Disclosure - Why the President would amend the rules for Jack and Sam. A crossover with Tom Clancy's novels.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Stargate characters or concepts. I am merely borrowing them. I am also borrowing several characters from the Jack Ryan series by Tom Clancy (up through Executive Orders). I have the utmost respect for Mr. Clancy, so any mischaracterization of them is my fault.

Genre: Adventure, Drama

Pairing: Sam and Jack of course!

Spoilers: For Stargate SG-1, all the way up through Season Seven and the first episodes of Season Eight where Jack takes over the SGC. Jack Ryan Novels, up through and including Executive Orders (and a spoiler from The Bear and the Dragon, Robbie is VP).

Timeline: So, I have taken a few liberties with this to combine the two worlds. Stargate timeline- this is about three and a half years after the end of season seven where President Hayes has been recently inaugurated. Jack Ryan timeline- this is probably in the early summer before he himself is elected as President, between Executive Orders and The Bear and the Dragon. One of the big liberties I have taken in combining the two worlds: President Hayes from Season Seven of Stargate is President Durling from Tom Clancy's novels. So in conclusion, Jack O'Neill has been head of the SGC for three years now and it's been ten years since the beginning of the series. Jack Ryan has been President for about eight months.

Author's Notes: So the idea of this crossover came from reading "A New Life" by Brenna (I highly recommend this story!) The idea of writing a story about Presidential intervention came from reading a whole bunch of stories where the President gives them an exemption, I always wonder why? There'd have to be a personal connection right? He'd have to have met them right?

Also, I will try my best to clearly distinguish Jack O'Neill and Jack Ryan. If I just use Jack, hopefully the context will be clear so you know which one I am referring to.

I hope you enjoy this. Please send me any and all types of reviews (comments and critiques). Well, on with the story!

The White House

It was after eight o'clock when General Hammond stepped into the office. The man behind the desk looked up when he heard his door being opened, unannounced. A slight smile appeared on his face when he saw George, "General, how the hell are you?"

"I told you to call me George Arnie!" he teasingly chastised his friend as he held his hand out and shook hands.

"Not when you're in uniform!" he retorted. "How are things over at the Pentagon?" he cautiously asked him.

Hammond let out a deep sigh, "It's getting harder and harder! I'm glad we're finally doing this… How the hell did we do this the past eight months Arnie?" he asked him unsure himself.

What they had done was keep the biggest secret on the planet a secret from even their own government over the past few months, ever since that fateful night in October when a crazed JAL pilot had crashed his plane into a Joint Session of Congress. They had kept an organization run by the United States Air Force a secret from the new President, the new Congress that had been elected, the new Cabinet, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the recently confirmed Vice President. There were only three people in official Washington who knew about Stargate Command: General George Hammond, former CO of the SGC; Major Paul Davis, liaison between the SGC and the Joint Chiefs; and Arnold Van Damn, Chief of Staff to the last two presidents and, now, the current Commander in Chief of the United States who had been unexpectedly promoted.

Before that night in October, there were quite a few people in Washington who knew about the SGC and their mission. But that night, the President, the Secretary of Defense, the Joints Chiefs, their aides, and almost a thousand other innocent victims died in the fireball that had become the Unites States Capitol building.

Once things had reasonably settled down after the incident, Arnie had met with Paul and George on how to proceed. They had decided that it was too dangerous to let anyone know about the program. Besides, it wasn't like they could report anything to Congress, and the ones who were newly elected were too wet behind the ears to hear something so vital as the SGC. With respect to the President, and the Cabinet he was forming, they knew he had enough on his plate. And besides, they didn't know if he would be there after the next election. Luckily the SGC's budget for the coming year had already been approved, so they could operate under the radar, albeit carefully and with a lot of side-stepping done by Major Davis and General Hammond over at the Pentagon.

But now, things were different. President John 'Jack' Patrick Ryan had finally gotten his best friend, Rear Admiral Robert 'Robbie' Jackson, USN Retired, confirmed by Congress as his Vice President. There was now an official Washington and an established line of succession to the presidency. After recent polls showed Jack Ryan with a twenty-point lead over his challenger for the Presidential election in November, the three co-conspirators had concluded that Jack Ryan would indeed be their next President for the next four years, and it was time to let him in on the secret that was the SGC.

Arnie shook his head, "I don't know George… But after tonight, we'll either still have our jobs or be brought up on charges of treason!"

George looked at the Chief of Staff, who he now called a friend and colleague, seriously, "How will he react?"

"He's a historian and an analyst… And he understands National Security…"

George chuckled, "Hopefully he'll understand Global Security!"

Arnie laughed as he stood up and called Mrs. Ellen Sumter, executive secretary to the President. As he waited for her to pick up, he smiled at George, "I hope so too… Mrs. Sumter, is the President done with his meeting?… Okay, thank you very much." He replaced the receiver and walked around the desk to lead George to the adjoining Oval Office. "I guess it's time to find out…"