Title: Ficlet- Home at

Rating: G

Spoilers: No really major ones.

Teaser: Fred's first night back

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Notes: Just a mindless PWP about Fred's first night back from Pylea. It's still the early stages so she's still in Angel Groupie mode

It's still hard to believe, being back home and all. Part of me knows it's real, but still I keep wondering if it's going to turn into just another one of those dreams I have all the time and I'm going to wake up back in Pylea in my cave. I was starting to think I never would get back here...I even started to believe it was all just a dream and I really was born in Pylea.

Angel's having a rough time because he just lost someone close to him, but he and the rest of the group are still making sure I'm taken care of. They fixed me up a room and Cordelia let me borrow some clothes she had at the hotel and they even found some old hotel soap to use. It's 50 years old, but it was still useable.

It's been so long since I had any of this stuff that I all but forgot what it was like. And it's all the little things that most people just take for granted. Like being in a nice, safe, dry building instead of that old cave, taking a real shower with soap and sleeping in a nice, soft bed instead of a pile of animal skins on the ground. Not to mention being able to go to bed safe and with a full belly. Not having these things for so long really makes me realize how good it really is here.

And then there's the one big thing; freedom. Growing up in America means hearing about it all the time and most people don't really think a whole lot about it. These days nobody gets sold like a piece of property and treated like a farm animal, at least in this country. But I know just how awful it really is and how helpless it all made me feel. Even after I got free and ran away, there was still the whole thing about being hunted and trying to avoid being caught because they'd have drug me off and killed me. They would have too if it hadn't been for Angel. I was sure I was going to die there at that bacchanal and then he saved me and carried me away on his horse. Just like in my fantasy, the handsome man saved me from the monsters and brought me out of that awful place back to his castle.

Now it blows my mind just knowing I can walk outside and go wherever I want and not be afraid, or at least no more afraid than most people are. All these years, I wanted so bad to get back home and be free and safe again and now it's really happened. It's going to take some getting used to though. I still can't sleep much because I'm afraid someone will find me and drag me off somewhere. I get scared at the sounds and shadows and probably imagine things that aren't really there. I think it's going to take a while just to get brave enough to come out of this room. But, I'll get through it just like I did everything else.

I hope this is the beginning of the happily ever after part, because I sure waited long enough for it to get here.