TITLE: Just Peachy
PAIRING: Draco/Ginny
DISTRIBUTION: On my lj fic account too (/aibi)
DISCLAIMER: not real, based on characters of Rowling's Harry Potter.

He has another girl clinging onto him. Is this his new policy - new girl a day? From the looks of things, I think he got over the "us" thing pretty quickly. Wait - let me rephrase that. It looks like he got over the "I-think-it-was-something-but-not-really" thing pretty quickly. I just fume whenever I think about i, but I really shouldn't, it will just make him happier to see I am still agonising over about that.

I really really shouldn't though, and yet, I always do when I think no one is noticing. Though, I think those moments are becoming less and less, as the days past by. I have improved a lot in different areas of my life, whether it is getting back into my schoolwork or re-establishing the ties with my friends and brother, of course.

I drowned when I was with him. He was my drug, my escape; he led me to some place I could not find my way back. I had lost touch with life, my life. I did many things that I would have never done, ever, because that wasn't me. I skipped classes to be with him, I fought with my brothers and my friends, I got back to the tower way pass curfew, and I got into trouble, way more often than I would ever had. When he broke off with me, I was destroyed. I had become so lost that his life was my life.

But now when I look back at it, I guess I should be thankful to him, for allowing me to find myself again. I can't help think that he did it on purpose, no, not the drowning part, but the letting go part. But hey, this is Draco Malfoy we're talking about; he's rude, cruel, cunning, and all the nasty words you can think of. Yet, he still is the Draco Malfoy that I had given my heart to.

So when I blank out to think about that thing, I wonder if he may be hurting too, even with his new girl everyday thing and all. I brush off that thought as quick as it popped into my head. Most of the time I think I am being stupid and naïve when I think about it, but just a quick moment before I snap out of the moment, I think that it can be true. He is using the girl as a cover up, a façade for his hurt. But by then, I will most likely curse myself for going there and wasting my time to think about useless junk.

I am fine now, just peachy and all. I am Ginny Weasley and I vow not to be so stupid again. Ha, vow, schmow, I will probably be that stupid again.