He couldn't breathe.

Had he really heard what he thought he had slip from Molly's lips? His eyes searched hers frantically, trying to decipher whether or not what she'd told him was said in the heat of the moment. The scarlet blush that suffused her body told him that she'd not meant to say those three little words. But before he could stop his mouth, his heart spoke for him.

"I loved you first."

The surprised happiness that brightened her eyes, rekindled the burning fire of desire that made its way through his body. He took her lips, pouring everything in his heart into that one kiss. His lips teased her own, almost shyly as she opened her mouth to welcome the gentle thrust of his tongue. An overwhelming feeling of completeness washed over him at her graciousness...her whole-hearted response. Pulling away, his lips seemed to cling to hers, as if unwilling to leave the moist warmth. Slowly opening his eyes, he saw Molly looking at him with it seemed like, all the joy and happiness in the world radiating from her cherished face. He traced a finger down the velvety softness of her cheek, wiping away the tears that had spilled over.


She smiled again, reaching up to cradle his face in her hands. "I never thought I - I could feel this way about someone" she said on a whisper, her breath fanning across John's lips, tempting him to taste her again. He did and gentled the kiss even more. He drew away from her to stare deeply into eyes that would forever be etched into his memory.

"Me either. And certainly not this soon." As the words left his mouth a cloud of doubt drifted over her navy blue eyes.

"A-Are you sure that i--" her words were cut off by the gentle pressure of his lips melding with hers. His tongue traced lazy circles around her slightly parted lips and slid to delve into the moist darkness of her mouth. Their tongues dueled for what seemed like an eternity before John's mouth left Molly's to trail down her throat, testing the softness he found there. A ragged gasp tore from Molly's lungs as she felt his lips go lower to trace the gently rounded curve of her upper breast. John looked up, smiling wickedly at the aroused expression on his newfound love's face.

"I've never been more sure of anything else in my entire life," he assured her. He looked down, wanting to memorize her as she was at this moment. Her hair spread out beneath her, her lips moist and swollen from his kisses and love shining so brightly from her eyes that it threatened to blind him. Suddenly he wanted to slow down…to savor the feel of her beneath him. He eased his body down on her, his forearms taking the brunt of his weight once again. "Let me show you," his lips whispered over the soft skin of her stomach, teasing lower until he'd reached the waist band of her jeans. Instinctively, Molly reached down to still him, not wanting to be selfish.

"John, I –"

"Ssshh," he said, silencing her. Molly felt the warmth of his breath as he slowly unfastened her jeans, the material whispering over her smooth skin as they slipped off and onto the floor. The pink scrap of lace that was her excuse for underwear, made John's blood boil hotter, his desire for her more explosive. He kissed her lightly right above the waistband of the lacy material, deeply breathing in her scent.

Molly's hands clutched at John's shoulders as he explored her intimately, licking along the subtle curve of her hips, dipping his tongue underneath her panties. She was tingling all over…her body felt as if it were on pins and needles and the rasp of John's tongue over the entrance to her body sent her arching off the couch, scraping her nails over John's back. She hadn't even realized that he had removed her panties until that moment, then all else left her mind as his tongue did wicked and wonderful things to her body. Molly's body twisted and writhed beneath the onslaught of John's ministrations. She felt rather than heard his chuckle against her heated flesh.

John was loving every minute of his journey around her body and the reactions he was getting from her. Every whimper, every moan drove him to want to bring her to climax over and over. But before he could put his ideas into action, he felt Molly tug him up, meeting his lips with her own. She tasted herself on his mouth and that alone seemed to spur her further into action. Before he could blink, Molly had him on his back jerking off his shorts and tugging his black boxers with them. Her task complete, she grinned mischeivously. Sliding seductively up his body, she stopped, holding herself poised just above her lover's rock hard erection. She leaned forward, allowing her breasts to brush against his chest.

"Tell me you love me again, " she slowly started lowering herself onto him. "Tell me as you come into me."

John's hands came to rest on her hips, pulling her down at the same time he thrust upwards. "I love you, Molly," he gasped as he felt her warmth engulf him. "I'll always love you."

Their rush to completion lasted mere seconds and then, as though a bomb had gone off, they exploded together each with their lovers names on their lips.