I heard my breath coming in short small pants, and gasps, as I bolted through the forest, my adrenaline rush spreading from my toes to my head. I could see the trees and bushes passing in a green and brown blur as my eyes darted towards any area of the woods where something terrible would end up happening. I halted and sobbed as I knew I had no idea where I was. I knew why I was here, of course. Something was after me. My senses prickled, and the hairs on my neck rose. The moon was full, and bright, illuminating the world.

Pretty much a world away from my own...

I sped up making my heart pound restlessly against my ribcage, my whole body shaking violently. My vision blurred and I could barely make out my pale bare feet.

With an impact so fierce, I was swept off my feet and pummeled into the ground, my face landing painfully against moist soil and twigs. I felt my face crumple with tears of excruciating pain and panted tiredly.

Without warning strong, somehow, threatening hands grabbed my shoulders violently. I cried out in pain. The man bent down low, and squeezed my shoulders tightly, so tight I felt as if they were broken. With a sickening crunch, he snapped my leg and I screamed, into the deathly quiet night. Screaming in such a quiet whispery place, seemed bad. Almost sinful. My head was throbbing. The man crouched so low his lips were beside my ear.

"We make our on choices," he whispered, ever so gently I felt like sleeping.

"We make our on choices, my daughter," he repeated, next to my ear.

The man let go of my shoulders forcefully and laid down on the ground next to me. I could feel his pulse, his aura, and his heart thumping against me. His breath was tickling the curve of my ear, and I wanted to cry. The night air was crisp and shallow, and the distant sounds of kids lighting of fire crackers was in the air, and I wondered why I was the one in this position, instead of the lucky teenaged delinquents, trying to wake up the delinquents.

I hated them. I really did. While I was the one here, taking one for the team, while they were choking back a stolen beer, and I was choking back on my own blood, and tears, that had been shed in vain, while they were keep track of who was easy, and what Chinese place was easiest to rob, I hated them. I hated them with an unholy passion. A passion so fierce that it was taking over my very being.

I hated them.

"But I will be the judge, to see if you make the right ones, my child," were his last words before he swept off into the night as quickly as he came.