-New 1997-

Chapter One:

"Marty! Marty? Anyone home?" Jules peeked into the McFly house, realizing no one was there. "That's weird." Jules puts down his backpack and walked to the kitchen where he usually saw Marty eating breakfast in the morning. Today, no one was there. "Must have had to go to work early." He was on his way to grab his backpack when he stopped dead in front of a row of pictures. Most of them were of Marty and Jennifer, but there was one in the middle that Jules remembered seeing before, but never noticed it on the table. It was a picture of Doc and Marty in 1885.

"Wow, I can't believe I never noticed this!" Jules said excitedly. He picked it up and tapped his finger on Marty and Doc's picture. "This is what they looked like in 1985... Good looking guys." He set it down and went back to his backpack, catching a glance at the clock on his way. "Holy cow it's 8:25! I'm late for school!"

He was out and about in the street in only a few seconds, running as fast as he could towards the school. He didn't want to get into trouble with Mr. Strickland again. Marty had told him about his father, who was principle when he was in High School and when his parents were in high school back in 1955. His son looked almost exactly like him, as Jules expected. When he finally started running up the stairs, it was deserted. "Oh great." He thought.

He slowed to a walk, but before he got to the door the door opened, and a girl his age stood in front of him. Jules sighed in relief when he realized it was just his girlfriend, Karla, and not Mr. Strickland. Karla and Jules met each other is the strangest way, almost like the story his mother and father told him about how they met. Karla had been on roller blades, skating down a hill. Jules had heard her screaming when she couldn't stop, and he races up to her on his bicycle. He had helped her by giving her directions to skate over to the grass where it wouldn't hurt if she fell. When he rode over to her to see if she was ok, it seemed as if it was destiny that they were meant to be in love.

"Hey Karla!" Jules said happily, but she shushed him.

"Strickland is looking for you!" she said, grabbing his arm and pulling him in the other direction. "Follow me."

The two of them went through a back door and down a quiet hallway together, not making a sound until they were sure they wouldn't get caught. "Ha! We made it!" Jules said happily, putting his arm around Karla.

"I wouldn't be celebrating just yet." said a voice behind them, so surprising that they both stopped dead. The principle walked in front of them, blocking their path. He crossed his arms and tried to look at both of them in the eyes, but Karla was looking down at her feet. "Well, Mr. Brown, it is nice to see you here today."

"Uh... nice seeing you too... Sir..." Mr. Strickland turned to his girlfriend, who slowly looked up at him, trying not to look upset or scared.

"Detention for both of you." He said sharply, smirking as he watch both of their jaws drop.

"Mr. Strickland, that's not fair, Karla was here on time!" Jules protested, but he would have none of it.

"Maybe if she didn't hang around with a family of nutcases these kinds of things wouldn't happen!" he said. "Here's a nickel worth of advice, Miss Carton," he pointing a finger at Jules as he talked. "This Brown family is made up of dangerous nutcases. You hang around with them, and you'll end up in big, big trouble." He gave Jules a small push, then he left, not taking back his detention. A few more steps down the hall, he turned back and said, "No Brown in history has ever avoided causing trouble!"

Jules saw his girlfriend staring at him, and he decided to turn around and walk away so she didn't see how upset he was. He shoved his hand in his pockets, only to find he had an extra nickel there. He took it out as he paused before entering his first class. He flipped the nickel up in the air, and before it fell back into his hand he said, "Well, history is going to change."

"How dare he insult my family like that!" Jules exploded as he walked out of the school later that day with Karla. "GRRR, who does he think he is?"

"I think he takes his job too seriously," Karla said. "My great-great-grandfather was a school master and he never acted that way!"

"I think you're right." Jules put his arm around her, glad that she was there to make him feel better. "Well, at least I'll be able to forget about all this when we go on our trip to 1965." He smiled, but he noticed that Karla wasn't. "What?"

"Does your dad know about us taking the time train?" she bit her lip, looking nervous.

"Are you kidding? Not ever Verne knows! He would defiantly tell on me."

"He's just trying to make sure you don't get into trouble." She pointed out, but Jules just snorted.

"He doesn't do a very good job of it." He sighed, his mood dropping below angry again. His girlfriend noticed this, and decided to try to make him feel better again. "Come on Jules, don't get upset again." She leaned over to kiss him when he finally smiled again, but they were suddenly interrupted by a horn. Karla sat up, suddenly startled, realizing it was her dad's horn. "Oh shoot. It's my dad. I have to go." She gave him a weak smile and kissed him again. "I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow." Jules nodded and watched his girlfriend leave. He watched her with a dreamy look on his face until she was out of sight. He was about to sigh again, but his brother suddenly popped up behind him.

"YOU'RE planning on taking your girlfriend on a trip through time?" he said, sounding as if it was Christmas morning, and smiling as if he had just gotten the best gift of all.

"What? What the heck are you talking about, Verne?" Jules said gloomily, starting to walk down the street towards their house.

"I heard you talking to Karla." Verne ran backwards in front of his brother, trying to get him to confess.

"I didn't say anything like that to Karla! She doesn't even know about time travel! You must be hearing things."

"No, my dearly beloved brother, I do not think I heard things." His smile was so big it was beginning to make Jules sick. He clenched his fists in anger, trying not to punch his brother in the face.

"Why don't you just leave me alone? I've had a terrible day and I don't need you making it worse!" he pushed passed his brother and started to run as fast as he could, hoping no one in his own house would disturb him once he got home.

As soon as he stepped in the drive way, he knew something was very, very wrong. There was a strange car parked outside, one that he had never seen before. When he got inside, he dropped his backpack in his usual spot, and shuffled into the kitchen, where, to his horror, Mr. Strickland was talking to his parents.

"Mr. Strickland?" Jules expected to hear a thump on the floor, for it felt that his jaw had fell to the floor. His heart pounded. He hadn't told his parents about him being late for school all week because he was visiting the McFly family in the morning.

"Jules..." Mr. Strickland turned to look at his student, a small smirk on his face. He let out a sigh and got up from his chair. "I can't believe that you have been late for school for the last week, without even tell your parents about it," He shook his head at him, pretending to look very, very disappointed. "Well, I'll leave the rest to you, Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Good day. Or good night I should say." Mr. Strickland left, seeing Jules' glare before he got to the door. "Don't glare at me, kid. Just doin' what my wise father told me."

"And what was that?" Jules said, crossing his arms. "Discipline is what the kids need! That's what he said." He finally opened the door behind Jules and left, just as Verne came in.

"Whoa, what's our principle doing in our house?" he said, half laughing about the situation, but when he saw the serious looks on his parents' faces, he frowned. "Did I get in trouble?"

"No," Doc said with a small sigh. "Why don't you wash up for dinner, Verne."

"All right." He dropped his backpack next to his brothers', and walked up the stairs.

"I know what you're going to say, Mom," Jules said as Clara opened her mouth. "I was just visiting the McFly's this week, and I showed up late. You know what, I wouldn't even call it late. I was walking up the stairs before the bell rang!"

"The McFlys? How is Marty doing?" Emmett said, seeming to forget the problem.

"I donno he wasn't at his house." Jules said truthfully. Emmett looked confused for a second, but he then suddenly looked like he got an idea. "Oh, that's right, Jennifer and Marty are on a trip."

"Trip? Did someone mention a trip?" Verne pocked his head out from the stairs, then he walked into the kitchen. "Jules was planning on-"


"Jules!" Clara yelled to make her two sons quiet down for a second. "Verne, we are trying to speak to Jules. Why don't you just take a seat and make no more interruptions."

"But Mom, he wants to-"

"Verne..." Emmett looked down at his son, and he quickly quieted down.

The two parents faced Jules again. "I'm happy you were visiting the Mcflys, but couldn't you have been visiting them after school?" his mom asked.

"No! I had too much homework, and they weren't home."

"We could have invited them for dinner. You should have been more responsible and left them so you would get to school on time!"

"I did!" Jules said. "I really did! But I got... sidetracked on the way to school."

"Oh really... sidetracked by what?" Emmet asked, giving his wife a side glance.

"It wasn't Karla, was it?" Clara asked. "She's a nice girl, and I like her, but you can't let her distract you from school work."

"Well, it sort of was...But it's not what you think!" Jules glared at his brother as he snorted.

"Sorry." Verne apologized.

"You see, there's this guy- a bully, who is always after Karla, and she doesn't like it. When I try to help her, he stuffs me in a locker. It usually takes ten minutes for Karla to open the smashed lock and help me out."

"Sounds familiar." Emmett said, thinking of his best friend, Marty's dad's bully, named Biff.

"He stuffs you in a locker? How awful, how come Mr. Strickland doesn't know about this?" Clara stamped her foot and headed to the door, just checking to see if Mr. Strickland was still there.

"He tries to catch him, but he always catches me instead." Jules said gloomily. "He needs someone to punish, so he just puts me in detention."

"I think we'll need to speak to Mr. Strickland again tomorrow." Emmett said. "What's happening here does not sound very fair."

"Can we eat dinner now?" Verne blurted out, for he was bored.

"Oh, right, yes." Clara came back from the doorway and started to put dinner on the tale.

"So, Verne, what were you trying to tell us earlier?" Clara asked her son as she sat down and started to put food on her plate. Jules gave his brother a glance, glaring at him as hard as he could, trying to scare him from telling them what he heard him tell Karla. Verne wasn't looking at him, though. For a minute he looked confused, as if he didn't remember. Jules was about to sigh in relief, but then his brother remembered.

"Oh yeah! Jules told his girlfriend about the time train and they were going to go back to the 60s for the weekend." Verne talked hurriedly, while stuffing his face because he was so hungry. Forks clattered onto his parents' plates as they both stared at Jules again, who was still glaring at his brother.


"You know we told you not to tell anyone about that!" Emmett finished Clara's sentence. "And taking her to the sixties? What's going on with you, Jules?"

"Dad! She's my girlfriend! We trust each other a lot, Dad. A LOT. She's honest with me so I was honest with her!"

"How much does she know?" Emmett asked as he and Clara glanced at each other.

"Uh... the whole story."

"GREAT SCOTT, the whole story? Jules, I'm sorry about this, but I'm going to have to ground you."

"WHAT!?!?" Jules was so mad that he stood up and knocked his whole plate onto the floor. Luckily Einstein ran over and ate it. "But we have a date tomorrow!"

"I can't allow you to go flying around the time line with your girlfriend! It isn't safe!"

"Why not? I wouldn't be able to run into my older self." Jules made a good point.

"You just can't. I've had enough problems happen with the time machine all ready, and I don't want another one."

"Why does everyone think I'm going to cause trouble around here?" Jules shouted, starting to shake from his anger.

"Well, you have started enough trouble all ready." Verne pointed out. Jules pretended he didn't here that as he stormed up the stairs, ignoring the calls from his mom and dad as well. When he reached his room he slammed the door and locked it, finally done with the horrible day that had come to him.