A/N Well an important moment is almost here. When you look at it this fanfic really started with the last Chapter of Harry Potter and the Moral Dilemma which opened up on May 15th 2009 well This chapter will incorporate May 15th 2010 in it.

Chapter 17(18) The Surprise Party.

One day at the end of April the Gryffindor First years were just packing their bags after Defense Against the Dark Arts when Harry Called out to Hannah.

"Miss Williams, can you spare me a few minutes before you go?" He inquired.

"Sure Professor," Hannah said.

"Amy stick around," Harry said.

"Hannah, how have you been managing since you know?" Harry inquired.

"I've been managing ok Professor. When will I be going back on Duty?" Hannah wondered.

"Soon as you leave here," Harry said. "In case you didn't know Amy's birthday is on May 15th which happens to be a Saturday. I was thinking we could have a surprise party for her. Besides her mother and I have a very special present on order for her. It should be here in time. Here is the thing Hannah you will have the job of planning the party. I spoke to Professor Translet and she has no problem with you simply sitting in on Amy's Japanese class. Besides Marcus takes that class as well."

"Professor, why I don't know but I think Marcus can be trusted around Amy besides I doubt Amy wants me hanging around when she is sneaking around the castle with him."

"I hope you are right for a have a feeling things might be getting pretty serious between them," Harry said.

Hannah then left his office. When she got into the classroom she saw Professor Translet was there talking to Amy.

"Amy, ready to head back?" Hannah wondered. "I'm back on duty as of now."

"I'll see to it she makes it back to Gryffindor Williams kikon. I want to discuss her performance in class with her as it is," Kari said.

Hannah then returned to Gryffindor. Melanie Happened to be in the Common Room when she walked in.

"Melanie, you busy?"

"No I'm not Hannah why is something bothering you?" the prefect wondered.

"Sort of," Hannah said.

"Let's go in my room," Melanie suggested.

Fairly soon they were in Melanie's room in the Tower.

"OK What's bugging you Hannah?"

"I went back on duty after class today and well Professor Potter gave me an assignment that might be problematic," Hannah said.

"What kind of assignment?"

"Planning a surprise party for Amy's Birthday It's in a few weeks on May 15th," Hannah said.

"I see your problem. Duty interferes with the preparations," Melanie said. "Tell you what I'll act as your special secret assistant. I'll develop a special code for our plans one that Amy won't know."

Amy meanwhile had Kari walk with her to Hagrid's.

"Why Hello Amy Kari, how is everything?" Hagrid wondered.

"Everything is going good Hagrid, You know what's in roughly two and a half weeks don't you?" Amy wondered.

"A Quidditch Match?" Hagrid asked.

"No but there is one the Saturday Before and the Saturday After but not one Gryffindor is playing in. The Next Gryffindor Match Gryffindor plays in isn't until After finals. Something better Hagrid and a lot more exciting then even a Quidditch Match," Amy said.

"Then it must be really exciting since A Quidditch Match can be extremely exciting," Hagrid said. "Take the Quidditch Cup Match of '94 now that was exciting. Your father played in that match if I remember correctly."

"Try my birthday you big baboon," Amy almost screamed at him.

"Now see here Amy never call me a Big Baboon. I should take every Point from Gryffindor for that," Hagrid screamed. "But I won't since you were most likely only joking," Hagrid finished with after calming down. "Which Birthday would this be?"

"My twelfth," Amy said. "I might just sneak home that weekend celebrate it in peace. Heck I might even give Hannah that weekend off."

"Amy-sama would Hannah take the weekend off necessarily. It seems like she takes her duty seriously?" Kari wondered.

"If I worked it right I probably could talk her into it," Amy said.

"You at least want some tea Amy?" Hagrid wondered so long as she was there.

"Sure Hagrid," Amy said. "You got any Japanese varieties?"

"Fraid not just English types including some Earl Grey."

"The Japanese almost take their tea as seriously as the English do," Kari said. "I'll have to owl some people I know in Japan about getting some."

"When you get some let me know Translet kykoju," Amy said.

"I might even set aside some time in class for drinking some Japanese Tea," Kari said.

Shortly after the tea Kari and Amy returned to the castle. Myrtle was waiting for Amy in the Entrance Hall.

"Where were you hiding?"

"Hagrid's," Amy said. "Come on we better get back to Gryffindor."

Amy and Myrtle then headed for the Tower.

"IF you could only choose one guy to spend your birthday with who would you choose?" Myrtle wondered.

"I don't know," Amy said knowing Myrtle would keep it to herself.

"You think you had it rough at one time I surprisingly enough had three boys vying for my attention. But then IT happened."

"Oh," Amy said realizing what her friend and confidant was talking about. "Man Myrtle it's hard to believe I'm almost twelve." As Amy was walking toward Gryffindor she had a chance encounter with a Professor that had Huge Glasses and her hair was all concealed under a scarf of some type. The rest of her was equally strange.

"Hello miss You are a first year are you not?" the professor inquired.

"Yes I am. I'm Amy Potter my dad is ."

"The assistant Headmaster. Yes I know. I knew your parents when they were students. In fact your mother went into labor during my class," the professor told her. "You are the only Potter child born to your mother so far If I remember correctly."

"Yes I am. They are adopting two twin girls right now though."

"As yes the Muggle born sisters of your roommate. Make note Miss Potter the Potter line will not be ending with your father. There will be another male born into your family."

"But my mom is almost convinced she won't be able to give birth to another child so where would my brother come from?"

"That I'm not going to say Miss Potter. Mind you I don't see you taking my class."

"Why what class do you teach?"


Shortly after the Professor headed off Amy turned to Myrtle.

"Myrtle, find Hannah, have her meet me in my dad's office. I think I should discuss this matter with him," Amy said.

Amy then headed for her dad's office with Kari accompanying him. Hannah arrived at an almost full run just as she reached the classroom. Harry was grading papers when they walked in.

"Something up?"

Amy then described what the Divination professor had told her.

"That does sound like Sybil Trelawney. This prediction could be one of her false predictions. Although if it is true your mother would be quite pleased. After all she has had it rough with those two miscarriages. The second one was dangerously far into the pregnancy. Mind you this prediction doesn't get discussed outside of this room."

"I won't mention it to anyone dad," Amy said.

"I certainly won't," Hannah said.

They then headed for Gryffindor. Once there Amy headed for her room to work on a small list

Things I want for my birthday

A Broom preferably a Lightning 100

To sort out my feelings toward boys.

For Professor Snape to break out in a Fox Trot during dinner.

A few sweaters

Chocolate lots and lots of Chocolate.

She then used a concealing charm on the list. Over top of it she started working on a paper for Defense Against the Dark Arts. She knew that Harry would probably use a revealing charm on it just in case she had left a secret message as she had been known to do. That night she headed for her Japanese class.

"I hope no one minds if I take attendance real quick. Adams."












"As I'm sure a few of you noticed WE have a visitor today Hannah Williams of Gryffindor," Kari said.

"What Brings you here Hannah?" Righta Angle a first year Ravenclaw wondered.

"I'm here at the request of Professor Potter," Hannah replied.

"Amy, Sarah said Hi," Righta said.

"arigato Righta-chan," Amy said.

"do itashimashite Amy-chan."

Kari then took the time to teach them several Japanese words for various foods.

AS the next few weeks progressed Amy tried to keep her eyes peeled either for the Mysterious Professor Trelawney or for more signs of Hecate prowling around. She kept close to the castle not once thinking of slipping home. Finally it was the day before her birthday. During lunch Harry walked over to the Gryffindor table and sat down with Amy and her crew minus Marcus.

"So what does everyone have planned for the weekend?" He wondered.

"Well After Tea at Hagrid's this afternoon I was figuring on slipping home for a nice quiet weekend," Amy said.

"Nice try Amy but I think you should stay here this weekend," Harry said.

"Come on Dad. I haven't been home once since Easter Holidays ended. This seems like a good weekend to do it. I'm sure Mom would have no problem with my stopping by," Amy said.

"Amy, for all you know Hecate might have been spotted again in the area. After all I think they were considering canceling the Hogsmeade Weekend the weekend after the next Quidditch Match," Hannah said since she knew what was up.

"Yeah which is Next weekend. Ravenclaw will be a hard match to call since they had two matches in a three week time frame after having nothing for the entire year. OK so they did embarrass Slytherin but then So did we," Amy said. "Even if I think Marcus threw the match."

"I did not. Your team is just too good," Marcus said as he slipped up and placed a quick peck on Amy's cheek before slipping away. "If anything you are the best player on the team."

"I agree Amy," Julie Watkins said.

That day Amy worked hard during Herbology.

"This class is always something else," Geoff commented during class.

"Well it's basically the wizard equivalent of Botany," Julie commented.

"True but they don't deal with the kids of plants we do. Their plants are so boring," Emily joked.

"True but at least our plants don't try to bite our heads off. Except for Venus Fly Traps of course if you aren't careful," Hannah said. "Amy who is part of the group for tea at Hagrid's this week?"

"You, Me, Emily, Geoff, Marcus, and Professor Translet I think," Amy said.

Right after class the Gryffindor Bunch headed for Hagrid's hut meeting up with Marcus and Kari enroute.

"Amy, I heard some strange rumor that your birthday is coming up," Kari said.

"Tomorrow Professor," Amy said.

"I C," Kari said. "The Japanese term for Happy Birthday is a real mouthful."

"What exactly is it Professor?" Emily wondered.

"otanjoubiomedetougozaimasu," Kari said.

"You aren't kidding Professor. I'd hate to have that on a test," Marcus said.

"I doubt it will be on the final this year," Kari said.

"Any luck finding the Japanese Tea Kari?" Hagrid wondered.

"Not yet Hagrid?" Kari responded with her fingers crossed where not even her students could see it. A Knock appeared on the door right then. Righta Angle and Giva Mercer were on the other side.

"Oh Hi Professor Hagrid is Professor Translet here?" Righta wondered.

"Right here Angle kikon Mercer kikon," Kari said.

"We were headed for your room to discuss what we did last class only we saw your note," Giva said.

"Yeah I figured I would join Amy-sama and her friends for tea. When you look at it we have the whole class here," Kari said.

"That we do," Amy said. "I find I enjoy your class almost as much as I enjoy a lot of my traditional classes. Yours more since it's non traditional. Students of different years and all meeting at one time."

"That could change next year For Instance Marcus might not necessarily be in the same section as you. You, Emily, Geoff, and Righta might be in the same section but Giva and Marcus might be in different sections since Marcus will be a fourth year and Giva a fifth year," Kari said.

"Fifth Year and in the running for Prefect," Giva said.

"Giva I thought you were a quidditch player," Amy said.

"I am but that doesn't mean I can't be both," Giva said. "Besides I heard a rumor that when Josh graduates in a couple years that Amy might be the next Gryffindor Captain."

"Yeah Right I'll only be a fourth year when we need a new captain," Amy said.

"So Oliver Wood was a fifth year when your dad started playing Quidditch. One of the best players we ever had," Hagrid said.

"Who Carly's dad or my dad?" Amy wondered since she knew how good her dad was.

"Well Both actually."

"Are those things safe?" Righta asked referring to the plate full of untouched rock cakes.

"Not really Righta," Amy said.

"They can be a bit hard to eat," Emily informed her classmate.

The next day Amy woke up and looked at the clock on the wall of her dorm room.

Ten O'Clock already. Why didn't anyone wake me even Dobby could have taken the time to.

She looked over and saw a small domed metal lid over a plate.

This could prove interesting. At least they made sure I had a chance to eat. She lifted it up to find French Toast. A very strong tea, some oatmeal and a Huge glass of iced pumpkin juice. There was also a note.

Amy Quidditch Practice is at 2PM on the Pitch. Make sure you show up exactly at 2PM don't show up early.


Something is definitely up. I recognize the two sets of initials One is Josh's initials the other is my dad's. Funny when I checked with Carla last night she said we didn't have practice. Yet a note from Josh and my dad says practice is at 2pm.

After she ate she put some clothes on and went down to the almost completely deserted common room.

There isn't a Hogsmeade Weekend this weekend it's weekend after next. Yet there is no one around. Oh well this close to the end of the year everyone is probably in the library. Amy then noticed Padfoot snoozing in one corner.

"Hello Padfoot," Amy said.

"Happy Birthday Amy," Sirius said after he transformed. "How did Pettigrew ever manage hiding for twelve years as a rat yet I can barely move if I remain a dog for too long."

"Couldn't tell you Sirius," Amy said. "Is it ever quiet around here.

"Too Quiet Amy. One thing I've learned is when it's this quiet something is usually about to happen. How come you aren't in Hogsmeade?" Sirius wondered.

"Dad recommended I not go home this weekend. Why I don't know. Hannah agreed with me being worried about Hecate maybe being nearby. Yet you would think Hannah would be all for it because of the twins," Amy said.

During Lunch Amy was surprised very few Gryffindors were around. Shortly before 2pm Amy started heading toward the Quidditch Pitch slipping into the deserted locker room a few minutes before. Sirius as Padfoot was right behind her. He whimpered a little.

"I agree Carla should be in here getting ready if we indeed have practice."

Right at 2PM Amy came crashing through the doors she had marched through a Few times before.


Amy almost fell over.

"OK Who set this whole thing up?" She wondered.

"Hannah did with my help," Melanie said. "After all if she was with you all the time she couldn't very well plan everything so I helped her behind the scenes."

She noticed several boxes of various sizes including one that was long and thin.

"Amy I'm surprised you didn't realize the note wasn't in either Josh's or your dad's handwriting," Hannah said.

"Who wrote it then?" Amy wondered.

"I did actually," Sirius said.

You obviously had the whole of Gryffindor house working on this since the house was empty this morning.

"Well we sort of did," Ginny said as she walked up. "We won't bite if you started to open your presents."

Amy opened a smaller box first tagged to Amy-chan from Translet kykoju. Inside she saw several small packages of loose leaf tea with oriental characters on it.

"Oh man if only I could read the pictographs," Amy said. "Translatia."

The pictographs then turned into English.

"Arigato Translet kykoju," Amy said. "Yet I thought you told Hagrid you hadn't been successful."

"You were right there so I couldn't tell him the truth," Kari said.

Another box was marked from Lynda and Abigale. Inside was several Chocolate frogs.

Another gift was marked from Geoff and Marcus. It was short and somewhat flat. She opened it to find a picture of the three of them taken during the Valentine's Day Ball after things had calmed down following the duel that wasn't.

Amy eventually came to the long thin package. She very carefully opened it to discover it's contents. Inside was a broom stick. Up near the end of the handle was the model of the broom and a small plate.

"Made especially for Amy L Potter. Amy took a close look at the model on the broom.

Thunderstick 1000 it said.

"I'm not familiar with this model," Josh said when he took a look at it.

"It just came out this month I think. When I was at Quality Quidditch Supplies back over the Easter Holidays with Hannah, Lynda Malfoy, and a couple of my cousins I was looking at the Lightning 100 and the owner said how this broom was just coming out on the market next month which would be this month," Amy said. "In fact he was worried the waiting list would be enough to just barely cover the first shipment."

"Believe it or not Amy your father and I were the first people to reserve a Thunderstick That might be part of the reason that the plate was added to it," Ginny said.

"I doubt very many people get what looks like a custom made broom unless they are a wealthy as Malfoys," Amy said.

"Actually Malfoy doesn't plan on adding this broom to his stable. HE is a little worried about it's speed rating," Harry said.

Of course Amy was already mounting her broom so she could give it a test flight. Before they knew it Amy was flying circles around the Goal posts Of course all you saw was the blur since she had taken it to almost full speed.

"Oh man Ravenclaw's chasers will have a hard time knowing whether it's safe to throw the Quaffle or not," Steve said.

Shortly after that Amy was back on the ground. Her usually immaculate hair was all over the place.

"Whoa you really look like a Potter now," Harry joked.

Of course Amy used a quick charm to fix her hair Only to have Peeves show up to give Amy a shower of Every Flavor Beans.

"Peeves you want to look like a ruddy rainbow again?" Amy growled at him.

"Not Especially," the poltergeist responded. "Oh ah Amy think fast."

Peeves had picked up Amy's huge birthday cake and was gearing up to drop the Huge bound of chocolate all over Amy. Only for Harry to use a banishing charm on the poltergeist.

"Why does he always have to ruin festive times?" Hermione wondered.

"That's just the way Peeves is I guess," Amy said. Just as the cake landed right on top of the transfiguration professor.

"Man professor you don't look so good," a fourth year commented.

"Amy, you any idea what spell was used on Peeves that time he ended up looking like a rainbow?" Hermione wondered.

"As a matter of fact professor I do," Amy said.

"Good make him as vibrant as you can," Hermione pleaded.

"Oh I will," Amy said a mischievous grin going across her face.

That night at dinner Amy looked around for the Potions Master but couldn't find him.

"He had to go to a Convention of Potions Instructors in Bulgaria this weekend. Best part is no Potions Class this week," Geoff said.

"Rats," Amy said.