Buffy awoke on a cold slab of steel. A white cloth draped over her body. 'Oh. God.' She shot up into a

sitting position, pulling the cloth off, then quickly pulling it to her chest realizing she was lacking clothes.

'What the fuck?' she thought as her eyes darted1 around the room, cold and sterile, and "Oh, god, are those

dead bodys?'. She looked wide eyed at the two non-moving lumped forms under white sheets,

on the stretchers

to her left. 'Fuck," Buffy gasped as she began scanning the room in panic, 'I'm in a morgue'....''Shit!"

Buffy hopped of the stretcher, quickly wrapping the sheet around her, "Shit," she said again walking

near the doors, putting space between herself and the corpses. The room was cold, the floresent lighting

making it seem deviod of any color, besides that of the steel slabs and the plain white walls. Buffy

shifted slightly on her feet then looked down, her right big tow itching. Then froze, she had a toe tag.

'Oh god, thats a toe tag, I have a toe tag, on my foot, the foot that is of me. But, but they put toe tags on

dead people, and im not dead, right?'. Buffy's breath quicked as she forgot about holding up the sheet and

began to check for a pulse. She held her fingers under chin on her throat, searching. ' I don't feel it, fuck! I

don't feel it'. Then she stopped breathing and listened for her heart beat. She couldn't hear it, so frantic on

her search for a pulse, not realizing she wasn't longing to take a breath. But she stayed like that, not

breathing, praying to hear her heart over

the buzz of the lights. Listening as hard as she could, focused completely on any sound.

She could hear the clunk of the freezer a room away keeping the corspes froze, slowing down the natural

decay. Buffy could hear the crickets outside, and the ocasional car pass.

She didnt know how long she stayed like that, hoping with all her being that she would hear the pumping of

the blood through her veins.

But she finally stopped hoping, and her knees buckled, leaving her crumpled on the cold floor. " I'm

dead, I'm a, I'm a, vampire..Oh god, I'm a vampire, and im dead, and , and...I am soo gonna

miss my make up exam tomorrow.' Buffy looked around the room once just good measure, let out a deep

disgruntled sigh, and sputtered her exact thoughts on this situation, 'Fuck!'

Authers note: when i says"eyes darting around the room " did anyone besides me have the insane image of buffy's eyeballs jumping out of her head then darting around the room like bouncey balls, or was that just me?