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Title : Our Little Family
Rating : PG-13
Summary : Sequel to Our Little Secret How life for Buffy, Spike, and Rebecca worked out once they arrived back in Sunnydale. Complete with Scoobies, Slayers, Vampires, love, hate, trust (or lack of), growing up, living life, coping with weirdness, and of course a whole load of Spuffy love!
Disclaimer : All recognisable characters from BtVS / AtS belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Any unrecognisable characters from the shows (most specifically Rebecca) belong to me!

Chapter 1

"Spike, stop" Buffy made a very weak argument as Spike continued to kiss her neck, his hands running all over her body as he pinned her to the bed.

"You're the Slayer" he reminded her, "Do something about it. Make me stop"

There was just no way she could do that, he was too good at making her want him, and to be perfectly honest it didn't take much effort before she was helpless against him.

"You're evil" she giggled as she returned his advances and he chuckled near her ear.

"What can I tell you baby, I've always been bad" he reminded her, as it seemed inevitable the pair were not getting up from this bed for quite some time, until...

"Mom!" a voice yelled from down the hall and Buffy regrettably shifted to get away.

"Oh come on" Spike complained, trying to keep a hold on her, "She can wait fifteen minutes"

"William Blackwell!" Buffy pretended to be shocked as she finally made her escape from his grasp, "You would ignore your daughter for the sake of your own...fun?" she said, giving him a look as she headed for the door.

Spike grumpily climbed off the bed and followed her out and down the hall where they stopped in the doorway of their daughters room.

"Rebecca, must you scream for your mother's attention when we're...busy?" Spike asked her, "Didn't mind so much when you were a little bit but are you not big enough to do things for yourself now?"

"Daddy, you know only Mom can do my hair the way I want it for tonight" the almost-sixteen year old seated at the vanity table smiled, "and once I go out you can be as busy as you want together...just please don't ever tell me what you did" she made a face and her father smirked.

"No chance of that, pet" he assured her, "You're far too young to understand" he said as he kissed Buffy's cheek and disappeared downstairs. He always needed a stiff drink whenever his daughter so much as mentioned going out on a date. The scotch supply in the house had gone down rapidly lately.

Rebecca rolled her eyes as her mother came into her room.

"Why does Dad still think I'm a kid?" she sighed, "Sixteen years old in one week, hello"

Buffy smiled a she came to stand behind her daughter and started brushing her long blonde hair.

"You'll always be his little girl" the Slayer told the reflection of the younger girl in the mirror, "and my special baby" she added in a whisper, memories rushing from the back of her mind, flooding into the present like the tide catching up with her. Could it really be almost sixteen years since the day her Rebecca was born?

- - - - - - -

"Y'know something, Rebecca?" Buffy asked the tiny baby in her arms, "You were totally worth the effort, but Mommy feels like such a hideous mess right now"

"Personally, I think her Mum looks beautiful" said a voice and Buffy smiled as she looked up and saw Spike framed in the doorway of the hospital room, "I called Joyce" he said as he came over and sat down on the edge of the bed, putting his arm around his woman and the baby she held in her arms, "She was gonna drive straight here, but I told her maybe tomorrow would be better. Thought you could use some sleep"

Buffy's response was a rather large yawn as the child in her arms did the same.

"I am so proud of you" Spike told her, kissing the top of her head. She soon moved to put her lips to his.

"I love you" she whispered, "I really do, you were amazing out there, when I really needed you"

"And I love you" he reminded her, letting the compliment slip by but grinning like an idiot at the sound of her words. He figured it was going to take a while for him to get used to hearing words of love from her, but every time it would thrill him. He looked down at the baby then, and realised that seeing her everyday, bringing her up, knowing she was him and the Slayer perfectly combined, that would make him so happy too.

"You wanna hold?" Buffy asked when she noticed his attention had diverted from her to Rebecca and he nodded. The baby stirred slightly as she was put into her father's waiting arms and Spike knew if he were less strong he would cry from the wonder of it all. Buffy loved him, he had this beautiful daughter, if the world were to end right now he'd go a content and happy man, yes, for the first time in over a century he wasn't a monster, he really felt like a man.

"I think I could sleep for a week" Buffy flopped back against the pillows on the bed and Spike smiled. To be honest he wouldn't mind a few hours kip, the stress and worry alone had all but done for him.

"Looks like you're not alone in that" he told her as it seemed their child was a fraction away from the land of nod herself, "I think the nibblet here should be back in her cot...I sort of needed a word with her Mum anyway" he looked over at the Slayer then as she tried to hide the slight worry that she felt. He sounded too serious when he said that and she was too tired and emotional to cope with much. She watched Spike place Rebecca back into the little cot by the bed, before coming back to stand beside where she lay.

"Was wonderin'" he began, looking down at his hands and the small item they held, Buffy couldn't tell what it was yet, "why exactly you kept this in the first place?" he asked finally holding up the ring he'd given her months ago under the Will Be Done spell, "I mean, back then, I didn't even know I had feelings for you"

"I don't know why I kept it" Buffy shrugged, "I just, I couldn't let it go...and you never asked for it back" she reminded him.

"Thought about it" Spike admitted, sitting down on the edge of the bed beside her again, still playing with the ring between his fingers, "but after a while it didn't seem important anymore, and now...Buffy, will you wear it again?" he asked her, "I mean properly, on your finger" he clarified, "I can't marry you, you know that, law-wise I don't even exist...but I love you, and that's one thing I'll always be sure of. You and the little bit are my world now, so...will you?"

Tears streamed down Buffy's face as she took in what he was saying. Coupled with the overwhelming emotions she was already feeling, it was almost unbearable.

"Yes, Spike" she managed to choke out, "I will"

The smile on his face threatened to split it in two as he took hold of her left hand and slid the silver skull ring onto her finger. It was slightly too big and not exactly what one would call pretty but Buffy loved it all the same.

"I love you so much, Slayer" Spike told her, still grinning, "I've never felt like this in my whole existence"

"I know what you mean" she smiled up at him, "because I love you that much too"

When he kissed her then she was even more sure it was right, that she'd made the correct choice in letting herself love and be loved by him. It wasn't going to be an easy ride, not with him being a vampire, her being the Slayer, and them having a child together. The Scoobies would need time to adjust to both Spike and Rebecca being around and a huge part of Buffy's life now. The Slayer only hoped they would be able to find it in them to be happy for her, because right at this moment she was happier than she'd ever been before.

- - - - - - -

"Come on, Mom" Rebecca urged her as she finished off her hair, "Ryan is here" she said, getting up from the seat and checking her outfit one more time in the mirror before scurrying down the stairs. Seems Buffy had done her daughters hair on auto-pilot since she certainly didn't remembering doing it, but it looked fine. She smiled as she followed Rebecca down the stairs, knowing it wasn't just her gorgeous dates arrival that prompted her to hurry. Spike was not exactly boyfriend-friendly where his little girl was concerned and it was often best not to leave him alone with any of them too long.

"Ryan, hi" Rebecca grinned as she reached the bottom of the stairs, Buffy right behind her. The young man smiled back nervously as he edged around Spike and came to stand beside his girl.

"You look beautiful" he told her, kissing her cheek. He wanted to do more than that, but it'd wait til he was away from the prying eyes of Becky's parents, her father in particular.

"You two have fun" Buffy smiled as the young pair headed out of the front door.

"Not too much fun" Spike added, looking pointedly at Ryan who swore he saw the man's eyes flash gold just for a moment, must have been a trick of the light he assumed, although in Sunnydale he knew anything was possible.

"Do you have to be like that?" Buffy sighed as she closed the front door and turned to her vampire love, "He seems like a very nice boy"

"We can all seem to be very nice, luv" Spike pointed, "Us fellas can do a good line in acting the innocent where a pretty girl is concerned, doesn't mean we don't turn into animals later on"

"Some of us girls happen to like that" Buffy smirked in much the same way that he usually did before heading off to the kitchen. Spike followed as she knew he would.

"I just don't like the thought of some spotty little youth getting his hands on my little girl" he said, sitting down on a stool by the counter whilst Buffy made hot chocolate for the both of them, knowing he'd want one without asking.

"Our little girl" she amended, "and she's not so little anymore. At her age I'd already been the Slayer for over a year" she reminded him.

"One thing I'm glad about is that she's her mother's daughter" Spike said seriously as he moved from the stool, walked round the counter and hugged Buffy round the waist from behind, "If that Ryan tries anything, at least she can make him sorry for it"

Buffy smiled at that, recalling some of the more painful moves she and Spike had taught their daughter as she'd grown up.

"I think the only people she can't take down in one move is the two of us" the Slayer realised and Spike nodded as he picked up one of the mugs of hot chocolate and sipped it.

"No shock there, luv" he told her, "No-one can take me down, not even you"

Buffy's eyes were wide as dinner-plates, disbelief written all over her face as Spike walked from her side smirking the whole time.

"Oh you are so asking for it" she told him, as she laughed incredulously. The vampire put the mug down as his tongue ran over his teeth

"You better believe it, baby" he told her, twisting her words, "Give it your best shot, Slayer"

Managing to avoid sending either of the mugs flying, Buffy leapt over the counter top landing just inches in front of him. Far from being in a fighting mood he batted away her hands as she playfully attempted to hit him and they wrassled their way through to the living room, her landing on top of him on the couch.

"Now I've got you" she told him with a grin, breathing heavily from the exertion of the play-fight and the laughter.

"You've always got me Slayer" Spike told her seriously right before their lips met, "Almost thought you'd forgotten we've got the place to ourselves" he said between kisses, "Shame to waste an opportunity" he told her and she clearly agreed as she climbed off him, offering her hand to help him up. They headed for the stairs together, looking forward to a couple of hours of alone time. Even after all these years, they never got bored of nights like this.

To Be Continued...

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