An Everlasting Love

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Chapter Thirteen:


While you were sleeping,
I figured out everything:
I was constructed for you,
and you were molded for me.
Now I feel your name,
coursin' through my veins.
You shine so bright, it's insane.
You put the sun to shame.

-- The Spill Canvas


"Winnie," Jesse was crying now, "Winnie, oh God." He couldn't believe that he had been wrong, that this girl had not been Winnie Foster. And now, an innocent young girl was dead because of it. His mind raced with what he was going to do? Should he call an ambulance? Call Tuck? Yes, calling his father seemed like the best idea. Tuck always knew exactly what to do in these situations.

Jesse was about to reach for the phone that was in his jacket pocket when he had heard it. A low moan was coming from the spot where Winnie had fallen. Jesse's head shot up immediately, his heart beating faster than it ever had before. Winnie was sitting up now, looking around for Jesse. He rushed to her side as fast as he possibly could, "Winnie? Are you okay? Are you hurt?"

She looked up at him wide eyed, cringing a little bit. "I'm fine. No bruises or broken bones. I just hadn't expected it to hurt at all." Jesse remembered what it had been like when he had fallen on his neck out of the tree when they first learned about living forever. It had hurt a lot, but he was able to get up and act like nothing had been wrong for his mother. It was just the sheer impact of falling had been the worst part.

"How could you go and do something like that?" Jesse hissed, looking at the girl, "I can't believe that you would do something like that. We could have just given you a cut with a knife, or a prick with a needle to see if you would draw any blood. Nothing life threatening. You didn't have to go and almost get yourself killed." For once, Jesse knew what it had been like to seriously worry for someone's life. Everyone he had ever known or cared about would live forever, no matter what. Except for this girl. He hadn't been as sure with her. And this is the one who he cared the most about. He would gladly give his own life up for her, if he could have.

Winnie had taken one look at Jesse's expression, and laughed. Her smile was so bright, and well, so alive that Jesse forgot the entire reason why he was mad at her in the first place. Instead, he smiled along with her, just glad that she was alive. She didn't have to remember, he was just so happy that she was still there. That he could hear that laugh. And that he could spend forever with her, making a bunch of new memories of the two of them.

She stood up from the spot that she was standing in, and twirled around in circles with the sunlight radiating off of her face. Jesse sat back and watched as she extended her arms, dancing her cares away. He closed his eyes, listening to the sounds of nature, happy that he had found his Winnie.

When he had opened them, Winnie was standing right in front of him, that smile was still on her face. "Do you know what this means, Jesse Tuck?"

Jesse smiled at her, "What?"

"That I am Winnie Foster,"

Jesse laughed a little, "But I already knew that,"

"And I can spend forever with you," Her smile grew larger, and she bent down with his face only inches from hers. Jesse's heart beat increased so rapidly, that he was sure Winnie could have felt it. He could feel the warmth of her breathing on his cheek. He closed his eyes, trying to take every part of it in. The sounds, the scent. He was never going to forget this moment. Ever.

And that's when he felt her lips on his.


Rick Spears looked incredulously at the scene before him. He could not believe his eyes. Everything that he had seen was perfect evidence that coincided with his grandmother's story. Seeing Jessica Burton just rise up from the dead as if nothing had happened was beyond normal. She could live forever. It was such a strange concept, but Rick was more than willing to grasp it.

He continued to watch as the two lovebirds talked and talked, about nonsense. He was going to find out everything about this family. And tell his grandmother everything. He was going to prove that his family hadn't been crazy when they insisted on a spring that could make someone live forever. He was going to find redemption for them.

He would have to get a hold of Jessica first, and make her spill the beans. Tell everything that she knew about this family, and if it was possible for other people to live forever also. Rick would have to get Jessica on his side. Any other day, and he thought it would have been easy. But now that she was with this freak, he didn't know what he was going to do. It seemed as if this guy would never let Jessica out of his sight not that he knew the truth. There was no way he could pry this guy off of Jessica for now.

His only hope was to turn her against him.

And Rick just needed to figure out how he was going to do that.


Winnie Foster.

Winifred Foster.


It was going to take her some time to get used to – a new name and a whole new life. Winnie Foster was her identity now, despite the fact that she did not know what that entailed. She hoped that Jesse could fill her in on details of the time that they had spent together. Winnie found herself getting more and more curious as to that every time that she thought about it. But she would suppress that curiosity for now. She would have all of the time in the world to talk to Jesse about that.

She would have forever.

It was such a hard concept for her to grasp, living forever. She couldn't believe that she would be there to see each and every change in the world, to witness first hand the progress that humanity would make over the centuries. But that wasn't the best part of it all. She would be able to spend every moment of forever with someone who meant the world to her. Despite having known him for such a short period of time.

Winnie felt such a powerful connection with Jesse from the moment that she had met him – and now it was even stronger than before. The dreams she had been having seemed to explain everything. She could only imagine that they were memories of her life before the accident. Of her life with the Fosters, with the Tucks, and with Jesse. She had been in love with him then, and she was falling in love with him all over again now. Winnie just wished she could remember every little detail of her life, knowing what mistakes she made and what she had done right.

They were sitting against a rock, and Winnie was leaning on Jesse's chest. She could feel his breathing underneath her, so soothing that she could have fallen asleep right then and there. But she was too wide awake now, from the thrill of the fall and finding where she truly belonged. No girl could ask for a greater thing than that.

"We should get going," Jesse said, after a few minutes of silence.

"What?" Winnie asked half out of shock and half out of disbelief that Jesse would want to ruin such a perfect moment.

"Mae and Tuck will want to know. And we'll have to tell them that you'll be staying with us now that you don't have anywhere else to go. Although, I don't really mind that part as much," Jesse's lip curled into an upward curve at the thought of the last part. Winnie nodded understandingly, although she would rather wait a few more hours. It had to be around seven in the evening. Surely the Tucks would be up in three hours or so. She just wanted more time with Jesse.

But she would take what she could get.

Jesse stood up, and extended his arms to pull Winnie up beside him. Silently, the two of them walked from their spot, carefully stepping over rocks on their way back to Jesse's motorcycle. It didn't take them too long to reach the bike, only to have Jesse offer her the helmet.

Winnie laughed, "I don't need it."

"It would make me feel a lot better if you wore it anyway," The look that Jesse gave her was pleading. In his eyes, Winnie could see all sorts of emotions. Worry, hope, love. It was amazing when she thought about it. It see how someone truly loved her like that. She would do anything that he asked for her. She gave him a wry smile, and took the helmet from his hands. As she placed it on her head, she thought she heard Jesse laugh and say, "Thanks,"

And the two of them rode off, completely unaware that a boy in an ostentatious yellow sweatshirt had just witnessed the entire scene.


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