Innocent Deceptions

by Thunder's Shadow

Disclaimer: Do I own Harry Potter? Nope. What about everything else in his universe? Not that either. Do I own anything of importance to this drabble-thing? Well, maybe the implications of something that you'll read about, but even that I'm not sure of. If it was someone else's idea first, blame it on my muse.

Author's Note: I haven't really come up with a name for my muse yet, but she seems like a "Lily" to me. Maybe that's a little clichéd, considering I usually write in the HP universe, but hey, I'm a clichéd kind of girl. Oh, and in case you don't realize, the bold writing is the present, and the italics is the past.

"Ginny, you need to tell someone what happened down there."

"Nothing happened, mum."

"I don't believe you."

"Mum, please. Just leave it."

"Ginny, you're not acting yourself at all. Madam Pomphrey told me to expect changes, but nothing as drastic as this!"


"Mum, he spoke to me, and then I felt like I'd gone into a deep sleep. I woke up when Harry started shaking me. That's all."

"Dear, dear Ginevra. What on earth will your family say when they find out you're the one who brought me back to life? When they find out you died so I could live? How will they beg right before I kill them?"

"You.. bastard.."

"Now, now. That's not a very nice thing to say, Ginevra. You keep that up, and I might have to teach you a lesson."

"You.. wouldn't.. dare.."

"Do you notice how you're losing your oxygen? How you can feel that you're dying? As you die slowly, painfully, on that damp floor, I get stronger, and soon, I won't be just an image.

"I'll be able to.. touch you. "


"Ginny, I know you aren't telling me something. I just want you to get better sweetheart."

"Mum, I understand. But there's nothing to tell."

"Don't.. come.. near me.. No.. Tom, no!"

"What are you going to do about it, Ginevra? I can do anything I want, and you will never be able to stop me."

"P-please.. Tom, no!"


"Shh.. Dear Ginny, it won't hurt.. much."


"Yes. I don't feel satisfied just taking your life. I think taking your - innocence - will rectify that."

"Ginny, even when you lie to try and save somebody from hurting, it's still being deceitful. I don't know the truth.. But I know it's changed you. You were my little girl, so innocent. You aren't her anymore."

"I know, Mum."

"Help.. somebody.. please help.."

"Now, Ginevra, you know that nobody can hear you. We are miles under the school, and there is no one here but you and I."

"You aren't.. going to .."

"Oh Ginevra.. Yes, I am. Now watch what I do like a good girl."

"I.. don't want.. to.."

"Ah, but you have no choice. You must do as I say."



"If you ever change your mind, I'm always here to talk. Alright?"

"Yes, Mum."

"Tom.. you're hurting me.."

"I never said it wouldn't hurt."

"Please, Tom.. It hurts.. so much.. I'm so tired.."


"You will sleep after I am finished Little Ginny.. You'll just go to sleep. Nothing will hurt anymore. Your mind. or your body."

"You.. will be.. defeated Tom.."

"No, you silly girl. I will not. Now, have you had enough, or should I keep going?

"I've.. had enough.. of everything, Tom.."

"Goodnight, dear."

Footsteps. Door opening and closing.

"Good. Now be a good little girl, and put your clothes back on."

"I'm.. too tired.."

"Put them on."

"I.. can't.."


"I.. can hardly.. move.."

"You WILL put your clothes back on. Do you want to die with dignity?"


"I.. don't.. want to die.. Tom.."

"Ginevra, if you don't want me to go through all of that again, you will put your clothes on."

"Good girl. Now, say goodnight."


"Pleasant dreams, Ginevra."

"Goodnight, Tom."

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