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Raven slipped the book into a large chest in her room and locked it. Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Raven...it's me, look, I'm sorry." Said Beast boy's voice outside of her door.

"For what?" asked raven walking towards the door, "your not the one who."

"No I'm sorry that....he broke your heart." Said Beast boy.

"I know it was all a lie, but he was the only one who didn't make me feel creepy, and don't say I'm not." Said Raven.

"Ok, your way creepy." Said Beast boy. "But that doesn't mean you have to stay locked in your room, you think your alone Raven...but your not."

Raven's door opened quickly revealing Raven; she stood there for a second and walked up to Beast boy wrapping her arms around him.

Beast boy stood there with a shocked expression on his face and gently pushed Raven off of him.

"Um....." Beast boy said not really sure what to say.

"I'm sorry." Said Raven starting to walk back to her room.

Beast boy quickly snapped out of his trance and grabbed Raven's hand. "No I-it's ok...really." Said Beast boy smiling.

Raven looked down at her hand that was still in Beast boy's grip.

Beast boy laughed sheepishly and quickly let go of her hand. "Heh, my bad."

Raven smiled "don't worry about it." Said Raven.

"Look Raven I know you cared about him...but if he was really that great he wouldn't have done that to you." Said Beast boy.

"I know." Said Raven. "But for once I'd just like to find someone who likes me for who I am."

"Raven, there is someone like that." Said Beast boy.

"Who?" asked Raven.

Beast boy gulped "Me." he answered.

"Beast boy, I'm talking about someone who likes me as more than just a friend." Said Raven.

Beast boy looked down. "So am i." He answered

This time it was Raven's turn to be shocked. "W-what?" she asked.

"Raven I-I love you." Said Beast boy still not looking at her.

Raven's jaw dropped. "Y-you love me." She asked.

Beast boy nodded. "I always have Raven."

Raven's shocked expression quickly turned into a smile. 'Someone cares about me.' thought Raven. 'Someone really cares about me.' Raven turned to Beast boy. "Beast boy." She whispered.

"Yeah?" asked Beast boy expecting the worse.

"I, um, I love you too." Said Raven.

Beast boy shot his head up. "You do?" he asked.

Raven nodded and leaned towards Beast boy, attempting to kiss him on the cheek, but apparently Beast boy had the same idea and they ended up kissing each other on the lips. The kiss went on for 5 more minutes until they pulled away from each other.

"S-so w-was that...ok?" asked Beast boy.

Raven smiled. "That was nice, but it could use some more practicing."

Beast boy smiled wide and leaned in towards Raven again. Just then the alarm went off.

Raven sighed "Should we." She started to say

"They can handle it without us." Said Beast boy.

Raven smiled and leaned in for another kiss.


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