Author: Lexie

Title: Creeping' Up on You

Rating: PG-13 for now. Rating may change in later chapters.

Category: Wolf Lake

Pairing: Luke/Sophia

Disclaimer: The copyrights to Wolf Lake are owned by CBS, UPN, the shows producers and writers. I don't own the television characters on Wolf Lake.

Summary: An alpha is looking for his mate, the next white wolf. (sucky summary I know) Bold typing means character's thoughts

.Note: I was an occasional viewer of Wolf Lake. I turned it on religiously for about a couple of weeks until I had more pressing matters to deal with. Please bear with me as my memory of the show is blurry. This is the way I'd like Luke and Sophia's relationship (attraction or whatever you'd call) was all along.

"Creepin' Up On You" (?)

Creepin' up on you is the wrong thing to do
I found your address got your phone number too
Visit all the stores where you buy all your clothes
Been to secret places you think nobody knows

If I have to breathe without you
Nobody should......
I need to be around you
Watchin' you

No one else can love you like I do
Feel it when I'm creepin' up on you
I know that it wouldn't be right
If I stayed all night
Just to peek in on you
Creepin' up on you..

I been hanging round all the places you haunt
Spying on your friends to find out what you want
Drinking from the glass that you left on the bar
Follow you around driving home in your car...

Do I have to breathe without you?
Coz nobody could
I need to be around you
Watching you

No one else can love you like I do
Feel it when I'm creepin' up on you
I know that it wouldn't be right
If I stayed all night
Just to peek in on you
Creepin' up on you..

This must be wrong
It can't go on
This kind of thing
It's taking all my sanity and making a mockery
This must be wrong
It can't go on
So Won't somebody free me from this misery
Bring my baby closer to me

No one else can love you like I do
Feel it when I'm creepin' up on you
I know that it wouldn't be right
If I stayed all night
Just to peek in on you

No one else can love you like I do
Feel it when I'm creepin' up on you
I know that it wouldn't be right
If I stayed all night
Just to peek in on you
Creepin' up on you...

She sensed it before she saw it, the wolf following her everywhere she went while she was on foot. It had been the same wolf who had tailed her since she was a preteen. This wolf never attacked her only lingered in the shadows almost as if watching her, protecting her from the unknown beasts of the night. It started following her around the time that her once best friend Lucas Cates stopped associating with her. She knew the reason why. She was a half breed and he was a thorough breed Wolven. An Alpha Male of the pack. He'd been following her no doubt to ward away the other males, staking his claim over her.

"Luke, go home I'm fine," she whispered to the dark grey wolf. "No one will hurt me just go home," she said agitated. She could understand why he couldn't associate with her in human form but be her protector in wolf form that stumped her.

The wolf shook his head as if say, "Not until you are inside."

She rolled her eyes, "Nothing is going to hurt me. Just go home," she ordered as she continued to walk. The wolf continued on as well. "Don't you think your Alpha is going to wonder where you are," she asked the wolf as she turned around and stopped for a beat.

Again the wolf shook its head, "Fine but if you're punished for stalking the half breed don't come crying to me in human form," she whispered again.

She had finally arrived at her home to find it bathed in blackness. Her father was no doubt still on patrol or doing paperwork at the station. She sighed knowing what that meant. The wolf would be stalking the perimeter of her home until her father arrived.

"Good night Cates," she spoke into the dark of night knowing that the wolf was hiding in the shrubbery. She opened her front door, walked over the threshold and closed the door behind her. She leaned against the door on her back, closed her eyes and looked up at the ceiling. She sighed in the silence relieved to finally have some peace. Work and school took its toll on her daily. Today was no acceptation. The "Hill" kids, the youth of the Wolf Lake Skin Walkers (The Wolven) pack had tormented her needlessly because she hadn't flipped yet. She had yet to go through the Change which normally happens during puberty. It's when the Skin Walkers (shape shifters who turn into animals) of the small town become wolves for the first time.

She knew they would be more vicious to her if it wasn't for their Alpha. She shook her head at that thought as she placed her bags on the floor near the door and walked into the kitchen. Her dad would want steak, very rare, which meant she had to thaw some steak out of the freezer.

She went about the kitchen tinkering to find this thing and that thing. Then went to work cooking her meal, the shrill sound of the telephone ringing interrupted her dinner preparations.

"Hello," she greeted into the telephone.

"Hi Honey, I hate to do this to you knowing that you're probably just starting to cook dinner," the voice of Wolf Lake's Sheriff Matthew Donner, her father spoke, "but I won't be home for dinner. I have this huge missing person's case to work on."

She wanted to sigh, "It's ok Daddy. I'll just leave your dinner in the fridge."

"Is Luke outside patrolling the perimeter?" Matt asked his daughter. As much as he hated the young Cates male he couldn't ignore how Luke was protective of Sophia especially since Luke didn't really care for ungulates.

"Yes, Dad he is," Sophia sighed. "He's going to be out there until you get home you know that," she answered rolling her eyes.

"Well, at least I know you'll be safe in my absence. He's not going to let anything get into that house." He laughed.

"Doesn't V know he's out at all hours of the night," Sophia asked.

"Yes, I believe she does," Matt answered back. "He's just protecting what his instincts are telling him is his."

"I'm not pack Dad. I'm nobody's property."

Matt chuckled. "Now you're not but things will change Sweetheart. Everyone here believes you're a half-breed, zoo bait even. They don't know the truth about Mom. They don't know that she was a Wolven skin walker. Only you and I know that."

Sophia sighed, "I know Dad. I know. I'm going now. I need to eat, study and go to sleep."

"Ok, I'll see you in the morning hopefully."

Sophia sighed, "Sure Dad." Then she hung up the phone's receiver in its cradle. She fixed herself some dinner quickly and then headed up stairs for a much needed shower.

She came downstairs forty five minutes later dressed in a baby doll tee shirt and matching flannel pant bottoms with fuzzy slippers covering her feet. She settled herself into the living room and started to work on her homework.

Outside the wolf seemed to smirk as he transformed back into human form. Luke was never so happy to have a stash of his clothing always hiding in the bushes of the Donner residence. He quickly pulled on his garb and walked up to the Donner's porch. He looked through the window to see Sophia studying. you will be mine one day Sophia. It's just a matter of time before you flip.

He stayed out on the porch until Donner himself came home. Matthew stopped and looked down at the sleeping teenage boy on his porch and smirked. "Luke get up," Donner said loud enough so that Luke could hear him.

Luke stirred then looked up at the Sheriff. "Hello Sir."

"Hello," Donner shook his head. "It's morning you should hurry home and get ready for school. Thank you for making sure that Sophia is alright."

Luke nodded, "Anything for her...sir...Anything for her."

Donner smiled at the boy and then walked into the front door to see his daughter crashed on the couch...

Luke walked off not bothering to shed his clothes and flip into his Wolven pelt. He decided he needed the human exercise of running the five miles to his home.

Scott Nichols walked up to Sophia. The tall dark blonde boy was scared out of his mind. He knew as well as all the others that Sophia was off the market so to speak. Hell he knew Luke Cates would skin him alive. He didn't understand Luke Cates at all. He was from the hill and everyone knew you didn't mess with a Hill kid.

He took a deep breath and spoke, "Hi Sophie."

Sophia turned away from her search of one book and smiled at Scott. He was her study partner in some of her classes. "Hi Scott. What's going on?" She unconsciously tucked a strand of hair behind her left ear waiting for his answer.

"Nothing really," Scott mumbled.

Scott continued to ramble on but it fell on deaf ears. Sophia saw Luke out of the corner of her eye glaring at Scott. Oh no. Please Lord, don't let Luke cause a scene. She knew Luke was unreasonable when it came to his territory and according to him she was his. She knew he thought that but until she actually flipped she wanted to spend as much time being a normal teenager as possible.

"So I was wondering if you'd like to go out with me on Friday night."

Luke came strolling by when he heard the ungulate ask his mate out on a date. She not your mate yet bonehead. He had to remind himself. "Sophia, I was looking for you," Luke cut her off before she could answer Scott. "You promised you'd help tutor me for Bio." He lied. He was the Alpha's son expected to be the best at everything he did. "Friday night remember?"

Sophia looked at Luke like he was from another planet. Might as well be you know that, she thought to herself. "Oh right how could I forget?" She looked to Scott who looked defeated. "How about a rain check, Scott, Luke really needs the help?"

Scott shook his head not believing what had just transpired. "Sure, I contact you later." Without Freak Boy stalking us.

Sophia didn't need to be pack to know what Scott was thinking. He thinks that Luke will give me breathing room. Ha...ha, like that's going to happen? "Can't wait to hear from you." She told Scott as he was walking away down the hall. She turned and glared at Luke. "What the hell was that about?"

Luke smiled, "Stay away from him Sophia or you're not going to like the outcome." He stated before going to rejoin his pack.

Sophia growled at Luke, "I don't have to take orders from you. I'm not pack." She whispered but she knew he heard her with his sensitive hearing.

Luke smirked and shook his head. That's what you think now Sophia. Wait until you go against me. That ungulate won't know what hit him. He thought knowing she couldn't hear it yet.

"Luke, let's go, I'm hungry," Presley purred as she grabbed his arm and led him towards the rest of the group.

Sophia walked to the library not wanting to face the scene she knew Presley was no doubt going to perform in the lunch hall.

She acquired a library and logged onto the internet....

To: SNichols

From: SDonner

Subject: Your Date Offer. He he LOL

Hi Scott sorry about Cates. He's a real jerk sometimes. But he's cool once you get to know him. I'd really like to go out with you. Maybe we could go out Saturday night without Luke finding out. He's protective of me. I have no clue why and I can't convince him to leave well enough alone.

Anyway meet me at the Diner at 8:00.

See you later,


Sophia sighed as she typed the email and sent it on its way. She hoped he wouldn't protest the idea. She really did want to go on a date with him. He seemed like a great guy.

Scott was surprised to see an email from Sophia so soon after the situation that transpired in the hallway between them and Luke Cates. But he was ecstatic that she wanted to go on a date with him.

To: SDonner

From: SNichols

Subject: Re: Your Date Offer. He he LOL

I don't know Sophie. He seems like someone I don't want to cross. I don't think it was an accident that he showed up just as I was asking you for a date. He could seriously hurt me after all he's a jock. But I'll take my chances and meet you at the Diner at 8:00.


Hesitantly Scott sent his reply back to Sophia. He hoped he was signing his death warrant. He knew of skin walkers but he didn't know who they were. After all he was still the new kid. He knew the school was divided into two the hill kids and the townies. Luke was a hill kid and he had a rep. Luke basically told Scott hands off Sophia in that hall. He hoped nothing would become of it.

Luke walked cautiously trying to scent Sophia and track her down. Presley was annoying the hell out of him. Why did she feel that she had to flaunt him in front of Sophia? He had made it clear to her a hundred times over that she was not his mate.

He smiled when he smelt Sophia in the library. He could distinctly hear the clicking of keys on a keyboard. With his keen eyesight he could see the screen of the computer she was at and saw the address to the future recipient of the email. He stifled a growl that was trying to escape. I told her to stay the hell away from him. Well I'll let her think I don't know anything.

Song written and performed by Darren Hayes off debut solo album Spin