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Faith and Buffy now sat on the couch in Giles' living room. The two girls trying not to look at each other for fear they'd tear their clothes off and give the Watcher another show. That or bust a gut laughing.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, I'm so gonna piss myself trying not to laugh. Oh my god, like holy-fucking-shit-oh-my-fucking-god-damn-god.

Buffy sits trying to keep a straight face. She feels like she's going to split at the ribs if she doesn't do something. The Watcher himself is sat in a chair to the right looking rather dazed and stupefied. There's a newly retrieved bottle of scotch in his hand. He seems to have misplaced all his motor-reflex skills as he stares blankly into nothing. He's hasn't looked at the slayer's since they came down to maybe say something to him. He wouldn't know if they had said anything or not, his mind filled with hot girl on girl action in his own bed, that seems to have broken his poor little brain. The images currently stuck on replay, his synapses not firing, and none of it seemed to be making any sense.

Buffy and Faith just couldn't have possibly done what they had done in his bed.

It seemed he might go the course of denial, if he recovers from shock that is.

"Sc-gug-g-g-g-g-'cough, cough," The blonde tries to hide the almost laugh with a coughing fit. But the slip seemed to have set the brunette slayer beside her off as well, and now they both collapse into coughing fits. The more they cough the harder they laugh soon they're busting up on the couch in hysterics holding on to each other so they don't fall over.

Faith probably would have been able to hold it off but the sound B made when she started laughing sounded kinda like a car that wouldn't start. Then her pussy ass attempt to cover it up just got to her. That and hello, Mister Stuffy Watcher man caught B going down on her in his own bed. Not to mention the exact moment he came into the room.

"Oh-ho-my-go-hod," Buffy manages to choke out between hysterical bursts of laughter. The two slayers were laughing so hard they were crying. The look on Giles' face when he walked in, and all he could say was "Bloody hell. Bloody hell. Bloody hell." Buffy had watched him, a cat that ate the canary grin on her face, and her head between Faith's thighs, as he repeated the words over and over, stumbling back out of the room.

Faith had been a bit too dazed to say anything.

About five minutes later the two slayers were calmed enough that they could breathe properly, but still occasionally giggled.

Faith was now watching Giles' mostly, looking for any signs that the Watcher was coherent, but it seemed he was on the verge of passing out. The brunette slayer reached over and took the bottle from G's hand. Taking a long swig, in the middle of which Buffy started laughing. That was a move not of the good. Faith sprayed scotch all over the coffee table. Choking and sputtering as the blonde rubbed circles on her back.

"Okay," Faith rasped gruffly, "What do'ya wanna do B? It's what," Faith spots a clock on Giles' wall, "Six-thirty in the mornin'," Buffy responds with a yawn, though it sounded more like a long growl to the brunette.

"So sleep it is," Faith yawned as well, she hadn't realized she was that tired. Buffy pulled Faith's legs up so she was lying completely on the couch, and then the smaller girl laid her head on Faith's stomach and curled up.

They both drifted off to the sounds of Giles' snoring as his brain finally shut down and he passed out.



A rapid succession of booms echoed in Faith's dreamscape.


"Damn B quick smacking the headboard," Faith grunts shifting under the blonde, then quickly snapping out of the dream as she heard Xander shout.

"Giles open up!"

Sunlight, it was day.

"Fuck" she mumbled, then realized the warmth of a certain blonde was missing. She sat up, looking around. Her eyes found the blonde standing in front of the door. She seemed to be studying it with great interest.

The handle moved and Buffy grasped it, not letting Xander in. They could hear him panicking outside. The vampire turned to grin at Faith.

"Should I let him in?"

"Fuck if I care B,"

She yanked the door open, but Xander's hand happened to still be attached to the handle. He came in stumbling after it and landed nose first on the floor.

Willow stood in the doorway staring wide eyed into the house, Cordelia behind her looking rather board, and Oz beside her. His head was cocked to the side, as he studied Xander's frantic movements to stand up.

Buffy wasn't sure but she thought he looked amused.

The boy now standing, he brushed himself off, looking kind of embarrassed and nervous.

He tried for joke making, "That was a nice move Buff, coulda maybe put pillows on this side so only my manly pride and dignity would be injured, and not my face," the end of his sentence came out rather harsh, a slight glare in his tone. He walked past Buffy.

"Right and why would I do that when I was hoping the fall might remove the 'I'm a dumb ass' expression from your face. But I guess you're stuck with it." Buffy grinned maliciously at him, looking pleased with her dig.

Willow and the others filed into the room, shutting the door behind them. Xander just now realizing Giles' was asleep on the chair. "What happened to Giles?" his eyes flash as he turns on Buffy.

Buffy stares at him, and to Xander the expression on her face is akin to being maybe constipated. She let out a giggle and quickly collapsed into a fit of laughter. She was trying to hold it in, you could tell, but it wasn't working very well.

Like oh my god, how am I gonna explain that one? "Oh I'm sorry Xand he kinda walked in on hot lesbian sex and it was too much for him to handle. He sounded like a broken record with the whole 'bloody hell' repetition thing going on".

Faith had started laughing as well and the rest of the Scoobies were looking from them to Giles and back again. Then alternating between Faith and the scotch bottle, back to Buffy and then back to Giles.

"I think this is a case of too much alcohol myself." Cordy said, now watching Buffy slapping her hand on the floor laughing. The brunette had one eyebrow cocked and was shaking her head. Though a small smile began to appear on her lips. She then chuckled and shook her head again, turning to take Xander's arm.

Willow realized that even though Buffy had opened the door, she had managed to keep herself out of the sunlight. Making sure she was just in the shadows, almost like she was ghost watching them, not being able to join with them, able to belong. Though from the looks of it she didn't mind as she was cracking up on the floor.

Xander was still looking from Buffy to Faith, "Are you both seriously stoned?"

That seemed to just make them laugh harder and realizing they weren't going to get anywhere soon, the Scoobies made themselves comfortable on Giles' limited amount of furniture.

000later same day0000

Giles still sleeps in the chair, his glasses askew on his face. A light snore making it past his lips every now and then.

The Scoobies have been trying to have a conversation, though most of it is tense silence. Willow and Buffy have been exchanging words on how is it that Buffy breathes and her heart still beats. Along with the fact that just holding a cross can make the object burst into flames.

"I don't know Will, maybe my darkness is more powerful than the holy," as soon as the words leave her mouth Buffy regretted them, for she saw the fearful look in the redhead's eyes. Though part of her relished in putting it there.

More questions are asked following another tense silence. Faith's hand on Buffy's thigh not going unnoticed.

"Buffy have you tried going into the sun."

Buffy eyes lift to meet Willow's, "No, I haven't tried that yet,"


As the Scoobies watch, Buffy opens the door, slowly walking into the sunlight. The golden rays shining on her hair. Her pale skin almost glowing. Her blue eyes electric. She was holding her breath.

I'm not burning. But I'm evil. I'm a vampire, a demon. It's in me. This isn't right.

But you are a slayer.

But, no, evil. I feel it, what am I?

A hunter, a killer, a predator, a warrior, a protector, you fight for what you believe, and you are alive.

The ancient voice echoed in her head. Unbeknownst to Buffy it belonged to the First Slayer.

What do I believe?

But that's why I'm not burning isn't it. I'm not dead now.

And your love for the shadow slayer, as long as she lives, your heart shall beat.

You are connected to the greatest powers, true darkness and true light. The chosen two shall be bound in destiny. Only in love is there an escape.

You are beauty love power, a goddess of pain yes, a monster yes. But you do love. And you do live.

Your are power, whether that power is only rooted in darkness is up to you.

Your humanity still thrives in you. Use it. The power of a slayer and demon are the same, nothing has truly changed. You are who you are.

All you have to do is choose.

Buffy felt lightheaded, the knowledge she was just given seeping into her. The world is tilting. The sun is too bright. The air is too hot. The entire world is glowing and shimmering. She can't see.

"It's too bright!" Buffy pleads, backing out of the sunlight and sinking into the shadows. Kneeling on the floor and shivering. She feels Faith's arms encompass her, closing her into softness and sweet scents. The comfort in these arms she would long for whenever they weren't around her.

"I love you," it comes out a whisper, almost incoherent. Only for the Dark Slayer's ears.

Faith's eyes widen as she looks to Buffy's face, watching in awe as tears of blood seep from the vampire's eyes.

Buffy reaches a hand up to Faith's cheek, caressing the soft skin under her fingertips.

The younger slayer puts her hands in Buffy's hair, and draws the blonde close. Kissing her forehead and trying not to cry.

She hugs the blonde to her, feeling confused and scared, "I think I love you too B."


The Scoobs couldn't hear the exchange between buff and faith at the end there.

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Trick's sleep is restless in the abandoned warehouse by the docks. His arm had stopped bleeding now. His dreams haunting him. Flashing through his brains were all the unpleasant ways he could get to the slayer. Since it seemed to him she was still feeling for her human friends.

Then he saw it. The perfect way to get back at the Dead Slayer.

Kill her mother, or at least sart with killing her mother. Why stop there, when he could kill all of her friends too? Besides, didn't the Mayor order him to do that if she didn't want to join them?

He was gonna have himself a wicked fun time.

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