Princess of thieves


I don't own anything of the Princess of Thieves. This is simply a short story inspired by the Princess of Thieves. Now...on with the story!!

#Chapter 1#

"Gwyn! Gwyn, where r' you?" Will Scarlett called out, in hopes of seeing Gwyn's face appear somewhere among the trees of the dense forest, yet the more he looked around the more he knew he wasn't going to see the girl.

As he turned to walk away, he thought he could just make out a horse's gallop crushing the dry leaves and snapping the twigs. Turning his head he saw Gwyn atop her brown mare racing towards him.

"Hello Will! I'm not late, am I?" The worn out girl questioned.

"Nay. You're jest in time. But only by a minuet or close to. Where'd 'ou go that delayed 'ou so?"

As Gwyn swung off herself off her horse, she looked guiltily up at her old friend, trying to think of some excuse.

"I...I decided I would go see a friend."

"Ah." Will's face showed understanding for a moment.

"Will, you can't tell father. I fear he won't understand. I don't wish him to be angered at me again."

Will pondered this idea for awhile, studying Gwyn's begging face. Finally he sighed, "Alright. But you can't 'spect me to always cover for 'ou when you go and see Froderick. Now, ifens we don't hurry, we'll both be in hot water with 'our father for missing this meeting he's been planning for a fortnight now.