before I begin, may I point out that a gypsy can be reffered to as an Egyption and/or Bohemian (if that answers the question of you guys out there who don't know what it means, no offense to you though). Ok, back to the story..

Chapter one- The circus

"Why are we doing this again?" Raven's annoyed voice rung in Cyborg's ears as she stood firm, refusing to walk into the giant circus tent.

"Because, Rae, we all wanna go, and you're the only one who doesn't."

"Fine, then. Tell me why everyone else just HAD to drag me here." She was becoming very tense now.

"Robin and I are going because we both agree that the team deserves a well needed break, Star because, well, she's Star, and you know that ridiculous thrill BB gets when he sees people doing something disgusting or stupid." Cyborg nudged Raven in the arm at this comment, but began to back away as the empath quickly began to burn with a menacing black energy. He could tell she was in a bad mood when her powers were on the edge.

"Come on, Rae, it's the circus!!" He gestured his hand around an area that Raven was forced to glimpse upon. An alien, a metamorph, and a boy wonder anxiously looked about, trying in vain to see which 'totally awesome' show they should see. Even though the main attraction was inside the tent, there were other things outside that, also a part of the circus, would automatically catch your eye. Clowns with giant balloons left and right, dressed up men on abnormally tall stilts walking around to their leisure, gypsies unloading their many carts, and other normal circus people. With a desperate look on her face, she heaved a giant sigh,

"Fiiiiiiiiiine, as long as Beast Boy doesn't volunteer to get in the ring and do some 'tricks' again."

"Knew you'd come around. Now, let's get Star away from that clown".

(f.y.i. this story doesn't completely revolve around Cy and Raven, not at all. this is just the beginning.)

As the five teen superheroes walked into the big top, a particular flyer caught their eye. Robin took it in his hand and read it aloud: "Come one and all to the great bonfire at sunset to see the beautiful fire dancer." And towards the bottom it read, "if you have not already paid for admission, it is $10 to see this show".

"Sounds good to me" Cyborg replied. Best Boy spoke up,

"Sounds pretty cool, and I wanna see just how beautiful this 'fire dancer' is."

Raven rolled her eyes, "is that all you care about?"

"Personally, I as well would like to know the wherabouts of this dancer of fire" Starfire mused.

"We'll just have to find out then" Robin said with a satisfied tone in his voice. He, too, was rather curious about what this performance would bring.

Even though there was nothing wrong with this circus, none of them knew that their whole lives would change after that bonfire performance at dusk.

Author's note: sorry its so short, I'm just such a slow typer. I will immediately start working on the next chapter, Bye!