Lily sat on her bed back at home with a large brown envelope on her lap. These were the graduation letters she had written with Lia, Alaura, James, Sirius and Remus and now that she had officially graduated, she could read them. She pulled the first one out, written on a light green paper. Alaura's.


I was looking back to the first day we'd met on the train and I can't, for the life of me, imagine my life without you in it. You know you're my bestest of best friends and I couldn't as for anything more.

Not only that, you were my first friend at Hogwarts and to me that means a lot. I know I haven't known you for half as long as Lia or any of the Marauders has but I still think of you as my "sister in training" and that's good enough for me.

You're the greatest best friend a girl can have and I hope that, through thick and thin, the best of times and the worst of times, you and I will be friends until we're old, crippled and talking about our great-grandkids!

Hasta lavista mi buena amiga!


Tears glistened in Lily's eyes as she set aside the paper, folding it back along the creases. She pulled out the next letter, written on a slightly crumpled piece of parchment. She knew it must have been Sirius'.

Lily bean!

I have to admit that at the beginning I thought you were a goodie goodie. Then you put that Knarl in the staff room and my respect for you skyrocketed. I can still remember the sour look on James' face when he realized you'd actually gone and done it! It was priceless, but of course you knew that.

I never thought I'd be able to forgive you for weaselling your way into our group. The Marauders were closer than close and you found some unknowing way to penetrate that. It was hard, for me and Remus especially, when James got so attached to you and that mutual attachment turned into the deepest of love, but now, and partly because you brought the love of my life into said life, I don't seem to be able to find it in my heart to be upset at you.

Now, here's the moment where I suddenly turn my namesake, serious. You need to promise, from the depths of your heart, that you will keep my best friend safe. He has poured his whole heart into you and I can tell from the way you look at each other, that the feelings are reciprocated. He needs some one to watch over him and has, for some reason I will never understand, chosen you.

So, Lily billy, keep him safe.

The always handsome

Sirius Black

Lily couldn't help but laugh slightly at the suddenly deep thought in Sirius' letter. She had the deep down gut feeling that he hadn't written it all on his own. The next letter wasn't tiny, nor was it decorated. Lily hadn't the foggiest as to whose it was.


From the bottom of my heart I cannot begin to express the limits to which you have gone to keep me and my sister safe. You have virtually flown to the ends of the earth and back trying to keep us from getting hurt, dying or worse yet, failing. I don't know how you've done it but you have made yourself such a role model to both of us, and for that, we are truly grateful.

You will be a wonderful mother one day, Lily, and I am very happy for that lucky child.


Lily hadn't known that Kristiina had found a way to sneak her own letter in with her friends, but tears began to flow down her face at the eloquent words. Kristiina had touched her heart and made her proud of what she had done in her last seven years.

It was with shaking hands that the next letter was withdrawn from the plain brown envelope and opened with care. Lia's neat script jumped out at her.

To my greatest friend

As I know Alaura has most likely done a beautiful job describing you as my best friend, I won't go into the same detail. I know that you and Alaura were closer through the last two years that you and I were but I can't seem to mind so much. You and I have some great memories together, homework, hanging out or trying to stop the boys from doing something they'll regret.

Most of all, and from the bottom of my heart, I hope that you will find happiness away from Hogwarts as I know the castle was most like home to you. I wish for you the best of luck outside of Hogwarts.

Love your friend,


The tears were back. Leave it to Lia to think up the most heartfelt things. It was with a shaking hand that Lily reached back into her envelope to pull out the second to last letter.


Logical, rational, accepting Lily, I cannot begin to tell you how much you have changed me. Though the world may fear me I know that you – and Lia, Alaura and Marauders – will always be there for me, regardless of my condition.

We've had some amazing literary discussions, down to the very last sentence of our first children's book, and stealthily planned the worst of pranks. We were the brains.

I, as Lia has most likely already mentioned, along with her, wish you the best. For our friends, we couldn't ask for anything less.

Be careful Lily.


Lily smiled fondly at the short letter. She turned to the last one, the one she really wanted to read.

Love of my life,

I truly cannot begin to describe the changes you have brought into my life. I could be corny and clichéd and tell you how your smile lights up my days, and in my world it rains when you're upset, but I am neither that normal, nor trite and therefore will not mention them again. I cannot bear to think of my life without you in it. You are my world, all of it, and I want you in it forever.

You will do so many great things, Lil. You have a heart of gold and the determination that would make Godric Gryffindor proud. The miles you will run will be endless, the hurdles you cross horrendous but you will always make it to the finish line. Not necessarily always in first place, but you will make it, and at the end of the day, that's all that matters.

Stay true to your heart and stay genuine, Lils. You will go wherever you want.

Love always,


Lily carefully folded up the last letter and placed it back in the envelope with the others. She walked to her closet pulling out a charmed box. Whispering the password under her breath, she lifted the lid and placed the envelope inside carefully. Locking the lid again, Lily returned to her bed intent on reminiscing about her Hogwarts days. But before she could get comfortable, a large barn owl flew through the glass-less window, dropping an official white envelope on her lap. Lily stared at it for a moment before shakily opening the flap.

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