Chapter Three

Ever Feel Like Your Being Watched?

Lily walked down the dark alley in Hogsmeade, alone this time, Remus was to "busy" to come with her, mumbling under her breath about the unbelievably flipping cold weather. She rubbed her hands together, "This is going to be another dull night," She grumbled.

She turned and started back from the way she came when she heard it, the soft echo of footsteps behind her. She stopped and slowly turned around. She saw nothing, "Jeez, Lily," she mumbled to herself, turning around again, "Get a hold of yourself." She continued to walk down the long dark alley, when she heard it again. She stiffened and stopped walking, slowly turning on her heel, she called, "Hello? Anybody there?" Of course the alley was empty, or so Lily thought. As she turned around two strong, masculine arms wrapped tightly around her, pulling her close.

Lily let out a horrified shriek and struggled to free herself from her attacker, "Hush now, Ms. Evans," Whispered a slightly familiar mans voice, "This will only take a short moment, my dear," He turned her to face him and Lily looked into two very familiar eyes.

"James?" She cried, "What in the BLOODY hell?"

He held up a finger, " I came to warn you about something, someone."

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