The Card IV

By PaBurke

Rating: G

Series: Short communiqués between Jack O'Neill and his clone. Part IV.

Spoilers: Season 8

Disclaimer: SG1 goes to SciFi.

Word Count: 100

Distribution: Mini-Jack Mailing List

Bills had hidden this card. The teen wondered which friend had died now. The front of the card featured a candle, inside was a Kodak picture. Master Bra'tec stood between a boy and a girl in front of a metal, military ramp. Jack smirked, knowing the 'Gate had been cropped.

The note read:

'They wanted a goat. I offered a piñata. Now Teal'c has a daughter.'

Jack looked at the picture again. Ry'ac had grown to be a strong young man, obviously in love. He wondered what calamity forced the ceremony to be held in the SGC.

The clone sighed.