Chapter one:

Stupid Wind

"It's eleven frickin o'clock at night, Lupin!" A pretty girl with long red hair and bright green eyes growled, "Eleven o'clock in a cemetery in Hogsmeade in February!!! That is a lot of rules we are breaking. Why?"
"Lily," A tall blonde boy put an arm around her, "you're a slayer... this is kinda your job. And since when did you give a shit about rules?"

"So you're my watcher and you never do your job, Remus," She said shivering as the wind blew, whipping her long red hair into her mouth, "anyway who is stupid enough to come outside at ELEVEN o'clock in freaking February?! I mean we are in England and it's very frickin cold, and I have always cared for rules, especially the ones that forbid us from being in Hogsmeade at night," she spat rubbing her ungloved hands together for warmth.

Remus took her ungloved, freezing hands in his, "Where are your gloves?" He asked squeezing them.

Lily gave him a dirty look, "You mister," she said taking her hands out of his and jabbing him hard in the chest, "didn't give me enough time to look for them."

Remus snorted and sat on one of the gravestones, "Sorry Lil," he said pulling her to his side.

"Can't we just leave?" Lily whined, "I mean no one is out here but us, looking like idiots and freezing our asses off."

Remus shook his head "One more hour Lily," He gave her his gloves, which she happily put on as the wind whipped her hair across her face.

"God Rem, this is torture," she whined.

Remus let out a loud snort, "You can stand being punched, kicked, slapped, poked with things, etcetera, but you can't stand the cold?"

Lily nodded, wind blowing fiercely, "Damn this stupid wind and all it's windiness!!!" She leaned against Remus, nuzzling her nose in his jacket, "Damn the wind!!" she yelled, quite muffled from her head hiding in Remus' neck.

Remus sighed finally annoyed to death of Lily's whining, "Alright Lily, we can go now."

Never had Remus see Lily's mood change so drastically, her whining and pouting stopped as she grinned largely. "Alright! Finally I get out of this stupid wind."

Remus got off sitting place and put an arm around Lily as they made their way out of Hogsmeade and towards Hogwarts.

But what they didn't see was the vampire standing in the shadows, watching her every move.

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