And…it wasn't. It was Kagome, real, alive Kagome. Inuyasha thought of nothing but to run towards her. He stopped before her as her face cleared. She was startled if not… afraid. He was afraid too, that his mind or fate herself, was playing and evil trick on him still. He was afraid of what he did with no knowledge and of what Kagome would now think of him. He needed to hear her voice, to touch her, to engross himself in her scent. She was so close, but yet still so far away from him. "Kagome…" Inuyasha croaked. His eyes threatened to swell again with tears as he looked softly at this still unreal figure of Kagome.

"Kagome…" he whispered. She relaxed and her eyes then threatened to overflow with tears as she saw in his eyes the animal-like fear and the very humanistic sorrow. His figure forced her to speak in turn, "Inuyasha." He almost crumpled like a marionette with its strings suddenly cut. Inuyasha wrapped his arms around her and gently pulled her to the ground. He held her like a drowning man, terrified of letting go of the only thing keeping him afloat and from being pulled to the dark murky waters of below. She could only hug back and mummer incomprehensible words of comfort as the tears of myriad emotions fell from her eyes and his.

Eventually Kagome calmed him so that she could draw him a bit from herself. Inuyasha looked at her like a wide-eyed child as he told her to, "stop crying, I'll do anything, just stop crying Kagome." His hands lingered to her face, fear rising again that she would flinch at his touch. He place one hand on each of her cheeks, she did not flinch, and with his thumbs slowly wiped away the tears running from her eyes. Kagome mustered a smile at Inuyasha. She was completely drained physically and now emotionally. Inuyasha never acted like this before and Kagome wasn't sure what to do. She rested her head on his shoulder, and her eyes drooped. "Sorry, Inuyasha…"

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