Author: Moonstar(Brandy)

Title: Godspeed Sweet Dreams


Rating: NC-17

Characters: Molly Holly, John Cena and various other WWE superstars.

Spoiler: There has been no roster split.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own any of the people mentioned in this work of fiction and this story, in no way, imitates the wrestlers real lives. All names are copyrighted to Vince Mc Mahon and the WWE Corporation. All wrestlers belong to themselves. The song Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) belongs to the Dixie Chicks. The song "I Melt" belongs to Rascal Flatts. The song "Champagne Supernova" belongs to Oasis.

Summary: John accidentally stumbles upon a secret that Molly tries to keep well hidden.

Distribution: Cristal, Megan....all others, well....ask and ye shall recieve.

Author's Note: This is in response to MollyHollyGirl2003's challenge on It is also dedicated to Rachel, who is THE self-proclaimed, "Mrs. John Cena." blows kisses Here's to you, toots!

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"What do you mean, there's no seats left?! I had a ticket, damnit! It just got misplaced!"

John Cena looked up from his seat on the airport bench. He'd been deeply engrossed in Robert Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land", when he'd heard the raised voices. He glanced over at the ticket counter, surprised to see one of his fellow WWE superstars arguing with a very agitated-looking ticket agent. I know her...that's Bob Holly's cousin.

"I'm sorry, Miss--?"

"Holly. Molly Holly. And I want to speak--"

The woman interupted her. "I'm sorry Miss Holly, but there simply isn't room on the plane for you. We have a flight leaving first thing tomorrow morning for Detroit..."

John had decided to go back to reading, but he couldn't help overhearing where the petite brunette was headed. Detroit was where he now called home and his best friend, Matt Hardy had been coming to stay with him a couple of days during this mini-vacation. Unfortunately, Matt's brother Jeff had taken a spill on his dirtbike and Matt had flown home to North Carolina to take care of him. Matt had given John his ticket. "Maybe you can convince Trish to go with you." Matt had joked, knowing that John had been drooling over the diva for the last 6 months. Now sitting here with two tickets, John thought about helping Molly out. He shrugged to himself. Someone's gotta use the ticket. And since she seem to be in a hurry to get to Detroit...getting up to head over to offer her the ticket, he looked up in time to see Molly's fist connect firmly with the other woman's jaw.

"If I wanted to leave tomorrow then I would have booked a seat on tomorrow's flight!" John raced over, grabbing Molly around the waist and swinging her around as several security guards rushed over to see what was going on. As soon as Molly's feet touched the ground, she swiveled around to see who it was that had rudely interrupted the well deserved ass-pounding she'd been giving the woman. Her cobalt blue eyes flashed angrily at the man standing with his arms still around her.

"Let me go! That bitch has it comin'..." John glanced over his shoulder at the security guard coming their way. Thinking quickly he concocted a plan.

"Go along with whatever I say." he whispered under his breath to Molly as the security guard reached them.

"Excuse me, ma'am, but I'm gonna have to ask you..." John reached out grabbing the older gentleman's hand and shaking it firmly.

"Thank you so much for finding her, Officer. It's so hard to keep track of her in such a crowded place." the old man looked quizically at Molly, then turned to study John.

"Is this lady traveling with you?" John smiled and draped his arm around Molly's shoulder. Giving it a hard squeezing, John reminded her to go with his story.

"Yes, you see my sister is a little mentally...unstable, if you know what I mean." he muffled the sound of protest coming from her lips by patting her cheek---hard. "The psychiatrist says that with a few more sessions , we'll be able to let her out to play by herself again." John watched as the older man's eyes widened. "We were just going to ignore the doctor and let her play by herself anyway, but after the Rodriguez incident,'s just that blood and vomit are so difficult to get out of carpet..." A smiled played around the corners of Molly's lips as the security guard couldn't seem to get far enough away from her.

" mean..keep an eye on her, huh?" With that he hurried over to the now crying ticket agent. Molly turned to John, still smiling for the benefit of any onlookers.

"Blood and vomit? Where in the blue hell did you get that?" John shrugged. He noted the trace of anger in her voice, but had also seen her smile as the old man backed away. Leading her over to the bench he'd just vacated, he turned to her, seriousness in his ice blue eyes.

"It was that or you getting your ass thrown in jail for assault. What's so important in Detroit that you would risk spending the night in a jail cell?" Molly stood abruptly. She and John Cena were "familiar strangers" at best and she owed him no explaination.

"Listen, thanks for saving my butt. Now I've really got to go find a ticket..." John stood as well, towering over her 5 '4" frame.

"You didn't answer my question..."

"That's because it's none of your business." She was right--it was none of his business. So why did he feel the need to keep pressing the matter?

"Well I guess it doesn't matter that I have an extra ticket, then does it?" Molly whirled around from where she'd been making her way to another ticket agent.

"You have a ticket? Honestly?" She asked in disbelief. John nodded.

"Yeah, Matt was going to come with me and Jeff..." he was abruptly cut off by a set of arms being thrown around his neck. He placed his hands on her hips, subconsciencly noting how well they fit in his hands.

"Oh, thank you! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" She laughed. Molly peeled herself off of the "Dr. of Thuganomics", too excited about going home to worry about being embarassed for practically mauling him. "You just don't know how important this is to me."

John blushed, uncomfortable with the brunette's gratitude.

"Well, no point in letting it go to waste." He shoved his hands in his pockets and glanced at the floor. ", the plane leaves in about..." he checked his watch. "Fifteen minutes. You probably need to check your luggage..." Molly shook her head, already lost in thoughts of what needed to be done when she got home.

"Nah. This is all I brought." She held up a large black duffel bag. John arched an eyebrow at her one 'suitcase'.

"That's it? How long were you planning on staying? A few hours?" Molly frowned, shaking her curly brown hair from her eyes.

"No, I'll be there for a week. I'm not prissy or pretty like Stacy or Trish so I don't need to pack everything but the kitchen sink when I go somewhere."

"Just because Trish actually cares about the way she looks doesn't mean that she's prissy. She just likes to always look her best." A mischeivous light glinted in Molly's eyes

"Sounds to me like someone has a crush on a certain three time babe of the year..." She riled, crossing her arms, causing her "Lita" necklace to jangle in the opening of her black buttonup shirt. Though she and Lita were great at playing adversaries on television, they had been best friends for three years. John's face turned beet red and he scowled at her. Suddenly they both heard their flight announced.

"Attention all passengers: Flight 308 from Los Angeles to Detroit is now boarding at gate 4." John turned and grabbed his own carry-on, heading for the gate and leaving Molly to follow in his wake. She hurried after him, finally catching up at the gate.

"It's okay, John. After all you've done for me today, the least I can do is keep your crush on Trish a secret." She pushed in front of him to hand the man her ticket, and started toward the plane. John sighed as he too handed the man his ticket. He had a feeling it was gonna be a long flight.