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Author's Note: I, Padmé Evenstar, have written the first chapter, well more of a prologue. This is along the lines of the LotR plot, but using SW characters and locations. See if you can guess which SW characters are which LotR characters. Please review!

The Lord of the Holocron: The Fellowship of the Holocron


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

The Jedi were guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy. Over many, many years they developed the skill that allowed them to store special and powerful information in holocrons, small cubes that could store enormous amounts of information. They used them to aid in teaching others.

The evil Sith, however, also learned the art of making these holocrons, only their's were small pyramids instead of cubes. The evil lord of the Sith, Emperor Sidious, created a holocron with all the information and power of the Sith. This holocron would give the Sith enough power to take over the entire galaxy, if given the chance.

However, Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas, Jango Fett, and his son Boba led an army against the Sith to prevent them from taking over. The battle took place on the Death Star, the main base of the Sith, and for a while, things were going well. Until both Jango and Sifo-Dyas were killed. It was then, as their last hope was fading, that Boba Fett took up his fallen father's blaster and shot the Holocron from the Emperor's hand, taking it for his own. The evil Emperor was defeated. But not destroyed.

But Boba took the Holocron with him on his way back to Coruscant. He was ambushed by a squad of Droid fighters near Tatooine, and died in the fighting that followed on the planet's surface. The Holocron was lost in the middle of the Dune Sea and forgotten for many years.

Then it was found by a pair of Dugs. For a while they fought over it, until the one called Sebulba killed his companion and took it with him into the city. He used its power to help him win his podraces, but during one of them, he lost it in the desert.

It was picked up by a moisture farmer, Cliegg Lars, who took it away with him to the planet of Naboo, where he lived with his wife, Shmi. He lived with her in peace for many years, almost forgetting about the strange treasure he had acquired on his travels to Tatooine. That is until it began to take a hold on his mind.