They didn't know how it happened, about ten large youkai had them cornered out of the clear blue, right after they had just defeated yet another lot, and somehow – Inuyasha snapped again. His eyes went blood red, the purple-blue scars of a youkai appeared, his claws locked in attack and he had, if you could call this face paling effect, a smile. The youkai dropped one after another there was destruction everywhere and no one knew what to do, injured and almost helpless, they stood as youkai after youkai fell and two shards of Shikon no Tama were, eventually torn from the flesh. It happened before, Inuyasha had transformed into a full youkai and as the creator of the Tetsaiga said – he didn't know how much longer Inuyasha's human heart would last until it was fully taken over by the malicious youkai energy. Sango and Miroku both had there hands near there greatest weapons: Sango her boomerang, Miroku his holy beads. Shippou only hugged closer around Kagome's neck fearing what has become of their close friend. The youkai or now, parts of youkai were dispersed all over everything in the area, much like if some great war had recently happened. Inuyasha laughed as the youkai fell, savoring the power and control he had over them, not once noticing the presence of his friends. Kagome's mind was still startled, they were heading back to the domain where the bone eaters well was. It would be a new moon tonight, when Inuyasha would normally have turned human. Now that he was transformed in this way, Kagome started to think that he might not turn human tonight, fearing that the youkai energy would surly clam Inuyasha.

"No" Kagome's mind yelled she would not loose Inuyasha's heart to the youkai blood and energy, but she didn't know how to stop him, Sesshoumaru wasn't here to knock out Inuyasha and with Tetsaiga with the swordsman, a whole idiotic mistake... "It will be the new moon tonight. You have no need for Tetsaiga and after all the punishment you put it though I will fix and deliver by the morning after the no moon..."

What was there to do? Kagome looked to her other friends who were posed to attack just as if Inuyasha was Naruku in disguise. They would take necessary actions, Kagome knew and feared this, and they were just waiting until the youkai were gone. It wasn't much a fight considering, they were gone in a mere twenty minutes, one youkai in about two minutes it was startling, how long would it take to finish a human, with no real youkai power? Kagome put Shippou on the ground; he need not be exposed to what Kagome knew she alone would try to. The last youkai was putting up the greatest fight, even getting a few shots it's self but yet it was falling – in pieces. Kagome knew what helped Inuyasha's internal battles before the encouragement, commitment and Kagome's eyes widened she only said that once before and that was only when she need regain herself that one time, she didn't take in effect the true meaning behind her words till now, until she would lose him, Inuyasha, to himself. Before she knew it she was galloping, running, sprinting towards Inuyasha screaming his name as her other friends screamed hers.

"Inuyasha! Inuyasha!" He turned... and gave his deep distorted smile to Kagome; she almost stopped moving. Inuyasha scared her. Was he already lost? "Inuyasha!" She stopped a few feet away to give him a bit of room, as he slowly walked towards her. Kagome smiled to him trying to put her whole heart into it, hoping that this would just give a bit of strength to the Inuyasha trapped inside. She stood there smiling with everything showing on her face and quietly said with as much emotion as her smile, softly called once more, "Inuyasha..." He stopped...the smile was already lost, stopped only a foot away from Kagome, little for breathing room as tensions heightened. Kagome stepped an inch forward trying to show that she still trusted him even in this form. She stopped and Inuyasha hands flew to her shoulders barely hovering above them flinching as barely touched her. It seemed like she was getting thought to him.

Sango, Miroku and Shippou all wanted to call Kagome, to pull her back from the impending danger but all thought of the possibility of Inuyasha then reanimating at a sound other than Kagome herself. Inuyasha growled threateningly and repeated forming a rough word this time, "Go." Kagome understood and didn't budge. "You didn't leave when I was being controlled, this is the same, I won't leave you either."

'That last time...... myself...shooting the arrow... Inuyasha!...' Kagome looked Inuyasha square in his eyes even after her little speech; she saw he was losing the battle against himself.

'Last chance' Kagome thought. 'Either I get ...clawed by Inuyasha... or he comes back to me.' The latter was looking more and more impossible as the seconds ticked by. Inuyasha's resistance was to the breaking point; his claws now on her shoulders grew close to breaking skin, 'Is this it?' Kagome thought.

"Inuyasha... Ai... Shi... Te... Ru..." Her voice struggled as she pulled the words out of her heart, she was shocked at what she was confessing to him but would her true feelings bring him back?

Inuyasha lost it. His right arm raised and pulled back to Kagome. A small smile rose on his evil lips as the sound of claws to flesh sounded his ears. Shippou, Miroku, Sango and Kiara made their presence known again as they screamed and ran to the scene of Kagome's fallen body. As they remembered the nefarious causer, Inuyasha was gone looking for other prey.