"I said shut up!" Bill roared at his friends, who said nothing after that. Bill was furious when he saw his car, but his sister and her new friend were far away by then. Furious that he had crashed into a tree, he tried to start the car again as if nothing had happened.

Chapter 7:

"So all you're going to tell me is whatever you're going to do will change my life forever?" Karla said, raising an eyebrow.

"Yep!" Jules said happily.

"Then why can't I come?"

"Because if you came, I probably wouldn't be able to fix- I mean... do anything." Jules stood in front of the garage, waiting for her to leave.

"Why?" she demanded.

"Because it's a surprise!" he said. After all, it WOULD be a surprise if she knew what was going on."

"Oh," she suddenly smiled. "I think I'll like surprises."

Jules ignored how strange that sounded and tried to shoo her away kindly. "Don't you worry," he said. "Your life will be back to- I mean...Your life will be perfect after this."

"I sure hope so," she smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "Bye!"

Jules watched her go and suddenly felt good. He was glad that this Karla had taken a liking to him, but he was still going to go back and change it back to normal. Well, almost normal. He smiled as he got into the train and changed the time we would travel back to a few minutes before his other self left. He knew it would be risky, but if he got there too late, there would be a problem.

Once back in 1885, he hid the time train so there would be no chance of his other self (or anyone else) finding it. He stayed behind the bushes and trees until he was close enough to hear the people at the dances' voices. He saw the horse he had ridden before, and in no time he heard Kayla tell him to take it. He watched in amazement as his other self rode away on the horse.

"Come on, Jules," he muttered when he realized he was wasting time by watching. "No time for watching what you already did."

He snuck out of the bushes and ran in the opposite direction of his other self until he could hear Kayla and Bill's voices.

"You scoundrel!" Kayla shouted, and this time, to Jules' amazement, she was the one who had her arms around him. It was only a moment befor he realized she was holding him back.

"Let me at him!" Bill was screaming. Neither of them seemed to notice Jules slowing down to a walk in front of them. Jules could see that Kayla was trying to think of a plan to distract Bill. Oh no, Jules thought. She's about to kiss him. He started to quicken his pace, getting ready to jump between them if he had to.

"I didn't want to have to do this... but..." Kayla suddenly let go to Bill, but instantly she started to pull him violently towards her.

"NO! WAIT!" Jules shouted and reached out his arm just as he stepped out in view of both of them.

"Huh?" both Kayla and Bill said at the exact same time, and both their heads turned to see him standing there. He was back in the strange clothes he had been wearing they same day they met him.

"Oh Marty!" Kayla said gladly, and then she pushed Bill down into the ground in her excitement. He made a loud "Oof!" sound as he fell onto his back.

"What are you doing back here? Bill might-" Kayla started to say, but Jules stopped her.

"Don't worry about that. Just go back into the dance before he gets up and just have fun." he smiled as Kayla's eyes lit up.

"Oh thank you Marty!" he was nearly knocked over as she gave him a hug.

"Hurry up!" Jules warned, and she quickly obeyed, which made Jules sigh in relief. The relief went away, however, when Bill stood up.

"What do you think you're doing?" Bill roared, then he tried to hit Jules but he ducked.

"What do you think YOU are doing?" Jules challenged back. When he saw that Bill had tripped and fell, he got on top of another horse.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Bill yelled, but Jules didn't answer. "Come back here, you Yellowturd!"

It wasn't long until Jules noticed that Bill was following him. He tried to get his horse to go faster, but it wouldn't. He was catching up at alarming speed, and Jules wasn't sure of what to do. He kept on riding, hoping his horse wouldn't tire out.

"I have only one chance at this!" Jules said to himself. All this time, ever since the car crash, he had been making a plan.

Unfortunately, he suddenly noticed that Bill was riding right next to him, grinning. Jules knew this was a problem, but he tried to act like it wasn't. His opportunity was so close...

"Any last words?" Bill yelled to Jules, but Jules kept his eyes on the road. "No? Well I got one for you..."

"Really?" Jules said, finally looked at Bill, but he didn't look worried at all. Bill didn't seem to notice a he took out a rope.

"Say goodbye!" Bill said with a laugh as he got ready to swing the rope.

Then something unexpected, at least on Bill's behalf, occurred. One minute he was on the horse, the next he was flying off the end as he crashed into a low branch. His horse galloped off as he held on to the branch in pain for a few minutes. Soon he fell onto the ground with a groan.

"Goodbye." Jules said with a smile. "Do you have any last words? Well, besides all the groaning you're doing over there..."

Bill's eyes were unfocused as he looked up at Jules. He tried to sit up, but decided it was too painful.

"Well, I'd love to stay and chat but I just ain't got the time!" Jules turned his horse around with pride and headed back towards the dance.

"May I have this dance?" Jules said with a smile. The dance was starting up again after Buford and Marty decided on what time to finish their fight. Jules was glad to see that Doc and Clara were still dancing, but he didn't want to run into Marty at the moment. He was now with Karla, hoping to tell her a few things.

"Marty! You're all right! I'm so glad!" she gave him another hug. "Where did Bill go?"

"Oh, don't worry about him," Jules said with a smile. "And don't ever marry him either."

Kayla looked a little puzzled, but she decided to let it go as they started to dance. Jules was just starting to think that everything was back to normal and everything would be fine, but his hopes were diminished when a voice rang out among them.

"HEY SHRIMP!" Jules turned around sharply and saw that Bill had made it back to the dance with only a few injuries. He gulped, but he knew that he had an advantage because he was hurt.

"Come on, we've had enough excitement for one day!" one person exclaimed. No one else spoke as Bill walked up to Jules and surveyed him dancing with Karla. "You steal me girl..." he suddenly said softly, then he pushed Jules to the ground and pulled Kayla away. "And this is for my horse!" he screamed, and Jules felt pain surge through him as Bill kicked him in the stomach. "Come on." he said angrily, and he led Kayla away.

"Marty!" she said, and when Jules looked up he could see that she was tried to go back to him but Bill was holding her too tight. "Marty!"

The next few minutes seemed to go in slow motion as Jules managed to pick himself up from the ground and stand up. Bill was now dancing with Kayla with a smile on his face, but he did wince here and there. After a few seconds he grabbed Kayla's face as she squirmed, and Jules knew he was going to try to kiss her.

Bill was only a few seconds away for the kiss he had wanted for his entire life, but someone tapped him on the shoulder, distracting him. "Huh?"

Without saying a word, Jules pulled his fist back and punched Bill as hard as he could. The crowd gasped, and even Kayla gasped, as there was a loud sound from the collision. Bill was hit so hard that he let go of Kayla, and then he fell to the ground unconscious.

Did I just do that? Jules thought as he stared wide eyed at the body below him. I never thought I had it in me.

Suddenly remembering the crowd around him, he looked it. It was pure silence for a while, but then someone threw their hat up in the air and let out a loud whoop. After that moment every teenager at that party shouted out in joy and threw up their hats.

"MARTY!" Kayla nearly exploded. "That was amazing!"

"It was? I mean... it was." Jules smiled and looked down at his hand.

"No one has ever done that before! The only thing close to that was me kicking him in the shins!" Jules was covered in hugs again, but he didn't mind.

"Now that was heavy." he heard another voice behind him, and he knew it was Marty- the real Marty. He turned around to see Marty smiling broadly at him.

Everything went according to plan after that. Marty promised that he wouldn't let Clara and Doc get in the delorean with him. Jules told him briefly that Clara was supposed to leave Doc when he told her he was a time traveler, but she would come back.

"Check." Marty said just before Jules got into his time train.

"See you in the future!" Jules said, and then he vanished behind the door.

"Hello?" Jules poked his head out and looked at his house. Everything seemed normal...

He put the time train back in the garage and tried to sneak up into his room. "JULES!" Clara's voice rang out from the kitchen.

"Blast." Jules said angrily. "Oh well. I've had enough for one night."

"Jules, what are you doing? I thought you were going to try to play chess with Verne." His mother said when she came into view.

"Chess with Verne? What?"

"Are you all right?" Clara asked, looking worried. "Emmett!"

"DAD!" Jules was quicker than his mom and he suddenly ran into the kitchen, hoping everything was the same. He sighed in relief as he saw his dad playing chess with Verne.

"Great Scott, what is it? You sound as if you've seen a ghost!"

"just need you to tell me everything that happened today." There was a pause where Doc exchanged glances with Verne.

"All right... Well, first you went to visit the McFlys, but they weren't there. When you..."

"Got in trouble with Strickland for being late." Verne interrupted.

"Right. Then you came home and Verne told us about your date with Karla-"

"Was I grounded?"

"Why would we ground you?" Doc said, and Jules was suddenly relieved.

"It was all Bill's fault that you were late."

Jules heart sank when he heard those words. Was he still getting bullied by Bill, even though punched him? Jules tried to figure out why nothing had changed when there was a knock at his door. When he opened it he discovered it was Karla, back to her normal self.

"KARLA!" Jules' thoughts about Bill slipped away as he ran out and kissed her.

"Wow, Jules, what was that for?" she said in surprise, but she looked happy and excited.

"I missed you!" he exclaimed.

"Missed me? But why? I was just here a few hours ago."

"Really?" Jules looked confused. He decided that he should just go with the flow, for so far everything was back to normal, and he wasn't grounded.

"Listen, Karla, I need you to tell me something about this morning..."

"This morning? What is it?" she asked, looking slightly confused but willing to answer his question.

"What did Bill do this morning?" Jules stared in her eyes, waiting in agony for her answer. He had been hoping something would change about him.

"Jules!?" she said in confusion, looking as if she was about to ask him if he was ok.

"Just please tell me. I need to know."

"Well," she said slowly. "He did the same thing that his family has been doing for years..."

Jules' heart seemed to be acting as a drum roll.

"He crashed into a tree."

The End