Someone Else by the Lady Arianrod

Disclaimer: Yukiru Sugisaki owns DN Angel.

a/n: First DN Angel fic. This is from Risa's POV, mainly because I wanted to try to figure out why she acts like she does and if she really is jealous of Riku. For the sake of this fanfiction, I'm assuming that she is a dreamer that longs for things that she doesn't have, such as Dark's love…. But, in reality, she is insecure in some ways. Risa just wants to know who she is, but she seeks to find herself by having a flashy, exciting life instead of being herself.


"I could be

In someone else's story

In someone else's life

And he could be in mine

I don't see

A reason to be lonely

I should take my chances

Further down the line…"


"Someone Else's Story" ; Chess

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be somebody else. I mean, my life is fine and I'm usually happy with it all, but sometimes I want something….different. I'm tired of the same old schedule of waking up, getting dressed, heading off to school…. It can really get boring after a while.

Okay, I'll confess… I want more! I don't care if that sounds selfish or materialistic… The truth is, it has nothing to do with money! I want adventure, action, drama…. I want to travel the world, be on TV, fall in love….

I've already fallen in love. This may sound strange coming from a 14-year-old girl, but I really do adore Dark… The Phantom Thief…

Just hearing his name sends a shiver down my spine, a warm spark of realization that he truly exists and that I could actually have him some day…

Riku thinks I'm nuts, naturally. She probably hates Dark for some stupid reason or another. Riku always was the one to get into trouble and form grudges for no reason at all. She's far too hot-headed for my tastes; I'd rather have a twin that understood me and my normal life.

Now that I mention it, Riku isn't very normal. She's always arguing about something or playing some nasty, /dirty/ sport like soccer or something… She's kind of like an annoying boy that happens to be a girl that looks exactly like me. I don't really know who she is sometimes… She doesn't seem to want to do anything flashy or special with her life like be famous or anything….

I mean, she likes Daisuke instead of Dark. How boring can you get? Riku's totally weird sometimes… I can't even imagine that people would assume that we're actually twins. We're polar opposites in every way… Riku always seems happy for some reason, and I'm….

In love with Dark. I spend so much time dreaming about what he'll say to me and how his gorgeous face will lean over mine in /that/ way…. He'll whisper my name and we'll spend our lives together, partners in crime…

Hey, I like the sound of that! I could be the stunning bride of the Phantom Thief, mysterious and a legend in my own hometown.

There I go again… I do that every time I'm sitting around. Maybe my life is incredibly uneventful, maybe I am bored for a reason…

Maybe Dark doesn't like me at all. I mean, I'm just a normal girl… Some guys have liked me, but they've all moved on. Even Niwa Daisuke chose Riku over me, and I still can't figure out the reason why… Is it my hair? Maybe Daisuke likes girls with shorter hair. Or… maybe he likes the sporty look. I should try out some new fashions that make me look more tomboyish…. I'd still have to be /cute/, however.

Things like this don't always make sense to me, and I really do hate that feeling.

Maybe I'd have better luck figuring it out if I was someone else.


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