This piece is for a contest on DeviantArt . com. The rule was to write a short piece about Rin venting her frustrations to Sesshoumaru about him never looking her in the eye. Think of it as a small sequel to "Fluffy Love" and a preview of things to come...

It's short and simple, and I hope that you enjoy! Please R&R!

No More Distractions

By: Oritsu

Rin opened her eyes slowly, letting them adjust to the bright morning sunlight that was streaming into the room. The sun was warm, the naked body entwined around hers even warmer. A lazy smile teased at her lips as she studied his face. He was fast asleep, the normally hard line of his mouth soft, lips slightly parted. His breath brushed in a gentle rhythm against her face.

It was a rare occasion that she was able to see him like this. Usually he awoke long before she did, leaving for places unknown while she lay in the warmth of their bed, blissfully unaware that he had even moved. Sometimes he would leave a gift for her--a bright silk ribbon or comb for her hair, a piece of jewelry encrusted with precious stones, a pair of ornate slippers or a silk robe fit for an empress to wear. She cherished each and every one, wearing it proudly around the house and grounds until he returned. He would study her thoughtfully as she displayed her new treasure to him, those limpid golden eyes taking in every inch of her body, before divesting her of all jewelry and clothing and enfolding her in his embrace.

He would stare at every inch of her except for her eyes. It had bothered her ever since she had reached that precarious age when she was nearly driven mad by the crippling feelings of self-consciousness and awkwardness at her changing body and emotions. He never looked her in the eye. Maybe never was too strong a word, but there were very few occasions in all of the years she had known him that she had looked up at him to find his eyes riveted on hers. The thought twisted at her heart with guilt; in all other respects he was a perfect husband. But that one thing...that little thing...

He stirred and opened his eyes, which instantly focused on some distant spot beyond and above her shoulder. He sighed and yawned, the arm thrown loosely about her waist tightening and pulling her close to him. A low growl of pleasure rose in his throat as he buried his face in her hair.


"Nani?" he said, voice muffled by her hair.

She pulled away from him, hands rising to the sides of his face. His eyes lighted on hers, then shifted to the view of the garden beyond the room. A small frown creased her forehead and she pulled the covers up above both of their heads.


She leaned closer so that their foreheads almost touched. There was nothing else to look at except each other, and his eyes lingered on hers. He moved to kiss her, but she held his head still between her hands. He blinked at her, expression bemused.

"Like this, Anata. Just stay like this."