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She looked at herself in the mirror and smoothen her dress. She heard a faint knock and saw his head popped in. "It is time."

She gave him a small smile and went out of the room. "Sorry. I got carried away. Are we ready?"

He nodded. He offered his arm for her to take and guided her to a huge mahogany door. He noticed that she was playing with the sequins on her dress. He took her hands into his. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Just nervous. Besides it is too late to back out now." With a nod, he pushed opened the door.

Everyone instantly turned to their direction. Taking a deep breath, they both slowly walked down the aisle. He nodded to familiar faces while she gave them a small smile. She squeezed his hand when they arrived at the altar.

The priest each gave them a nod before proceeding. "We are gathered here today..." he paused as he noticed the grip on her partner arm became obvious and when he was sure that she was okay, he continued "for the funeral of Draco Vincent E. Malfoy. Now I am not about to go on and blabber things that you might say I know nothing about so I will turn you over to the people who know him best." He left to take a seat together with the people.

"First of all I would like to thank everybody for coming here today. Knowing that you are here sets our hearts at ease. As most of you know, my name is Lyra and beside me is my twin brother Leo. Where do I begin? Well for starters my father was not the best man to ever be with. He was, forgive the word, a bastard one-fourth of his life as what my uncles have told me." She paused as she heard small chuckles from the crowd.

"But despite that... he was the most caring, loving, irritating father any child could have. It still amazes us how he could have managed to take care of the two of us and somehow still managed to survive the experience. He was a man I will forever look up to and I am sure my brother thinks the same. We love him very much and no words can really describe what we are going through right now. Having said that, it doesn't mean we love our mother less. How much we love our father is exactly the same as our mother. In our eyes not only do we see our father but we also see our mother as well, guiding him through things he can't comprehend. Actually if I told you every single good deed my father did, it will probably take us years to finish. Instead of doing that, we are here to read you something of my fathers." Leo took out a letter from his pants and handed it to Lyra.

"We think that instead of mourning him, we read this letter to you. The day my Uncle Ron found him dead, he was leaning against my mother's epitaph clutching this letter in his hand. Hopefully it will be how you remember my father and not the man that he was a long time ago. Here goes:

My Dear-dearest Ginny," her hands began to shake and tears formed in her eyes. "Sorry. Let me try that again."

The crowd was starting to get emotional seeing Lyra.

"My Dearest.." that was as far as she could go as tears streamed down her face.

"I'll do it Lyra." Leo took the letter from her and hugged her with his other arm.

"October 28, 2089

My Dearest Ginny,

It has been a long time my love. Forty-six long years and I am still missing you every day. I still can't believe that you are gone. It seemed like it was just yesterday when you agreed to marry me. I feel my time has really come. I am really proud to say that our children are all grown up now. I wouldn't have done it without you guiding me. All these years I could feel you with me always.

Ever since you died I felt like every day was hell for me. I was lonely. I felt like my heart was ripped out of me. I felt cheated that you were taken away from me. I can't help but feel that I deserved it and I know you'll just say that it was how it was from the beginning. That didn't stop me from hoping though but I never once blamed you. I am very blessed though that despite the way I treated you before, you chose to spend the remaining of your life with me. Thank you, my love. I am so lucky to have you love me.

Sometime after your death I went to see a psychiatrist named Leah. I believe you know her from when you were a mediwitch. She helped me go through the ordeal of losing you. She made me think of the most painful memories I have of you but... she also made me remember the beautiful memories. She made me remember that I have to be strong for our twins. The sessions were supposed to help me move on but to be honest I never did or rather I chose not to. It wasn't that I was afraid but I couldn't stop loving you. It would be unfair of me to move on with someone else then in the end she'll find out that I haven't given myself completely to her.

Oh sweetheart. I just wish you were here with me. There are a lot of things that I want to tell you face to face. If you were here right now then I'd tell you that you made me into a better person. You made me into someone I can be proud of. You taught me how to be selfless, taught me how to care but most of all you taught and showed me how to love. Loving you is one of the things that I still proudly say until now.

God I miss you terribly. I miss your touch. I miss your beautiful smile that lights up the room. I miss holding you and kissing you. I miss the way your brows crease when I do something wrong. I miss the warmth that you give me. I miss how you tell me you love me when things go wrong... you made it seem that nothing matters anymore. I miss your sleeping face beside our perfect twins. I just miss you.

I will continue to love you for eternity my darling. In our next life I promise to do everything I can... just to be with you. I love you Virginia. It is time for me to be home with you. I'll come see you now.

Until we meet again.

Forever yours,


Nobody said anything after that. They just offered their hugs to them as they slowly said their goodbyes to Draco before shutting the coffin. They walked silently to the grave yard and gathered beside Ginny's epitaph.

"Hi Mommy. Daddy is home." Lyra said which only made her want to cry.

"We love you both." Leo hugged his sister as he now felt his eyes water.

Each of them threw a rose as Draco was being buried. No one dare break the comfortable silence they were in. As they said their goodbyes, Leo and Lyra was left standing on the fresh mound on the ground.

Lyra squeezed Leo's hand. "Do you see it Leo?"

He watched at the horizon Lyra was looking at and smiled. "Yeah. Come on. Our families are waiting for us."

To anybody who looked to where they just did they would see a beautiful horizon about to be gone but to them they saw their father take in their mother's hand, looked back at them, smiled then waved goodbye.