DBZ (Means Don't . . . Buy . . . um, ZIS!)

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(Autotyper 2000 (seriously!): Has Vegetable gotten annoying yet? Cuz, if you ask me, he's just getting warmed up.)

Magnus stepped back, shielding his eyes against the light. "Aw man, this is bad." He glanced to the door to the rest of the world. "Where is – "

(Autotyper 2000 (enough, doofus): I know you didn't ask me, but really, he's just an annoying bastard, constantly screaming and breaking the story up with his dumb stuff.)

" – InuYasha?!" He turned back towards the other room. "Nabs!"


(Autotyper 2000 (groan): See, just like that! And now the whole story is interrupted with all these letters, breaking up your train of thought, getting in the way, wasting time, being totally useless like Magnus on a Saturday night, because he's the ultimate loser in –)

"Autotyper!" Magnus shouted, turning to the computer. "Will you please stop?!"

(Autotyper 2000 (sigh): All right, all right, fine!)

Magnus turned towards the break room. "Nabs!"


The force of the energy was starting to grow out of control, winds starting to whip out from the center of the room. The desk slid back, the floor buckled and cracked, and the light grew brighter. "Nabs! Get in here!"



Vegeta, now with bright blond hair standing up in some sort of hair column, crackling with electricity. (Autotyper 2000 (but of course, right?): Electricity, huh? He's an eel! WAAAAH! Run away from the scary eel man! Eel-ly Eel-ly Banana Fanna Fo Feelie!) He turned face the writer, still shouting for Nabs. "You!"

Magnus irked. Ohdamnohdamnohdamnohdamnohdamnohdamnohdamnohdamn!

"Hey, why's your hair all grey?" Nabiki asked, pointing at Vegeta.

"What?!" He snarled, reaching up and grabbing his hair, while also losing his concentration and shifting back to non-super-sayan-level-whateverthef---itis. "Dammit!" he said, realizing he lost his super-ness.

(Autotyper 2000 (hee-hee): If he's so super, why's he got to run around screaming like a little girlie all the time?)

Vegeta turned back to Magnus, snapping his arms to his side and grunting. The super-ness returned.

Magnus blinked. "Hey, if you could do that the whole time, why the hell did you scream for so long?"

"Time to die!" Vegeta powered up a shot of energy between his hands.


Alane shouted some sound, Nabiki stepped back and covered her face, and Magnus froze in place, gritting his teeth and readying for the end.



Vegeta was blown back into the wall as the bright waves of energy, the floors cracking more as the walls were smashed inwards, although they seemed to hold. He pulled himself back up only to see someone wearing bright red robes with silver hair and . . . dog ears bearing down on him with a large sword. One of the girl's has screamed, but neither warrior paid it any mind.

Rolling aside, the sword crashed into the ground, and Vegeta returned to his feet. InuYasha, barely even registering the fact that he missed, twisted the sword around and slashed across. "Gotcha!"


Vegeta jumped out of the way in time, floating up into the air until he was a good ten meters up.

"He . . . he can fly?!" InuYasha shouted. "No, what is he doing?!"

There was no hesitation in Vegeta. "I don't know who you are, but this is the end!"

The demon scowled. "Yeah?!" He crouched, about to jump, "You're gonna feel real stupid when I jam–"

"Relax, InuYasha, just let him do his thing." Magnus said, patting him on the shoulder with a relieved sigh.


"Just watch." He pointed back at Vegeta.

A large ball of energy formed in the Sayan's hand. "Big Bang . . ." Waves of energy began to wash the room in color again.

InuYasha nodded, smirking and readying his sword. "Oh, I got ya now, Magnus."

"ATTACK!" The shot doubled in size, before launching from Vegeta's hand. It barreled down towards InuYasha, a bomb of immensely humongous amounts of pure energy-like substitute, good for filler as action sequences in craptacular shows. (Autotyper 2000 (doesn't that rock!): I thought of that one!)

InuYasha smirked, before swinging the sword directly into the shot. "BACKLASH WAVE!"


(Autotyper 2000 (cuz nobody cares): So, the Wind Scarf turns and fires back the Big Bang Attack into Veggie with the power of that and the Wind Scarf together, Vag--a is blown out through the roof in typical spread eagle twirl before disappearing as a bright star into the empty sky. Back to the story now.)

"All right InuYasha!" Magnus said, doing a victory dance because he can.

The half-demon smirked. "Yeah, that guy was nothing. I can tell why you hate that show so much, Magnus."

All of a sudden, they heard slow, gentle clapping in the background. "Good job, Inu-chan."

InuYasha's ears pricked up immediately; he turned to the voice, raising the Tetsaiga to guard himself. "Nabiki! What are you doing here?!"

"Oh, nothing really. Yourself?"

Magnus blinked. "You two know each other?"

"Yeah, we do." InuYasha mumbled, adding "not happily," just loud enough for Magnus to hear.

Nabiki shrugged. "Well, no harm done, since neither of you two told me you knew each other. So I guess it's even."

"But, . . ." Magnus began, "how do you know each other?"

The door to the break room opened. "Okay, Magnus . . . what the hell happened in . . . oh, hello InuYasha."

The demon turned that way, noticing a very similar looking girl holding a large bag. "Hey Nabs. Is that . . ."

"Yep, sure is. Thirty instant ramens, as promised." She hurled the bag over to him.

He grabbed it in one hand, slinging it over his left shoulder. Using his right hand, he sheathed the heavy sword, before gripping the bag with both hands. "Gotta go. Sorry I can't stick around, Magnus, but Rumiko's got us battling halfway across Japan today, so I gotta hurry."

"Well, thanks for coming by. I owe you one."

"Yeah, you do." InuYasha smirked and bounded off, making sure he never looked at the desk, knocking the door open and disappearing out it. The door swung and sat half open.

"Have fun Inu-chan!" Nabiki shouted, before sighing, "They're still the same as always." She walked off towards the computer.

Magnus turned to the AI walking into the room. "Hey, Nabs? Was something wrong with your hearing before?"

"Why do you ask?" She replied, straighting out the cracks in the floor and the gaping hole in the ceiling.

"I called for you and you didn't show up."

Nabs paused, pondering, before shaking her head. "Temporary glitch, I suppose." She closed her eyes, locked in concentration; the repairs ceased half-way. "I can't see anything wrong with the programming right now."

Nabiki raised her hand, then smacked the top of the desk with a solid WHAM!

SMACK! "Yeow!"

Nabiki shook her head. "Nice one, Akane." There was a mumble. "It's all right, it's all right, he's gone. You can come out now."

Pushing the chair aside, Akane crawled out from the alcove in the desk, before leaning back and standing up. She refused to look at anyone, rubbing her head, but her face was red and her mouth and eyes were firmly shut. "Thank you." she said after a few moments.

"No problem, sis." Nabiki waited, simply watching her sister. Akane's mouth began to twist as if she was about to shout something. Perfect. "So, what kind of fantasies did –"

"SHUT UP!" Akane pointed an accusing finger at Nabiki, who began to laugh as she walked off across the room. Akane then turned away and sat on the edge of the desk, arms crossed.

Magnus and Nabs stared at Nabiki, then Akane, then back to Nabiki, who stopped in front of them, quickly composing herself. "Nabiki, what's going on?" Nabs asked.

"Oh, nothing. Just Akane thinking . . ."

"I SAID SHUT UP!" Akane screamed, grabbing the chair next to her and hurling it at Magnus and Nabiki, who happened to be standing next to each other.

Magnus dived forward. "Look out!" he shouted, pushing Nabiki out of the way. Both of them crashed onto the floor as the chair bounced harmlessly into the wall past them.

Nabiki groaned. "Well, that wasn't exactly painless either, Magnus, but thanks for trying," she said to the boy laying on top of her now.

"Eh, oops . . . sorry 'bout that." He started to lift himself up off of her and the floor.


(Autotyper 2000 (uh-oh, spagetti-o's!): Okay, cutting it off here wasn't planned . . . entirely. Once again, it was just getting long. But, to be totally honest, since you have to wait until the next chapter to find out what happens . . . sucks to be you!)