Malchior helped the Titans greatly in rebuilding the three cities he had ravaged and destroyed over the next two weeks. With his magic and their hard work, the cities were back and running as if nothing had ever happened the week after that.

Titans East, Hot Spot, and Wildebeast returned to their respective homes, receiving the Titans' deepest and warmest gratitude and appreciation. Even Jinx went back to the HIVE, back home to Gizmo and Mammoth. Things would go back to the way they were, the HIVE vs. the Titans, but things were not all the same. After all, Cyborg and Jinx were expressing their feelings from one another in the open, without the secrecy. Fight one morning, movies later that evening.

Malchior did not plan to stay at the Titans Tower. There was much of the world he had not been in for a thousand years he wanted to see and even more to study. He visited frequently, for it was hard for the white haired wizard to stay away and took her with him sometimes. But when he came back for good, there was a room waiting for him, a place in the Tower for a lover, a friend, and quite possibly even a hero. Malchior protested and said that hero's work was far below his level. Still, he had already proven a hero to many; a strange one, but a significant hero to one girl...

All but Beast Boy seemed to be happy with the changes made. Losing a second love hurt just as much as the first.

"Oh yes, the rock girl..." Malchior spoke up. "Well I'll be sure to get her up and about before I leave tomorrow morning."

Perhaps good does triumph over evil.

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