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Song: The Sign Artist: Ace of Base Album: The Sign Year: 1993

All was quiet on the home front for the town of Wolf Lake, or so the Pack Elders thought. Sophia was in her second trimester and getting irritated with her growing body and hormones.

Matt was finally becoming fully emerged in his heritage. The communal mind link was echoing with appreciation for the would be Alpha's return. No one seemed to mind that their much controversial Female Alpha was spending a lot of her personal time with her once would be Mate.

Lucas finally had the two teen clubs up and running. The only downside was that he wasn't home at reasonable times and he could sense Sophia's loneliness coming off their link more and more as her pregnancy wore on. He was relying more and more on Alec to protect Sophia, a bone of contention for him as he knew it was his responsibility to be protecting Sophia.

Meanwhile Ruby was finally nesting with John in a secluded area in the woods on the shores of the lake. Vivian had gifted them a cottage away from prying eyes and from Tyler Creed. The peace was a blessing for the newly Mated couple and they were forever grateful to Vivian. Of course they knew that they were forever in Vivian's debt but they could sense that the older woman didn't seem to have an alternative motive.

Vivian seemed to become a more pleasant and positive minded person now that both of her children were giving her grandchildren. Vivian even took to making amends with her estranged step-daughter and welcoming her step-daughter's outsider lover.

To say that having both Whites pregnant at the same time was hard to understand was an understatement. Sherman seemed to be more aloof than the odd old coot usually is, he was muttering constantly about a great threat about to fall upon the Pack.

The Pack was now no longer divided into two. Vivian had put a stand to the Hill Kids operating as its own unit. Sarah and Sophia's abduction a couple months ago wouldn't have happened if the younger pack had been taught how to protect themselves properly. Granted Sophia was just a week or two new to her experience, Vivian had expressed to Lucas how his failure was a lesson as to why no Wolven was allowed outside the town limits. Mother and Son had many arguments over the "wandering law" as they have come to name the rule.

Presley was for once off the radar in their lives which Lucas knew was going to be short lived. Sherman managed to have the school board expel the young woman for threatening a defenseless pregnant skin-walker. Which only meant that if a threat were to fall upon them all, everyone had no doubt the the revenge-minded girl would join the threat's forces.

The Belarus Clan were stepping up their voyage to the new world. Without modern documentation the recon teams had to use water vessel transportation instead of air transportation. Teams of four stowed away on several fishing vessels and cruise liners. They were going to get to The New World and they would return to Belarus and make their Alpha happy.

Sophia awoke with a scream. With a nightmare fresh in her head, but it wasn't one of her usual terrifying nightmares. This one seemed real. A reality that she and her Pack needed to prevent but how?

Lucas woke up feeling distressed but once the fogginess of sleep lifted off him, he realized that it wasn't him feeling distress. "Soph, What's wrong?"

Sophia looked into his eyes while visibly shaken, "The Mother World is coming. The prophetical one carrying three ancient bloodlines is to be taken back. There she and Father shall bring the end to the Humans," she said as if she were in a trance.

The Mother World, Lucas thought. Sherman was always talking about the Mother world. Belarus was a savage place. Father was the title of Belarus Pack's Alpha, usually the oldest Wolven alive in Wolven World's Population.

We have to be on high alert. There is no doubt who the prophetical one is. My wife is not going to be a genocide leader. "Soph, Soph, Wake up," he said shaking Sophia conscious.

Once Sophia got her bearings, she looked into Lucas' eyes and then lunged for him. Why do I have to be the one always in danger?

I don't know Soph but you can guarantee that, that Psycho won't succeed in his plans. We will figure this out. He answered while hugging her as if it were the last time he'd ever see her again.

An incessant banging on Matt's front door woke him up. It was rare now-a-days for him to be alone in this house full of good and bad memories.

"Where's my granddaughter," Chief Wild Wind ordered as he barged into his son-in-law's house.

Matt's fuzzy consciousness became very clear when the person before him barged into his house. His newly unleashed wolf wanted to come up to the surface and rip this man's throat out for ever stepping foot inside his home and Wolf Lake for that matter.

The man before him almost succeeded in killing him for being in love with his daughter. "She's at her house with her Mate. What are you doing here Chief?" He snarled.

"Father knows she exists," Chief Wild Wind answered looking Matt in the eyes. "The Donner/Cates/Lakota bloodlines are in danger. Silver Lake won't be able to protect your Clan from Father's men. They don't live by the Human Society's laws. They are as wild as our clans were when we first came to the New World."

"Why should I believe you? You tried to have me killed because I took Marie away from you and your plans to Force-Mate her to one of your people!"

"Just as I predicted, my daughter died by your Clan's hand because she was an outsider. Didn't matter that she was a Skin-walker just like your Elders. They needed to contain a threat but you and I both know that Marie was no threat. She was to become a Shaman like all the women in my family before her. A Shaman that your Sophia is to become once she inherits her Otherness."

"Father has sent his most ruthless wolves. They will stop at nothing. They will kill everything in their path including her Mate."

"Well, then we have a problem."

The Chief crossed his arms, "Why do you say that?"

"Sophia and Luke aren't just Mated...their Life Mates..."

"One dies the other dies instantaneously," the Chief murmured. "Father doesn't know that. He kills this Luke, he kills the object he most desires. What did you do Donner? What did you do?"

"None of us expected Father to have Sophia on his radar but I assure you I only had protection put on Sophia. Our Pack Keeper assured us this was the best way to protect Sophia and her Mate." Matt said as he walked to a window, resting his right arm on the pane. He looked out the glass then back to his father-in-law. Now he understood why the crazy Pack Keeper placed the Life Mate Spell. He knew the Belarus Clan would come after his daughter.

"I know we've had our differences but I am guessing that because your here, you want to protect her from Him. How do we do that with Sophia pregnant and Lucas never far from her side?"

Chief Wild Wind sat down on the couch looking out of place in Matt's living room. He looked at Matt, "First you need to send for my Grandnephew. Alec and his pack mates won't be enough to stop the Belarus Clan. It doesn't matter where we bring her Father has many Seers. He will find her and he will try to take her."

"You're taking a brave step coming here. You have many enemies within the limits of Wolf Lake."

"I have many enemies in Silver Lake as well. That is why I have come to you under the cover of darkness. We have to protect the seven of them at all cost Donner. If we don't the Human world will see a genocide much more horrific then the Holocaust."

Matt's eyes widened, "What do you mean?"

"Father believes that we deserve to be on top of the food chain that Human's are inferior to us more so than how your Pack Elders feel. He wants to make the Humans an extinct species."

"Well, then we have our work cut out for us," Matt conceded. "I will get my Alpha but I most warn you. The Alpha is a woman," he finished.

"This is an outrage. This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't kept it in your pants Donner. You would be running this pack."

"And your daughter would be alive?" Matt finished what clearly the Chief wanted to say all along. "Chief pointing blame isn't going to bring her back. I chose my life. I couldn't protect my daughter if I was the Alpha. I would have not been able to help keep her Wolf at bay. She didn't want to Shift." He wanted to say Flip but knew that the Lakotas had different terminology. "A series of events forced her to Shift and now once again she has to face another series of events. She's been nothing but handed challenges since her Shift."

"Well, then has her father you need to let her have space to learn how to defend herself. It'll be better if she can fend off her attackers. Being pregnant with pups will make that hard but we can't have genocide no matter how much our kind hates the Humans for hunting us."