An Everlasting Love


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Chapter One:

Until The Day I Die


As the years go by

I'll race the clock with you

but if you died right now

you know that I'd die too

I'd die too.

- Story of the Year


When Jesse Tuck was five, his father had taught him that his word was the most precious thing he could have. It was his honor, his pride. He would never forget when his father had sat him down, trying to explain to Jesse the concept of promises.

"Promises, no matter how silly they may seem, always need to be kept." Angus had said to him. "After all, if you go back on your word, no one will be able to trust you. And you don't want that, do you?"

Jesse didn't want that. He was a man of his word. Every promise that he made, he had kept. He did not lie when it came to borrowing money. In fact, if he did borrow any cash, he always made sure to pay the people back. And with interest.

And that was why, when Jesse promised Winnie Foster that he would come back for her, he knew he would definitely keep it. When he told her that he would love her forever, he meant it. After all, not a day went by when he didn't think of her. When he didn't dream about her. When he didn't imagine what their life would be like when they would be together again. When he heard songs on the radio and told himself that it would be their song. When he didn't think of what they would do first, of where they would go. He pictured her fitting into his family perfectly, the way that she did years ago.

They would have the perfect life together.

His parents tried to warn him that things would not be the same way again. They had said that times changed, and things would be different. That she wouldn't be the same person. But Jesse knew better. After all, this was his Winnie. His perfect Winnie Foster. Things between them wouldn't be different. They would be how they used to be, enjoying and loving life.

And that night, before the Tucks had made their way back to Treegap, Jesse could not even close his eyes. He was too excited for the next day. It would be perfect, he would see Winnie after all this time, and wouldn't have a care in the world. He didn't need any sleep; he had the rest of his life to sleep.


Jesse was out early the next morning. He wanted to look around the town, to see if anything about it was still the same. To his surprise, most of it was. The dirt roads were paved now, and the stores had changed. But the overall feel of the town was the same.

It seemed that everyone knew each other, as they usually did in small towns. Jesse wondered what would happen if he asked anyone what had happened to the Fosters. They were a huge part of the town, someone was bound to know what had happened, even if it was all before they were even born. But Jesse knew better. Although he doubted that anyone would fine it too unusual, he still did not want to attract any attention to himself or to his family. They were there for one reason and one reason only. And that was to find Winnie.

Jesse could not wait anymore. He knew that his family all decided that they would go together, but he needed to see her now. He needed time alone with her, before his family would surround her and never leave them a moment's peace. He stepped on his motorcycle, and began to ride there; he knew how to get there with his eyes closed. He couldn't help but smile to himself, the spring was where it all began. At the same time, it was the best and the worst thing that could have ever happened him to.

He had parked his motorbike right outside of the fence of Foster's old home. It looked exactly the same, a little piece of time that never changed despite the world around it. The wood across from it had remained the same too. Nothing seemed to have grown, yet nothing had died in the wood either. He entered the wood, walking through the trees and thorns. It was exactly has he remembered it, small yet foreboding. This wood was a huge part of his life, he felt as though he was the one that knew it best.

Before he made his way to the spring, there was one stop he had to make. The house where they lived had been set on fire, there was nothing that was there for him anymore. But there was one place that meant more to him than the house that he had spent so much time in. He climbed up the old mountain, and found that it was so much easier to climb in his threadbare clothing instead of the jeans and leather jacket that he had on at the moment. But other than the clothes, he missed the climbing. He missed being outdoors, feeling as if he was actually living.

It was 'their spot'. They had only been there together once, but whenever Jesse thought about her, it was always there. He couldn't help but smile at the memories as they reached the top. It was just as beautiful as it had always been, and completely timeless. It seemed like it was only yesterday that he was there with Winnie, and they were having a great time. It couldn't have been all those years ago. But then again, time didn't pass for Jesse Tuck as it did for others. Jesse climbed down from the mountain, realizing that it was a lot easier than climbing up. But he did it, without a scratch on him. He made his way back to the heart of the wood. He knew the woods like the back of his hand. He reached the spring, and saw something that he knew was definitely not there before.

Winifred Foster Jackson

Dear Wife, Dear Mother

1899 - 1999


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