I agree that only one rules for a certain amount of time. It lets them all keep reign without power struggles, and it gives them rest.

But the Council, the Council is made up of noble vampires who cling to those laws the Elders make that they like, but completely ignores rules they think are not needed or are too restrictive. Like the edict Father made, about not desecrating the mortals' church when out to feed. They find it silly and too soft.

Why? Yes, the mortals hate us because of their faith, but their faith is sacred to them, those buildings, the things in them are holy relics they cherish. Why must we prove ourselves to be the monsters they say we are, merely to get back at them for saying that we are monsters? It does not change anything, it is merely bullying.

My father understands this. My father, he understands that while mortals are to us what cattle is to them, they should not be provoked and beaten unnecessarily.

Though I do find some of his methods and his beliefs harsh and cruel. Especially toward the lycan slaves. I can understand his logic for the Covenant. But I do not agree with it. I do not see why we cannot have relationships, perhaps not romantic for I do not think it is likely a lycan would mate outside its race. But friendship, why is that so bad? They would still be slaves, servants, guardians.

Maybe it is because I envy them that I am not fond of the way we must be with them. I want to talk to them, I want to know what it is like. What they feel when they are outside during the day. I envy them of their ability to be warmed by the bright light of the sun.

Father does not know of my hidden desire. He does not know the sometimes I wonder what it would be like to feel the sun. Feel its heat, be bathed in radiating light, to know how my skin looks in it, what the forest is like when rays of sunlight filter in through the trees.

But the Council is fond of that rule. For the Council is made of noble vampires that believe in a hierarchy. They do not want the lycan to be treated or thought of as anything more than slaves and watch dogs. They find it repulsive, the idea of our races being connected, being equal.

Yet they do not have absolute power. Nor does my father, nor Amelia, not even Marcus. They can do whatever they like, they can get away with any crime and punish everyone else for nothing.

But they, unlike the lycans, cannot stand in the sun.