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AN: This is an Alanna AU fic, an extreme AU, where after being sent to the convent by her father, Lord Alan of Trebond's daughter decides to forsake her life as a noble, and become a champion of the rights of women instead. She and her friends leave the convent and train to become warriors. In a few years time they are both respected and feared by many, and their clan has grown to include the many women who, like them, felt trapped by the rules of society, so they too became Amazons. Enjoy!

Queen of the Amazons


By Jess S

Brilliant purple eyes set like amethyst gems in a porcelain face watched the approaching knights carefully, scrupulously trained eyes noting the quality of the armor, the weapons and the horses, as well as the size of the company of soldiers with said knights. Whoever they were, they were important to the people of Tortall, that was certain.

And she'd be willing to bet almost anything that one in the center was the crown prince himself. Which would mean, if her spies were correct, that her twin brother was not far behind, as he was the prince's squire.


"I'm sorry, Alanna," Thom of Trebond shook his head as he met his sister's furious gaze with identical eyes, though his betrayed desperation and sorrow, not the abject betrayal bordering on hatred he saw in his twin's. "If there was any chance for success I might be willing to try it, but you and I both know that it could never be done! You're a girl, and in a few more years you'll be a woman. People will notice that!"

"I can handle that when it happens, Thom!" the other redhead insisted. "I can't go to the convent, I hate everything it represents--"

"Just give it a chance! Look at me; do you think I want to go train to become a knight? No! But I have no choice, therefore I will try my best, just like many others who have come before me, no doubt. And you should do that the same, just like the many other girls who probably didn't want to go to a convent, but they did. And in a few years, you'll look back on the memory of this notion as childish nonsense."

"Nonsense? Nonsense?!" the girl shouted, her eyes alight with rage, "How--How dare you?! This is not nonsense, Thom, it is destiny! I will not go a convent to be taught how to sow and curtsy and apply make up!"

"Alanna..." the eleven-year-old boy sighed, shaking his head again as he turned back to continue his packing. "Don't you think there could be a reason that they don't train girls for knighthood?"

"There have been women warriors before!"

"Myths, Alanna, little more. Some might have been lucky or something to earn fame, but there are some things we just aren't able to do. Accept it." He shook his head again, before waiving to the door. "You'd best go finish your packing, sister. You may not see this place for a very long time, so I wouldn't advise leaving anything valuable behind."

"Oh don't worry, I won't," the girl muttered as she stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

End of Flashback

That betrayal had hurt. She had loved her twin, a part of her still did, but she could no longer trust him. Not like she once did. When they had been growing up in the cold, rocky lands surrounding their home, learning how to heal with their Gift from Maude and how to hunt and track from Coram, she had always trusted that he'd be there for her.

Well, the women that served her were utterly loyal, and while the ones that served as spies in the palace weren't the best of warriors, they were no less loyal to their cause.

They were among the few who were no longer willing to bow down to the men. They had survived these last few years, survived and thrived, training themselves and improving. Now they were like the warrior women of legend, the ones that Thom had called mere myths.

Myths the ones of centuries past may have been, but they gave the women of the present hope, and to be certain, the Amazons were no myth. As the knights of Tortall would soon learn.

After a moment's consideration she turned slightly to meet the eyes of her second, Elise. "Prepare for battle. I want them taken alive, but they are not to know the location of our city."

"As you command, my queen," the other woman acknowledged with a slight bow of her head, paying the respect that she and the other women had decided Alanna deserved several years ago. She turned slightly, grabbing onto one of the tall trees branches and using it to sweep down to another branch before grabbing another to swing silently through the trees with the practiced ease bought of several seasons. When she was a few trees away, the brunette brought her hands up to her mouth before making a series of bird cries to relay her commands. When she received the appreciate answering calls, she pulled down her mask, which was that of a fierce eagle.

Alanna nodded her approval, before swinging through the trees herself, staying near the top to shorten the distance of her journey. She would return to their city, trusting Elise to see to it that her orders were carried through, and she would await their arrival there...

She only hoped that she would be able to meet her brother again, face to face, after all these years of pain. She couldn't hate him for his misguided beliefs, not as utterly and completely that the part of her that felt the betrayal wanted, for her heart wouldn't let her do that. Her heart refused to hate someone that she had loved for so long.

As an after thought, she stopped on one of the secure platforms they'd built high in the trees, to bring down her mask. She was good, to be sure, just as well practiced as Elise and all the others at moving through the trees, but she wasn't stupid. The mask was practical protection in both a physical and mental way. If the men knew that they were fighting women to begin with, it would only harm them, but they wanted to beat them out of sheer skill, not male chauvinism. The physical protection was really just to keep the tree branches from damaging their eyes or making them fall. But they weren't bad for appearance either, and so she wasted no time in pulling down her own mask, that of a fierce golden lioness with purple eyes, before continuing to move quickly through the treetops, towards home.

End Prologue.

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Jess S